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The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Blogging

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The world is full of idiots. You’re an idiot. Sorry but it’s true. But don’t worry, I’m an idiot too and unlike you…I’m willing to admit it. I would go so far as too say that everyone (including me) slip in and out of idiocy every day without ever noticing the transition. No matter how smart you are, there are far too many things going on for us to be smart all the time. Statistically,…

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Army Lesson #1: Slow is Smooth. Smooth is Fast.

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Life in the military is exciting…and very insightful. I once read a book called, “Growing up in Vietnam.” The point of the title wasn’t that this young soldier literally grew up in Vietnam. He didn’t. He grew up in America. But rather the book described lesson after lesson that he was forced to learn quickly in order to survive and overcome the obstacles faced in the jungles of Vietnam. As a young 19-to-20-year-old man, he…

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The Revival of Yellow Journalism

By | The Written Word | 12 Comments

In the 1890’s, two newspapers, New York World and New York Journal, were pitted against one another in a fierce competition to sell as many newspapers as possible. In an attempt to gain the advantage and sell millions of papers, New York World’s owner, William Randolph Hearst adopted two techniques. First, he created articles and headlines (especially on the front page) that featured sensationalized, exaggerated, and melodramatic information. Second, he hired an artist named Oatcault…

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What’s the Ideal Length of a Blog Post?

By | The Written Word | 4 Comments

Have you ever met someone who can talk your ear off? They can prattle on about this or that. They like to tell you about the guy at work who took the last cup of coffee without refilling the pot. They’ll talk about their drive to work and the jerk that pulled in front of them on the freeway. They go on about their digestive issues. The principle for today’s article is simple: Talking is…

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5 Reasons to Find and Speak in Your Own Voice

By | The Written Word | 6 Comments

If you take an English class, whether in high school or college, while learning how to write an essay, you’ll be encouraged never to write in the first or second person. This means that you should never use words like I, me, us, we, you, or your. Instead, professional writing should be about transmitting pure information only written in the third person. However, in blogging, the opposite is true. Especially considering the current state of…

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Burn their House Down with Combustible Lemons

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Recently, I’ve noticed that lots of pop stars have unique names for their followers. Lady Gaga has her little monsters, Katy Perry has her KatyCats, and even Justin Bieber has his Beliebers (I had to Google that last one, honest.). Following on with that train of thought, I’ve decided to give the readers and fans of Site Sketch 101 a cool nickname. My first thought was to call you Sketchers, but I’m pretty sure that…

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Giveaway Alert! The ABC’s of Growing Online

By | Practical Business Strategies | 11 Comments

Today we’re going to do a group exercise and I’m going to give away some cash.  I’m inviting each of you to post a comment identifying and explaining one principle that can help to grow our blog or our online presence in general. The first principle must begin with the letter A and be presented by the first person to leave a comment.  The second principle must begin with the letter B and be given by…

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If Your Business Model Is Broken…Fix It.

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What is it that makes your products or services better than someone else’s services? The hard question is this: If you can teach others to make money online or in your industry, why are you struggling to make money through that means? I’m certainly not asking that to be unkind, but only to challenge us to think about the hard questions. To be honest, many of you need to change your online business model. If…

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The Dark, Unforgiving Prison of Writer’s Block

By | The Written Word | One Comment

I feel like I’ve been trapped in a dark, unforgiving prison of writer’s block from which I have no hope of escape. I have writer’s block and I’ve had it for so long that it would be more appropriate to call it writer’s hiatus. I feel like the terrified damsel in a horror flick who flees her house to make a last ditch break for it. Her survival depends on her getting into her car…

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Getting To Know Your Target Audience

By | Practical Business Strategies | 5 Comments

When I began this website, I had little understanding of the concept of target audiences. In the early history of this website, I was having a conversation with a friend who at that time was involved in online marketing. As we spoke, I asked him what I could do to be more successful here (and online in general). His response was to ask me who my target audience was. I responded by saying that I…

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