One of the many factors that can attract both people and search engines to your website is the speed at which it loads. If a site takes more than just a few seconds to load on a standard Broadband connection then most people aren’t going to stick around very long and most SEO experts generally agree that Google factors the speed of a page load into it’s ranking of sites. The bottom line is simple…get your site to load faster.

I have a very close friend who lives in Australia who often badgers me about how slow my site loads. He’ll send me a message in Skype or we’ll be chatting and he’ll begin to make fun of how slow Site Sketch 101 loads in Australia. When I load my site, it only takes about 4 or 5 seconds from start to finish so I always make fun of the Aussie internet services and tell him that his island full of convicts just needs to get caught up with modern society and get real internet.

The problem, however, isn’t his internet service…it’s my site. Even though I’m able to load my site in just a few seconds, my friend, Andrew is literally on the other side of the world trying to pull images, html, stylesheets and more off of my shared hosting platform in the United States. It’s slow.

Introducing the Cloudfront Server

So today I made a change. I uploaded my images, my media library and my includes file to an Amazon Cloudfront server. Amazon Cloudfront creates copies of my content on servers located around the world so that when I load my site, I’m connected to a server somewhere here in America and when Andrew tries to load my site, he’ll be connecting to a server in Australia. This allows both of us to experience faster load times and a much better overall experience for all my readers throughout the world.

Have you noticed Site Sketch 101 loading any faster for you? How fast does it load? What do you use to speed up the page loads on your website or blog? What advice would you give to others who are trying to accomplish this same task at their site?

Andrew, how fast does it load now?

P.S. The amazon cloudfront footer still says that the copyright is from 2008 – 2009. They need to update it. Some people notice those things so if yours is out of date then be sure to update it. There are few ways to appear more professional than to pay attention to details.

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  • Chris says:

    Hi, I timed it and it took about 5 seconds to load, although I am in Canada, so I may not notice much of a difference.

    I was noticing their pricing and was curious if you determined it would cost you more or less. Most hosting I have found charge a monthly fee, or yearly, not really based on any amount of data used. (usually unlimited), although I use that loosely.. as I have seen issues with to many resources being used in an unlimited account, but that is another story all together. You don’t have to go into great detail or anything like that, I am just curious.

  • Aaron says:

    It does seem to be loading faster now, good job with the switch to using cloudfront for some offloading work.

  • rabsin_d says:

    Hi Nicholas,

    It has been a long time since I have last checked this site. I was busy with my SEO tasks at work. Anyway, please keep me posted with your ideas. I definitely learned alot from this blog!


  • cevin says:

    You site took 8.34 seconds to load on a global average. It is a slow site (only faster than 29% sites) out there, according to

    Please see details at

  • Slava says:


    actually CloudFront doesn’t have servers in Australia, so your friend probably loads it from Japan, Hong Kong or Singapore. The rest of servers are in Europe and in few US Cities.

    I’m from Russia on 35 Mbps connection and it takes 1.9 minute according to Chrome DevTools to fully load your page, although the page becomes readable at about 3 seconds mark, so you shouldn’t worry.

    Then it take 49 seconds to download some CSS from FaceBook and about 1 minute to load some PNG from FaceBook (something like folded corner). But this is done asynchronously, so doesn’t really affect user experience.

  • That is actually something I have been willing my company to experiment with for a while. As an idea for you, it’d be awesome if you pulled out the time to write a more in-depth post about using amazon cloud service for this purpose (technically and costs-wise) 😉

  • Hi Nick,

    It seems your loading speed has improved, I am visiting your site from Nigeria.

    Thanks so much,

  • Great idea! Can you tell us a little more about how it works with WordPress (is the big content now on amazon but the backend data still on your wp host?) and maybe how that affects pricing? It would be great to have my site load faster, my current host isn’t really up to the task. Ha!

  • A little confused. Is this full hosting deal?

    Got a link?

  • Don Gilbert says:

    Awesome – When I get as much traffic as SS101, I’ll think about switching to a CDN. lol

    oh yeah, and for you theme developers out there, try to appear professional (refer to Nick’s PS if you don’t know what I’m talking about). Instead of hard coding dates in the footer, why don’t you use WordPress’s the_date(‘Y’) and save me the time of updating it every time you update? Thanks.

  • Its load for 10 seconds though am working with a slow internet connection from Nigeria.
    The loading time is faster compare to other sites i visit, good job man…

  • Kimi says:

    Hey Nick,

    Knowing your blog from samswebguide. Informative site.

    Your site loads faster for me, I am in Germany.

    But mine is faster according to, and i have infolinks ads 😀

    Will come back soon, definitely, greetings.

  • Ryan Rhodes says:


    I am a newbie is Amazon a good place to start out? Or would this be something to explore when my site gets a good amount of traffic. I was thinking of using I-Page for hosting because the cost is a concern. Does any one have any hosting tips? Also your site loads super fast for me but I am also in the US.



  • Cole Stan says:

    Fast loading is one important factor that might affect the interest of a blog reader or a site visitor. Based from my experience as a reader or visitor sometimes, I hated those sites that took me more than a minute waiting for the whole page to load. The tendency of which is I just go out to the site and check for others website. As easy as it is!

  • Kok Siong says:

    I was loading your page in Malaysia. It performed quite well for me. The Amazon Cloudfront server is a new thing for me to explore. Thanks for this information Nicholas!

  • I live in Athens, Greece and have a dsl connection with about 4 Mbits Down and 1 Mbit Up. This specific page load in about 8 seconds.
    The homepage of my blog which is been hosted at the UK loads at about the same time.

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