I’ve said this before and if you spend much time around this blog then you will undoubtedly hear me reiterate this very important aspect to web design. That very important aspect is that we must always be looking at the work of those around us in order that we can learn from them and draw inspiration from their work.

Every day I look for new sites to draw inspiration from. I can learn something from almost every site. From some sites I can learn what not to do. I can pay attention to the things that turn me away from revisiting their site and I can assume that those same things would turn people away from my site…so I avoid them. But I can also see things that draw me in and grab my attention. Again I can assume that they will have the same effect on my visitors so I try to learn from them and develop my own skills as a developer, a designer, or a blogger because of their work. Today I present you with five church websites that should allow you to find some of that inspiration.

As you have observations about these sites be sure to leave feedback in the comments for the rest of us.


Calvary Christian Center


Edgepoint Church


First Baptist Church of Broken Arrow

Canyon Creek

Canyon Creek Church

Second Presbyterian Church

Second Presbyterian Church

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  • Brandon Cox says:

    Edgepoint has been making gallery lists for quite some time – timelessly awesome! Great collection.

  • Arisu says:

    Now, those are churches I´d love to visit. An that is a major compliment.

    Aside the lovely design, they do make you feel like they´re nice places to learn, think and also have a good time.

  • Arisu says:

    Now, that most be quite a challenge, I don´t think too many churches have a web site, and most of them ain´t pretty.

    But seems like an interesting hobby… look out for those sites that really pop out.

  • Mukund says:

    This simply is a great collection of blogs! I visited all the sites and I definitely accept that these sites are truly an inspiration for new bloggers like me!

  • Ron Boracay says:

    Canyon Creeks captures most of my attention.

    I am quite surprise when I visit their blog site, some UFC posts are made. I think, that is somehow, not related?

  • You’ve totally converted me Nick. My blog is less than 4 months old though and I’ve already changed themes 2x so I’m trying to control my itch to change themes again.

    But that hasn’t stopped me from “window shopping” for new ones.

    I agree with Arisu, very few churches have their own website. In fact, here in my country I haven’t found one yet. But we have some very active Catholic priests who blogs and use Facebook a lot! Haha…

    I am always in the lookout for inspiring as well as excellent-looking travel and food blogs. 😀

  • ZXT says:

    Wow those are amazing websites. Funny how these church website have excellent designs compared with most websites that deals with technology and internet.

  • akira07 says:

    Your 5 example of inspirational website is not only inspire us in something related to spiritual-life (and just for info, i’m christian, so this blog will for sure inspire me) but also in design aspect. Your 5 website example have good and clean design, very good.

  • Ellen says:

    I enjoy a couple of church websites- I hadn’t seen these before though so thanks for sharing. I like to visit in case I can’t make it on Sunday, or any other time I might need a reminder of what is most important in life.
    These are stand out!

  • Tanya says:

    Thanks so much for showcasing Canyon Creek’s site! Our team worked long and hard on that thing and we’re still not finished!

    And yes, our pastor blogs about UFC. 😉 We want our church site to be a place where visitors and members alike can get to know us better. We mostly want to show you that we are REAL people, like you, who happen to put Jesus first in our lives.

    Thanks again!

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