1. Provide genuine, quality help to others.

“When you focus on quality, consistency, and being genuinely helpful (not just soliciting click-throughs) your results will amaze you!” ~ Dustin W. Stout

I’ve noticed something paradoxically interesting across social media platforms. When you focus solely on growing an audience for the benefit of your business, it is often a long-hard climb. However, when you shift toward focusing on using social media to genuinely help others, the business itself tends to benefit.

2. Draw strength from those you’ve connected with.

“I take the strength of those thousands of supporters with me throughout my day, and any time I wonder if I’m strong enough or good enough for something, I remember your support and it gives me strength to face anything or anyone.” ~ Eli Fennell

There are some truly amazing and inspirational people in this world. Focus on connecting with those people who are filled with positive energy, because that energy is contagious. I’ve been overwhelmed at times with the outpouring of support from those I’ve met on the internet. I’ve found this especially true of Google Plus.

3. Be different. Don’t follow the herd.

“In a social media world where a cookie-cutter approach is the norm, creating differentiation is a must.” ~ Rebekah Radice

Drawing from your own passions can be one of the most powerful enabling force in your life. Don’t chase after the dreams of others. Don’t try to be another’s clone. Find your own passions, explore your own convictions, and ultimately, express yourself for who you are.

Don't Follow the Herd

4. Make creativity a priority.

“Revision, however, will be time-consuming labor because creativity and efficiency are like water and oil. They do not mix.” ~ Demian Farnworth

When creating content, it’s easy to get caught up in a race to create quantity. It’s easy to feel the need to create as much content as quickly as possible. Yet it’s so much more powerful to take your time and produce fewer pieces of content that are truly the product of your creative juices. Quality creativity will always trump bulk mediocrity.

5. Express your heart-felt gratitude whenever you can.

“The invisible layer of Google Plus is gratitude. It’s infectious and overwhelming. We jump at the chance to help others because we are truly, honestly, sincerely grateful.” ~ Kristen Drysdale

What do unicorns, leprechauns, and gratitude have in common? They’re all magic. The magical powers of genuine gratitude are not able to be adequately described. Just know this: Sincere gratitude is extremely powerful!

6. Let your actions do the talking for you.

“Anyone can talk, but it takes a good person to deliver the mail through the blinding rain while people talk about them behind their back. Your word is your bond. Do it. Don’t manipulate people for an insensible cause and destroy something that took so long to create.” ~ Wade Harman

Actions always have and always will be far more powerful than words. It’s easy to showcase the mistakes of others. It’s easy to point out why someone’s ideas won’t work. It’s far more difficult and far more powerful to take action. Be a person of action.

7. Live life with a purpose.

“Who are you writing for? If you can’t answer that question (or, even worse, if your answer is “everyone”), do yourself a favor and go back to the drawing board. Think about your voice, and your convictions, and your passions, and what you really just have to say.” ~ Carolyn Capern

There are two important groups of people that you need to know in order to be successful online. The first is yourself. The second is your target audience. The most important of those two things is yourself. Find your purpose and go after it like bear to salmon.

The Campfire

8. Make your brand the campfire.

“Being social means creating a space where customers feel comfortable and want to tell stories about your brand.” ~ Katherine Tattersfield

Try to imagine life around a campfire, and then work to recreate that online. Create a conversational environment that allows people to chat, laugh, engage, ask questions, and most importantly to tell both their stories and yours.

9. Give away your best stuff for free.

“Give It Away FREE. I stand by the practice of giving your best advice away for free. I have personally seen a huge return on this investment.” ~ Greg Trujillo

Giving away your best content for free is one of the fastest ways to grab attention. It allows people to see the quality of your work and the power of your creativity right up front. This results in sales and clients with astounding results.

10. Don’t stop believing.

“If You could see where I’ve come from…What I used to be…If I can do it please believe that You have it within You to do whatever drives your dreams. ~ Sarah LaMothe

Of course, I couldn’t help but to conclude this article with a reference to one of the greatest songs ever composed. Sarah LaMothe, this song goes out to you and everyone else who has a dream of doing some great. Don’t stop believing!

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  • Wade Harman says:

    I personally love Carolyn’s quote. That is so true! Great list of people here Nicholas, thanks for including me.

  • Kristin Drysdale says:

    I absolutely got chills when I read Sarah’s quote. This girl is amazing and always challenging the status quo with her insatiable desire to learn and question everything. She puts her whole self out there, and it is a true gift and pleasure to watch her bloom and learn along beside her.

    Thank you for including me Nicholas. You never cease to amaze me with your generosity and awareness. You’re a country hero AND content hero. <3

  • Avinash says:

    Now I`m following all these 10 tips. 😀 Great post!!

  • Manabadi says:

    I personally love Carolyn’s quote. Now I`m going to follow these 10 tips. 😀 Great post!!

  • viralbae says:

    Great article. I’ve got to be honest – I’ve always focussed more heavily on links than on content score. But I think its time to re-think that to take things to the next level.

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