If you’re like most bloggers then you want to get as much exposure for yourself, your blog and your work as possible. It would be kind of weird to put time into creating a blog and writing great content if you didn’t want people to see it.

If you’re tired of small amounts of people even knowing about you or your blog then you are going to have to break out of your comfort zone and start trying something new. Guest posting is the best way to start fighting off the trolls of mediocrity.

I know what you’re thinking. Why would I want to put together a great article and then just hand it over to another blogger? Wouldn’t it make more sense to post it on my own site so that my readers have something to read?

The answer is simple: NO.

What really makes sense is to get your name out on as many other blogs as possible. What makes sense is presenting well-written pieces of your work to as many people as possible. What makes sense is guest posting.

There’s literally dozens of benefits to doing it and almost no downside to it.

Increased Exposure

As either a beginning blogger or as an experienced veteran, one of the most important things that you need to do to drive readers to your site is to present yourself as a credible authority to as many people as possible.

By getting yourself in front of as many people as possible you begin the difficult task of burning your brand into the minds of potential readers.

Don’t under estimate this single factor. This alone is worth the entire effort of writing a guest post.

Increased Networking


It takes team work to make the dram work!

I like to think that the definition of a team is a group of people coming together in such a way as to be able to accomplish more as a combined unit than they could as a group of individuals acting apart from one another. In other words, it’s the idea that you can accomplish more with someone else than you could accomplish by yourself.

Guest posting is a great way to build valuable relationships with other successful bloggers. These relationships can lead to link exchanges, trackbacks, blog rolls and much more.

Increased Traffic

At most blogs the blog owner will provide you with a link and a byline to promote your site. Usually this will be located at the top or bottom of the article. Those links at the top of the article will usually have the highest click through rate.

Those at the bottom will usually have the highest conversion-to-subscribers rate. In other words, less people may click the link at the bottom but those that do are the most likely to subscribe to your content and become loyal readers at your blog.

If a reader goes far enough to find your link and byline at the bottom it’s because they enjoyed your article and want more. So even though a bottom-of-the-article link may receive slightly less clicks than those at the top of the page, it’s clicks are actually much more valuable.

Either way the strong boost in traffic is vitally important for a growing blog so get out there and get after it.

Increased Free Advertising

There’s a dozen ways that you can advertise your site. You can use content based banner advertising like Google Adwords or Facebook & Myspace Advertising. These are all great ways to advertise but they cost money and they are rarely as effective as actually getting one of your articles in front of an entirely new group of potential readers.

Site Sketch 101 Group Discussion:

What is your biggest hesitation or setback with guest posting? Where have you already guest posted and where are you going to try to post at in the future? What other benefits can you think of?

Remember that Site Sketch 101 welcomes guest posts so if you are looking for a place to get started then I’m only an email away.

Nicholas Cardot

About Nicholas Cardot

It's my personal quest to enable every person that I can to unlock that dormant potential concerning their online influence. Also, I'm a geek.


  • Eric B. says:

    I have never written a guest post before, and after reading this post, I feel like it would be a good idea to write one at some point.

    I don’t think that I would be guest posting on this blog, though, because I usually focus mainly on web design and development, and this blog focuses more on running a site, and getting visitors and stuff like that.

    • Eric B. –> You should consider finding someone in your niche that has similar traffic levels as you and offer to exchange posts with them. Tell them that you would like to write a guest post for them and ask if they would consider writing one for you. It’s really the perfect win-win situation.

  • Matt Hanson says:

    Good writing. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader..

    Matt Hanson

  • Arisu says:

    Well, I think going out of your comfort zone is always good for you as a writer, and it´ll give you extra confidence in your work.

    And getting an extra quality post for your blog does come handy as the blog host, right?

    • Arisu –> It certainly does. Of course when you receive posts that are not appropriate for your site it’s always difficult to let people know. You run the risk of running off one of your readers which is never good. So it can have downsides as well.

      • Arisu says:

        Well, I guess it´s all about knowing what you want for your blog. And I guess since most of us ain´t star bloggers yet, we can take the time to work with the author of the post or the blogger we want to write for to make a terrific article.

  • I already guest post on Problogger and they refuse my post because Darren already have enough post to publish.

    • Reza Winandar –> I sent a post to Darren as well and it got rejected. I’m not going to let that hold me back though. I’m going to continue growing my blog. I’m going to continue writing great content. And I’m going to send him more posts in the future. Don’t get discouraged because someone rejects you. Use that rejection as an opportunity to assess your skill level. Ask yourself, “What about my writing did that author not like?” Then work to improve it. Make yourself better because of it.

  • Blogging is too lonely not to try and write guest posts.

    As a blogger so much of the editing, technical work and publicizing of the blog is done on my own. Even though much of my content is centered around interviews most of the time I put into those interviews is at home on my own doing sound editing.

    Guest posts bring another person into the mix. All of the sudden you have an editor and a confidant who is partnering with you. Yes its great to have new readers, but it is almost as important to be working with another creator.

    • Casey Brazeal (North and Clark) –> Guest blogging really is all about working together with another blogger. I really think that collaboration with other strong bloggers is the key to powerful websites. Great points.

  • Typhoon says:

    I have done some two three guest post till now. Just done one guest post yesterday..And I think it surely helps in many ways.

    My blog is also open for guest posting so if anyone wanna guest post then he can do it simply by registering on my blog and then publishing the article for review.

  • Hua Chen says:

    If the guest copy the post from other’s or put many links to his or her site for seo reasons, what to do?

    • Hua Chen –> Simply don’t publish it. You hold the right to publish or not publish anything you don’t want. If the article isn’t as professional as the standard that you are setting on your site then leave it off. Or if it is more self-serving than beneficial to your readers then leave it off. You are the emperor of your domain.

  • Evan Kline says:

    This is one of those things I’ve known would be helpful, but I just haven’t carved out the time to do yet. I guess I need to force myself to do it, really.

    • Evan Kline –> It really does require self-discipline to force yourself to do it. After all, it’s extra work. But remember that often times we miss opportunities because they come to us dressed in overalls and looking like work. Don’t miss the opportunities to promote your blog in such a great way.

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  • Stefan says:

    What are your opinion on what type of posts a guestblogger should write? I know lists always get popular, but will the visitors remember you then? Or would it be better with a bit more personal information?

    • Stefan –> With a guest post you should always put your best foot forward. You should take your time and develop an article that has to do with the topic of the blog that you are approaching. Also, you should really make sure that it is vivid. Read back through it and insert adjectives and adverbs to liven it up and make it more dynamic. Break up your paragraphs. Make sure the spelling and grammar is spectacular.

      Also, make sure that your headline is absolutely amazing. Google other articles that are similar to yours to get ideas that you can adapt and build on for great headlines.

      A list or not a list? Let me give you ten reasons why you should use list posts….LOL. Just kidding. This really doesn’t matter. As long as you can really take it up a notch and make the article very fun to read, make it answer a vital question, and make it entertaining.

      Does that help a little bit or is their another perspective that your trying to get at?

      • Stefan says:

        Thank you Nicholas, some important things to think about. My main concern is how I will benefit the most from writing a guest post. As you can imagine as a writer I would like as many readers as possible to check out my site after reading the article. The question is what I should write about to make sure they visit me.

        A simple list post will most certainly get visitors to the guest post, but will they continue and visit me? If not I could go the other way and write about a more personal event and tell them about something I learnt during this event.

        My main question is basically, what type of posts would give you as a writer, the most publicity?

        • Stefan –> I honestly recommend writing something that personifies who you are. Let your personality come out in your article. The goal should be to connect with more readers on a real level so that you can draw them in and convert them to readers and friends at your own site. So write articles that allow you to connect with people. This can be on any topic, but as you write it, be personal. Tell personal experiences. Tell stories. Let people know about your own successes and failures. Be open and honest. Respond to everyone’s comments with more than just ‘Thanks for the comment.’

  • Ben says:

    I’ve written a few guest posts with varying success. I have had two posts published at Problogger.net. I think it’s a good idea to write guest posts, but you really need to know who you’re writing for. Even a great post can fall flat if the audience can’t relate to it. It’s not just about the subject – style is important, too. You really need to do plenty of research before submitting a guest post.

    • Ben –> Great job at getting two posts published at Problogger.net. Your right. Style is everything. If you can’t present that blogger with something that’s really worth publishing then it’s not going to go over very well.

  • gautam hans says:

    I have nothing against guest posts, i think it is a good idea, but i hardly keep with my writing schedule to add a guest posts. I think i will give it a try when i buy a lot more time.

  • I have only written one guest post about Thesis customizations. I intend on writing more, but time is not on my side.

    Your points are all valid and guest posting can play an important part is getting new subscribers/readers. They will see what you write about and sign up.

  • Mark says:

    All good points. A reverse of this post would be to give reasons why it is good to have guest bloggers on your blog. I am currently soliciting guest bloggers. Having different viewpointsand writing syles every so often keeps a blog fresh.

  • Matt Longley says:

    Great post Nick! I just wish I had more time to write guest posts on blogs.

  • Mukund says:

    I feel guest post is a very good idea. It becomes very effective when you provide links to your blog. Very good article!!

  • Kah Woei says:

    I’m a new blogger looking for traffic. Didn’t realize that guest posting could help. Thanks for the advice. Now, I’ve just to look for book related topics …

    • Kah Woei –> Guest posting is great for quality traffic because it allows readers to see your personality and your writing style before they ever visit your site. So then those that do visit your site are usually the ones that are the most likely tto subscribe to your content and become repeat visitors.

  • Ron Boracay says:

    I don’t know if I am right or wrong with this one.

    I do have my first guest posting on a great blog. So I created my best ever long article. It goes under the website owner moderation and checking.

    And when it goes live, holla, my live links or anchored text links just turned into plain text links, meaning, my links are not clickable.

    It really hits me and I think, my first try into guest posting is not that successful.

    • Ron Boracay –> You should just email the blogger that published it for you and ask them about it. Maybe they have a reason for it and if not, maybe they will fix it for you.

      • Ron Boracay says:

        Unfortunately, the only reason they gave me is that, I am still new on their blog, I have to hit the 5 guest blog post for me to be able to do some live linking.

        They didn’t consider how good my article is, they just stick to their own decision.

        Oh, before I forgot, they didn’t inform me about that when I tried to apply as a guest blogger on their blog.

        This issue is finished long time ago, I just want to share it here. Sorry if this comment of mine become a rant.

        Thanks for the reply Nicholas.

        • Ron Boracay –> That’s horrible that they would do that. They should have told you that in advance. Honestly, it’s a silly rule in the first place. I certainly don’t impose rules like that. Back-links are one of the great rewards for guest blogging. Why would you take that away from someone?

          • Ron Boracay says:

            Well, in my own opinion, and from other bloggers opinion, the main and REAL issue prior to the link removal is:

            * They considered those sites or blogs I linked to as their direct competitor (which is not).

            Although, they have the same niche, but, I think that link is a quite useful and contributes a lot to my guest post.

            Nicholas, Am I right to link to others within my guest posting (because it can help to deliver my point)? Or I just have to link with my own personal blog (for the reason that I am the author)?

            • Ron Boracay –> That’s hard to say. If it really, genuinely strengthens your case that you are making in the post then you should use it. However, if it is a link that the blog owner may feel threatened by then it should be avoided. Ultimately that is there decision as to what they want to publish, edit, or withhold. Just try to learn what you can from it and guest post somewhere else in the future. I’ve got a guest posting idea that I’m going to be doing soon that I think will really surprise a lot of people. Just wait to see what I have in store.

              • Ron Boracay says:

                Thanks a lot for the honest response. Yeah, after that incident, I just set aside the “guest posting idea”. I don’t know when I will start again. But this post of yours, kicks me and pump me up to think again some guest postings in the near future.

  • ZXT says:

    My eyes is hurting! I’ve read all the 50 comments and everyone has his share of stories. Guest posting isn’t for me at the moment because I suck at writing so I have a 99 percent chance of getting rejected. Secondly my blog is only 13 days old so I don’t think anyone would guest post in my blog at the moment.

    • Arisu says:

      I think you have a good blog, and being new doesn´t mean you can´t have guest posts, just ask. Everyone started just like you, and even if some bloggers are too busy to write a special article for your blog some others may not. So ask, you have nothing to lose 😉

    • Seth W says:

      It’s all about finding the right place to guest post. This way your content and ability matches your opportunity.

      I have guest posted on Daily Blog Tips, Teenius, Blogs with Wings, and Problogger and variety of times. Oh yeah, I also contribute to Blogging Tips and am sure I am forgetting a number of guest posts.

      The key is doing it. I have guest posted on some of the biggest blogs a number of times and each time it is about trying.

  • Arisu says:

    Nick>> Congrats on your guest post at Daily Blog Tips! I think is awesome, and if I haven´t had found sitesketch a time ago, I would have come to check it out 😉

  • Seth W says:

    Guest posting is the most powerful way to increase traffic both in short and long-term actions.

    • Seth W –> Absolutely. Just wait until you see the guest posting stunt that I’m going to pull this weekend. You’re in for a surprise…I guarantee it.

    • akira07 says:

      But be careful, guest post can be a boomerang also. If guest post is so bad, what you get is :

      – For a guest poster : your bad article will make people who read it on blog which accepting it will think your not good. And the most scary thing is, maybe you’ll have no chance to do guest post again.

      – For blog who accept it : visitor not appreciate it, and otherwise,even their will think why you’re accepting that bad guest post and start think negative about your blog.

  • ZXT says:

    You don’t run out of surprises do you Nick?

  • akira07 says:

    I’m totally agree with all part of article. But as i ever said in another article, my only weakness to do guest post is a languange (grammar) matter.

    So, when the topic is related, i wanna offer in this article : Who your guys who wanna accept my guest post?
    You will need a time to make correction with a grammar but i can guarantee my guest post idea is cool :D.

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  • Brad Harmon says:


    I hadn’t really thought about the conversion rates based on where the byline appeared in the post. Did you get the data for that from a study or report somewhere? Just curious, because I would love to read it.

    It certainly seems to make sense that it would. I know by the time I make it to the end of a post I’ve already forgotten the guest poster’s name. Personally, I am more apt to click at the end than scroll up to the top.


    • Too be honest that’s just my gut instinct based on my own browsing patterns. I didn’t read a study on it or anything and I would certainly be open to hearing a counter argument against it. This is why I list the author at the top and the bottom so whichever one is more effective for whichever type of reader you might be hosting can jump in and find your site.

      • Brad Harmon says:

        No problem, I was just interested. My guess is that you’re right about it.

        I like your theme. It’s very easy on the eyes. Is the post author on your comments part of it, or is that a plugin?

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  • Ava Jae says:

    I started guest posting a few months ago and I can’t stress the benefits enough. It really is a win-win situation for both the person hosting the post, and the guest poster.

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