Several times each week people contact me and ask me where they can find an awesome template for their blog without paying a lot for it.

Having an amazing design for your blog is incredibly important.

In fact, if you don’t have a nice looking, easy-to-navigate website, most users won’t even take the time to look at your content regardless of how stellar it might be.  So take a few seconds and browse through these 15 WordPress templates and set yourself up with a great looking blog.

Theme 001
Theme 002
Theme 003
Theme 004
Theme 005
Theme 006
Theme 007
Theme 008
Theme 009
Theme 010
Theme 011
Theme 012
Theme 013
Theme 014
Theme 015

Let me say the same thing here that I said on my disclaimer page.  These are affiliate links.  If you grab one of these templates then I’ll get a couple dollars.  I’d like to buy a BMW.  These won’t get that for me, but they will give me a couple dollars.

Having said that, these are cheap, awesome-looking templates.  We both know that they’re an awesome deal.  I’m all about finding deals that provide way more value than they ask for in return.  I paid $75 for the template here at Site Sketch 101 and some of these are just as good and only cost a fraction as much.

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