The Revival of Yellow Journalism


In the 1890’s, two newspapers, New York World and New York Journal, were pitted against one another in a fierce competition to sell as many newspapers as possible. In an attempt to gain the advantage and sell millions of papers, New York World’s owner, William Randolph Hearst adopted two techniques. First, he created articles and […]

The Human Side of the Internet


At nearly 25 years old, today’s modern internet is continually evolving.  For the first decade or so into it’s history, when it was just sprouting, the internet was commonly known as the information superhighway.  And although that phrase still applies, we now tend hear that term increasingly less often.  But it’s not just that term […]

The 12 Core Elements of a Brilliant Site Design


Average bloggers tend to fail on this one…a lot. Most people get into blogging because they have a passion to write about something. The majority of bloggers assume that as long as they write about what they love then they will be successful. Instead of ever beautifying their site they just plug away creating articles. […]

10 Tips for Building an Awesome Online Presence


1. Provide genuine, quality help to others. “When you focus on quality, consistency, and being genuinely helpful (not just soliciting click-throughs) your results will amaze you!” ~ Dustin W. Stout I’ve noticed something paradoxically interesting across social media platforms. When you focus solely on growing an audience for the benefit of your business, it is often […]


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