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I have been writing about some marketing strategies used to increase traffic to blogs and websites. I thought I should now take a look at another form of marketing called Joint Venture (JV). If implemented correctly, JV marketing can be effective in driving traffic to a site.

A joint venture is an agreement between two or more persons or businesses with the purpose of forming one entity. In its simplest form, JV marketing can be as simple as swapping ads with another person or business.

How Could JV Marketing Benefit You?

By collaborating with another marketer, you instantly leverage existing resources. Many of the things you need already exist – for example, if you desire a source of targeted traffic, you could go into partnership with an established marketer. You could use their reputation alone to increase your list of subscribers . Alternatively, you could create an e-book, and split the profits with your partner. Obviously, you have to provide your partner with an incentive for them to collaborate with you. However, if the venture is to create an e-book, be mindful that you’re likely to do a majority of the writing, because sales will be made solely on your partner’s reputation. Essentially, everyone wins in a collaborative venture. Also, collaboration with your competitors can be profitable:

• The income of 20% of large corporations such as Sony comes from joint ventures, and 50% of that is based solely on collaborations with their competitors.

• As a small business owner, you’re less likely to fail in JVs. So don’t be reticent about collaborating with your competitor.

• The chances are you’ll have spare time to devote to other areas of your business.

How to Setup JV Partnerships

Identify successful and reputable marketers in your niche. Contact them and suggest a JV deal by offering a complementary product or service – It provides both of you additional sources of income so the venture will ultimately benefit both of you.

Here are some examples of JV deals you can consider:

  1. You could, for instance, write an e-book on how to decorate a home on a small budget, and strike a deal with a website owner of a furniture store, and collaborate with them to promote your e-book in return for a percentage of every e-book sold on their site.
  2. If you have a great product but you do not have many visitors to your site, you could approach someone in your niche who has a substantial list of subscribers and enter into a joint venture with them and get them to promote your product on their list in exchange for a share of your profit.
  3. If you have a specialised knowledge of a particular product but lack the ability to create a product, you could approach someone with great creative skills, and ask them to create a video or an e-book. Again, make an agreement on fixed percentage of earnings.
  4. Another example is to collaborate with e-zine publishers, with the aim of building a list of subscribers: when a visitor to your site subscribes to your newsletter, you could redirect them to a “thank you” page on which you could have the details of your partner.

Where to Find JV Marketers

Potential joint venture partners can be found through the following sources:

  • Forums such as Warrior are a great source. Join and search through their websites for products or services that are in your niche. Contact the owners and propose a partnership.
  • Many sites offer referral contest. Identify the top ranking promoters and ask them to promote your product. You would be required to provide them with promotional tools.
  • Social media networks are also a great source of finding partners.
  • Directories and JV networks.
  • Use Google and other search engines to identify products in your niche and contact the site administrator.

Well, I hope I have given you some insight into what is joint venture. Similar articles are available on my blog

Wishing you every success!
Pope Moore

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  1. March 23, 2012

    Shaquille Ray said:

    I had no idea what joint venture marketing was until I read this.

    Thanks for the share and your insights its very helpful to me 🙂

  2. March 26, 2012

    alex said:

    never heard of joint venture marketing before but can see the benefits, i like win/win situations where one person has the skills you lack and vice versa, youve given me some inspiration…thanks

  3. April 1, 2012

    Melissa said:

    I haven’t heard about joint venture marketing, but as far as I understood from this post then it can be much helpful, thanks for sharing)

  4. April 1, 2012

    Shalu Sharma said:

    To be honest, I have no idea what this is all about. I am sure people are making a lot of money through this. More and more people are now carrying out join ventures.

  5. April 3, 2012

    Priti said:

    Joint venture is a really good idea especially for a new or small business. However the problem lies with the partner firm, as established firms or in this case websites would seldom like to be associated with someone who is just starting up or doesn’t have much experience. However thanks for your idea, I would try to contact some websites for a fruitful JV.

    • April 6, 2012

      Pope said:

      Hi Priti,

      I take your point that established bloggers are less like to go into JV with you as a new blogger. However, keep in mind that they’re also benefiting from the venture, especially if they recognize that you do most of the work, for instance, writing an e-book, and they stand to be financially rewarded. Patience and persistence can pay off:-)