Most bloggers and webmasters find themselves searching hopelessly for a way to attract new readers and visitors to their sites. Here are a few very simple tips that can be used to accomplish just that

Always remember as you sift through this list that the real key is to stand out from the rest of the pack. As you create a fresh design be sure to make something that nobody else is using. As you respond to comments, don’t simply say things like “Thanks for the comment” but rather take the time to really connect with your readers in real conversation.

Don’t just read these ideas. Put them to work at your site. Don’t just put them to work at your site…put them to work in a way that nobody else is doing.

  1. Use a fresh design – If your website is messy, sloppy, disorganized, the colors are hard on the eye or don’t match then your site will go down the drain. Use a clean layout that is easy for your visitors to navigate.
  2. Write creative content – Some people have said that you need to write a post every day. This simply isn’t true. It is better for your site to write one well-written, creative article per week than to load your blog or website with short, meaningless posts.
  3. Guest blog – If you have the opportunity to promote your writing style at another popular blog, take it! This is a great chance for you to expose a new audience to your writing and to get some people to come visit your site.
  4. Respond to comments and emails – People love to visit a blog where the author is interactive and responsive. Make it your goal to respond positively to every comment that people leave at your site.
  5. Comment on other blogs – 99.9% of comment forms have a field where you can enter your website address when leaving a comment. This way when that blog owner or their readers see your comment, they can click through and find your site.
  6. Make list posts – This post is a perfect example of a list post. List posts are food for search engines like google and yahoo. They allow readers to gain information on a subject in a quick, concise manner.
  7. Develop relationships with fellow bloggers – Build relationships with fellow bloggers by commenting regularly on their sites, by requesting link exchange, and by mentioning them on your own blog.
  8. Reread, edit, and go over your posts – When your posts are filled with spelling errors and grammatical errors you will drive away smart readers. Readers become distracted by these type of mistakes and, believe it or not, it destroys your credibility. Remember Dan Quayle.
  9. Make your readers feel at home – Even when you receive a negative comment or critical comment you need to be creative in finding a way to respond in a positive manner. People may disagree with your position but don’t ever let them disagree with your disposition.
  10. Be a comedian – In the hit musical Singing In The Rain, there is a song called Make ‘Em Laugh. “They’ll be standing in line for that old honky-tonk monkey shine!” People will come to your site when you can present valuable information and make them laugh at the same time.
  11. Have polls on your site – People like voting on things and watching as the results tally up. Polls are popular and popular means more traffic.
  12. Write catchy post titles – Posts with catchy, creative titles receive much more traffic than those with boring, bland, unoriginal headlines. Often users will browse through your posts until a headline catches their eye. If no headlines catch their eye, well…you know.
  13. Keep improving your blog – It has been said that the day you stop growing is the day you start dying. I believe that is true in the blogosphere. The day you stop growing and improving your site is the day your visitors will begin declining.
  14. Use images in your posts – When you can illustrate your topics and articles with attention grabbing artwork or photography people are more likely to view your content. I personally use Flickr to find excellent photography.

Here’s the bottom line: put a little bit of tender loving care into your website or blog and you will be able to build a solid base of readers and regular visitors. If you don’t worry about your site then visitors won’t bother coming by to read your work.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and build your blog!

*Picture complimentary of Keith Bloemendaal of Hot Blog Tips

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