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The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Blogging

By | Practical Business Strategies | One Comment

The world is full of idiots. You’re an idiot. Sorry but it’s true. But don’t worry, I’m an idiot too and unlike you…I’m willing to admit it. I would go so far as too say that everyone (including me) slip in and out of idiocy every day without ever noticing the transition. No matter how smart you are, there are far too many things going on for us to be smart all the time. Statistically,…

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Army Lesson #1: Slow is Smooth. Smooth is Fast.

By | Awesome Content | No Comments

Life in the military is exciting…and very insightful. I once read a book called, “Growing up in Vietnam.” The point of the title wasn’t that this young soldier literally grew up in Vietnam. He didn’t. He grew up in America. But rather the book described lesson after lesson that he was forced to learn quickly in order to survive and overcome the obstacles faced in the jungles of Vietnam. As a young 19-to-20-year-old man, he…

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2 Simple Tips to Increase Comments on Your Blog Posts

By | Online Conversations | 7 Comments

Recently I made two subtle changes over on the Warfare Plugins blog that I hope will increase the comments. I made these two changes several years ago on another blog and tested it on a very high traffic article and saw comments on that article go from 1 or 2 per day to around 5 or more per day overnight! First, move the comment form up above the list of comments. The vast, vast majority…

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The Revival of Yellow Journalism

By | The Written Word | 12 Comments

In the 1890’s, two newspapers, New York World and New York Journal, were pitted against one another in a fierce competition to sell as many newspapers as possible. In an attempt to gain the advantage and sell millions of papers, New York World’s owner, William Randolph Hearst adopted two techniques. First, he created articles and headlines (especially on the front page) that featured sensationalized, exaggerated, and melodramatic information. Second, he hired an artist named Oatcault…

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The Human Side of the Internet

By | Tribes & Communities | 3 Comments

At nearly 25 years old, today’s modern internet is continually evolving.  For the first decade or so into it’s history, when it was just sprouting, the internet was commonly known as the information superhighway.  And although that phrase still applies, we now tend hear that term increasingly less often.  But it’s not just that term that’s disappearing.  It’s the powerful concept that it carries. As the internet was quickly growing and developing, it was known…

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The 12 Core Elements of a Brilliant Site Design

By | User Interface | 3 Comments

Average bloggers tend to fail on this one…a lot. Most people get into blogging because they have a passion to write about something. The majority of bloggers assume that as long as they write about what they love then they will be successful. Instead of ever beautifying their site they just plug away creating articles. According to Technorati, a new blog is created every second. There are literally millions and millions of blogs competing for traffic…

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10 Tips for Building an Awesome Online Presence

By | Tribes & Communities | 7 Comments

1. Provide genuine, quality help to others. “When you focus on quality, consistency, and being genuinely helpful (not just soliciting click-throughs) your results will amaze you!” ~ Dustin W. Stout I’ve noticed something paradoxically interesting across social media platforms. When you focus solely on growing an audience for the benefit of your business, it is often a long-hard climb. However, when you shift toward focusing on using social media to genuinely help others, the business itself…

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The Mindset of a Self-Proclaimed Social Media Ninja

By | Social Media | 16 Comments

There is nothing wrong with someone referring to themselves as an expert. That is, of course, unless someone has no idea what the word means or are using it solely to manipulate. Unfortunately this is the case in most circumstances. Dustin Stout goes so far as to say, “When it comes to social media marketing, there’s a billion and a half people claiming to have a clue. About 1% of 1% may be telling the truth.” Traditionally,…

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The 40 Most Powerful Persuasion Tactics

By | Commanding Influence | 3 Comments

The article that you are about to read is an incredibly exhaustive look at persuasion tactics that can be used to get people to think, feel, and take action right now. As you are about to see, many of these tactics trigger emotional or psychological responses rather than focusing on facts, logic, or reason.  Lines of Appeal An appeal is the overall approach used to present your message. It is the flavor or tone of your…

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Social Signals and Psychological Warfare

By | Social Media | 9 Comments

The purpose of Psychological Warfare is to manipulate the behavior of the enemy or of the local nationals in an effort to save lives on the battlefield. This can include convincing enemy soldiers that they need to desert and return home reducing their forces. It can also include convincing local nationals to report insurgent activities. In this type of an environment, people are often resistant toward complying with our war effort. This is where creativity…

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