In a recent post, Keyword Ranking for Dummies, I explained how keyword rank works in search engines like Google and Yahoo and why it is important to try to rank high in their listings. I also referenced a great tool that can instantly check your keyword ranking across several major search engine platforms. For information about that be sure to check out that article, Keyword Ranking for Dummies.

In the comments section of that article I received an excellent question that is exactly the response that I was looking for. Let me share it with you.

How do you get key words for a blog? I did Mike’s Marketing Tools and I came up 0 for each key word I entered. How could I remedy that?

This is exactly the plight of every blogger as they begin their journey into blogging. Let me provide for you a very easy introduction to the world of Search Engine Optimization. Today I am going to provide you with the very first tool that I use to improve my performance on Google and Yahoo: Hubspot’s Website Grader.

As soon as you visit Hubspot’s Website Grader you will be presented with a form to fill out in order to have your site analyzed. The only field that you have to fill out is the first one. Simply enter the website address of your blog or website and press enter. It will take a minute or two in order to process its analysis of your website as it needs to gather information from your site and several other sites. When your report finally loads the fun is ready to begin.

At the top right of the page you should see a large number. This is the percentile of sites that your sites ranks above as compared to how many sites they have analyzed. In other words, if you score a 75 it means that your site is better than 75 percent of all sites that they have checked.

Below your score you will find an extensive report detailing the good and bad points of your website. This report will cover your meta data like title, keywords, and description. It will provide feedback about how long your domain name is registered for and about the readability of your site. The report will detail Google’s view of your scale using Google’s 1-10 scale called Page Rank.

This report will also provide information about how many links are pointing back at your page. It will show links for the entire web as well as links from Digg, Delicious,Yahoo Directory and other popular directories and social bookmarking sites.

Hubspot’s Website Grader is the perfect tool to begin your journey into the world of Search Engine Optimization. It is the best place to get a good look at where your site stands in its readiness to impress Google and other search engines.

In future posts I will be spending time discussing the benifits of link exchanges, utilizing social bookmarking sites, getting your site listed in directories, optimizing your meta data and much more. Stay tuned because this single topic of ‘Search Engine Optimization’ is vital to getting traffic to your site.

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