Imagine yourself having an entire army of inbound links marching into battle every day fighting to pump up your PageRank and to drive new visitors to your site. Visualize notable bloggers and webmasters citing your work and proudly referring their greatly sought after readers to your site every day. This dream almost sounds too good to be true.

Inbound links are the key to driving traffic to our blogs and websites. Google uses inbound links as one of the most important factors in determining your PageRank which can in turn determine your position in it’s search engine listings.

Matt Cutts speaks out on Building Inbound Links

To kick off our list, let’s allow Matt Cutts, a Google executive, to give us his advice on building powerful inbound links.


40 Ways to Build An Army of Inbound Links

If we want traffic then we’ve got to get some links pointing at our sites and this article is an exhaustive list of ways to do just that:

  1. Write amazing articles
  2. Write a huge list post
  3. Offer something for free.
  4. Put on a fun contest.
  5. Write a critique of something.
  6. Demonstrate authority on a subject.
  7. Write great link bait.
  8. Link to other people’s articles.
  9. Talk positive about other bloggers.
  10. Thoroughly revise your articles.
  11. Have an amazing design on your blog.
  12. Think outside the status quo.
  13. Write a tutorial.
  14. Submit your site to free directories.
  15. Submit your site to paid directories.
  16. Publish an interview with a leader in your niche.
  17. Publish an article about a leader in your niche.
  18. Guest blog on other related blogs.
  19. Ask for a link from another blog owner.
  20. Sponsor a post on another blog.
  21. Hire someone to build links for you.
  22. Post your link in your signature in a forum.
  23. Comment on dofollow blogs.
  24. Exchange links with a peer.
  25. Sign people’s guest books.
  26. Ask for a link on a website in your niche.
  27. Leave your reviews of products you use.
  28. Ping Technorati and others with your new articles.
  29. Get involved at Yahoo! Answers.
  30. Make friends with other bloggers.
  31. Create and use a account.
  32. Create an about page.
  33. Create a contact page.
  34. Only post original content.
  35. Stay with it for the long haul.
  36. Ask your readers to link to your articles.
  37. Link to articles that have trackbacks enabled.
  38. Build relationships with other bloggers.
  39. Don’t be a spammer.
  40. Get another site to review your blog.

Group Reflection

What are you doing to build inbound links at your website or blog? What tactics have you found to work the most effectively? Which would you encourage people to stay away from?

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