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A Simple Fix to Improve Your Google Rank

By | Search Engine Optimization | 39 Comments

This one piece of advice is extremely important for every blogger and every website developer alike. Every website should take care of this one item as soon as they launch the site yet very few actually do. So what is it that every site needs but most don’t have? The answer to that is simple: a redirect that adds www to any address on your site that doesn’t already have it. I know. I know….

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Get In Touch With Me

By | Practical Business Strategies

I love hearing from people. If you write to me, I’ll write back. Ask me questions. Give me ideas. Share concerns. Complain about something. Just say hello.  Whatever is on your mind, I want to hear it. Guest Posting: If you’re considering sharing a guest post with the Site Sketch 101 community, you should know that I generally no longer accept guest posting on this site. If you and I are personal friends, feel free…

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