6 Copy and Paste Titles That Will Keep Your Readers Reading!

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Are you sick of your readers not clicking and reading your posts? I was too until I found the secret to getting people to read my posts. Here are some great sure-fire ways to help intrigue and provide invaluable information to your readers.

Re-Introduce Yourself To Your Audience

Relationships are built through blogging, commenting and people being able to relate to you. Therefore being able to introduce yourself in a different way to your audience is going to be very important. Not only will it help you gain more trust with your readers but it will help your conversion rates! Here are some examples:

  • 25 Things You Never Knew About Me!
  • The 4 Things that Drive Me Insane
  • My Life Through A Straw

Take a Stand

Showing your confidence in what you write about is vital to showing off who and what you are all about. From showing others how to do something to building a relationship through your writing is important. Confidence in what you believe in through your own experience and research always makes an impact on your readers. Here are a few examples:

  • The Top Reasons ____________ is Not For You
  • The Truth About ________ and How It Affects You
  • 5 Reasons You Need __________ for Your Blog

Why The Things You Do Matter

These types of posts are always interesting. Controversial issues are always something that someone is always willing to comment about, which leads to discussions, which lead to tweets, likes, and plenty of social shares. I highly recommend using this title for any topic! Here are some great examples:

  • Why I Don’t Do Online Dating
  • Why I Don’t Write for Google
  • Why I Don’t Take Orders From My Boss

Case Studies

If you have traffic to your site there are going to be quite a few readers that will be interested in your Case Studies. Case Studies not only build trust and reader interest but they also set you apart from other bloggers. Case Studies are memorable, and you will often find that your readers will also start following your lead based on your results. You know what they say when someone is copying you – you must be doing something right! Here a are a few example titles:

  • How I Got 15,324 Visitors in a Day!
  • Case Study – How I Increased My Conversions by 5%
  • How I got the Most Subscribers because of This Case Study!

Compete With Other Bloggers

One of my most memorable posts that I’ve ever read was about two bloggers who competed against one another. The competition was based off of who could get to the number one in Google the fastest. Who could you compete with to make your audience excited?

  • Getting to #1 in Google Before ___________ See How I am Going to Do It!
  • _______ Vs Matt Who is going to get the most Subscribers – You Decide!
  • How I Tripled my Traffic and __________ Didn’t

X Things You Must Do After ________

This title will interest your readers and provide value to them. In this post you can provide steps, guidelines, suggestions that could make all the difference to your audience. It’s a great way to build interest and interaction with your readers!

  • 3 Things You Must Do After You’ve Made Your WordPress Blog
  • 7 Quick Things You Must Do After Writing a Blog Post
  • 17 Things You Must Do After Meeting Your Date for the First Time

I hope that these titles and examples have helped generate new ideas and inspired you to write better post titles! I would love to hear back from you any additional titles that you have used and have proved to be successful in the comments below!

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  1. October 23, 2012

    Jackson Tan said:

    Great list of tiles..I shall copy and paste them too 😛

    But all in all, these titles are specific and targeted your audience.

  2. October 25, 2012

    forums said:

    thanks for sharing. Great!

  3. October 28, 2012

    Hemendra Kumar Saini said:

    Dude, please correct your site permalink setting. i just seen your ninja three time.

  4. November 13, 2012

    Vinoth Kanna said:

    Very Useful For Starters Just Like me. Thank You For Sharing.