The Essential Guide for Building A Powerful & Influential Blog

What is it that separates the millions of mediocre bloggers from the ones who build traffic and achieve amazing results? What is it that propels some onward and upward into fame and fortune while others find themselves struggling just to get a small handful of readers?

If you’re like most bloggers, then you’ve probably been kicking yourself trying to figure out the answer to these questions…trying to find the key that unlocks the large steel doors that are holding you back from the success you’ve been looking for.

I’m very excited because I’ve discovered the essential elements necessary to connect with people on a large scale and I’m sharing everything you need to know in this book, Blogging to the Third Power.

This isn’t just another eBook. It’s a 200+ page printed book that will be delivered straight to your house. I guarantee that you won’t regret grabbing this book right away.
Blogging to the Third Power Reader Testimonials

Nick is an artist first, and Social Media maven second. His approach to blogging is original and refreshing. His focus on the Design aspect of blogging is something that the majority of bloggers never even take into the equation. — Dino Dogan, Cofounder of Triberr

After reading through “Blogging To The Third Power” I must say that the book puts together all the information you need to start building a successful blog. His three pillars of blogging success create a really efficient framework that will channel your efforts in the right direction.   — Daniel Scocco

Nick has achieved amazing success. Nick’s ability to separate himself from the pack and gain followers at an accelerated rate is an inspiration. If you desire to have a phenomenal blog and catapult your success to the upper echelon of the blogosphere then I highly recommend this book.   — Bruce Teague

This book was instrumental for me to get off on the right foot. Nick provides a powerful foundation for creating a blog that keeps readers coming. The three powers described in this book will elevate your writing, improve your influence, and help you create a reader experience like no other.   — Tee Riddle

I have never read a book so stimulating, educating and powerful! Not only does Nick take you through the most powerful elements of success as a blogger, but he encourages you to up the ante with challenges and strategies you can implement into your operative system. — Ryan Critchett

The Essential Guide for Building A Powerful & Influential Blog