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The 15 Most Important SEO Factors in 2011

By | Search Engine Optimization | 111 Comments

Bloggers and webmasters are constantly wondering why Google is such a bully to some websites and why they are so positive toward others. What are the keys to building a successful presence on the search engine results pages? What are the most important SEO factors for getting your site discovered by Google’s search bot and how can we get in on the action? If you’ve been wondering these things then this article is exactly what…

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15 Tips to Awesome, Eye-Jerking Post Titles

By | The Written Word | 95 Comments

Post titles are drastically under rated. Most bloggers fail to realize that their post title is the number one advertisements for each of their articles. An article’s title has to put on the gloves and go head-to-head with dozens of other post titles in people’s RSS readers, email accounts, search engines, Facebook timelines and Twitter streams. It’s your job to get your post title ready to perform like the champ it has the potential to be….

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15 Irrefutable Qualities of Successful Blogs

By | Practical Business Strategies | 62 Comments

Do you want a blog that is highly successful? Do you want visitors to flock to your site, readers to leave comments, and advertisers to fill your wallet? I know that I do! A few years ago blogging was a brand new art. People were wading through dark jungles of unknown territory trying to figure out what worked and what didn’t. Those first bloggers were pilgrims in a sense paving a way for the rest…

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The Basics of Copyrighting Courtesies

By | The Written Word | 62 Comments

Over the past week, I’ve discovered content from Site Sketch 101 being published elsewhere around the internet. I first discovered this while doing some research to see how well I was ranking for some keywords I was targeting on Google. When I typed the phrase into Google, I discovered that someone else with an article of the same title was ranking for that phrase. I decided to click through to see what they had that…

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The Natural Authority of Genuine Success

By | Practical Business Strategies | 45 Comments

I remember getting marriage advice from people. I remember one guy going through a brutal divorce telling me one thing and my folks who are incredibly happily married after 35 years telling me something different. Why would I take the advice of someone who is experiencing the opposite of the outcome that I want? I want to know what worked for my parents. That’s discretion, not arrogance. If you have only enough time to read…

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The 15 Best SEO Tips for WordPress in 2011

By | Search Engine Optimization | 180 Comments

Search engine optimization, or SEO, doesn’t have to be scary. It can be fun and exciting to put these WordPress SEO tips to use and to watch your blog begin receiving targeted visitors from people who are actively searching for exactly what you have to offer. What are the keys to building a successful presence on the search engine results pages? What are the most important SEO factors for getting your site discovered by Google’s search bot…

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A Review of Allison Boyer’s “Out of Thin Air”

By | The Written Word | 23 Comments

I just finished reading an amazing book by Allison Boyer. As I read Out of Thin Air, a must-read guide to successful freelancing,I was taken aback at the amazing and incredibly practical lessons that she had to share. Although Alli shares with us wisdom that comes only from years of freelance writing experience, her tone is one of humility, sharing even the mistakes she has made and urging us to learn and do better. Her lessons…

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In 2011, Motives Won’t Matter…Results Will

By | Practical Business Strategies | 14 Comments

Yesterday we began a conversation comparing passionate motives against the character and know-how to get things accomplished. We looked at two people raising funds to take clean water to folks in need around the world and the results that they experienced. To prep for this article, you can read yesterday’s post here: Passionate Motives or Amazing Results? You know the passion of your first friend. You know their motives were on fire to be as…

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Passionate Motives or Amazing Results?

By | Practical Business Strategies | 19 Comments

Let’s imagine that you have two friends who are involved in an amazingly caring charitable organization. Both of these two people are raising money to purchase and ship fresh water into third world countries and into areas affected by natural disasters. In both of these situations, fresh water is absolutely essential. The first person is a very close friend so as you make your charitable contributions this year, you decide to send your support their…

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An Artistic Approach to Online Business

By | Practical Business Strategies | 15 Comments

Jordan Cooper is loud, brunt and to the point, but he’s funny, he’s incredibly entertaining and he and his website are overflowing with golden nuggets of information about online business. Robb Sutton is a bicyclist, not a blogger, and yet he’s taken his blog to the bank writing reviews of the equipment that he and his biker buddies go riding with. Chris Brogan made it big teaching people how to connect and build businesses as…

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