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Nofollow vs. Dofollow: The Verdict is In

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Both today and tomorrow I’m going to be challenging you to look at the dofollow/nofollow debate from a new, fresh perspective. We’ve been programmed to believe that providing our readers with dofollow links is both rewarding to them and that it’s a great way to stick it to the man (Google). There are actually several great arguments against Nofollow but I contend that many of them are myths and I’m about to show you why….

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A Powerful Linking Strategy for Stronger SEO

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I’ve recently been noticing that often when people discuss the concepts and principles that deliver powerful search engine results that they often only focus on some of the simple core concepts like the title tags, the description, using the keyword in the content, etc. But there is so much more that you can do to find real success with the search engines. The Power of Linking is often Overlooked Although these concepts mentioned in the first…

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SEO Factors vs. Compelling Content

By | Search Engine Optimization | 60 Comments

For a while now, I’ve noticed a mindset amongst bloggers that seems to pit search engine optimization against writing quality content that genuinely engages readers. In the hearts and minds of many online authors, it’s as if these two concepts are mutually exclusive. You cannot write content that is attractive to both Google and to a real audience. But is this really true? Is Google forcing us to choose between their search engine and our…

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The Growing Power and Force of Social SEO

By | Search Engine Optimization | 37 Comments

With Google’s recent launch of social search built into their search results, they confirmed what many search engine optimization specialists had already believed to be true.  One of the growing factors that search engines uses to weigh the value of any given page on the Internet is the organic social links that point to it. This SEO factor is known as social SEO. The programmers behind this search engine are incredibly smart and every day…

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Maximizing the SEO Quality of Your Links

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Links make the internet go around.  They’re the roadways that guide us to new sites, to new resources, and to new opportunities to engage, interact and learn. But we’re not the only ones who draw guidance from the many links scattered around the net.  Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing rely on links to guide them in many ways. A great example of this is Google’s index and Page Rank system.  Page Rank is…

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Group Discussion: Is PageRank Important?

By | Commanding Influence, Search Engine Optimization | 55 Comments

In yesterday’s post, What Do We Really Know About PageRank, I presented you with the basic concepts of Google PageRank.  I then sat back as I always do and watched as the comments came in.  After all, the conversation under the posts often contains as much information as the material in the post. Yet as I watched the comments, I noticed a trend.  Instead of people discussing the best principles for building their PageRank, many…

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What Do We Really Know About PageRank?

By | Search Engine Optimization | 32 Comments

Today’s post is written in response to a recent email that I received from a reader asking how they might improve their Google PageRank. In this question, it’s apparent to me that they are wondering some of the same things that I wondered when I was starting out and it’s probably some of the same things that you are wondering.  So let me share with you their question and then I’ll provide you with a…

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5 Crucial SEO Tips for WordPress Users

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Site Sketch 101 is powered by WordPress. That should be no surprise to many of you. It is a very flexible blogging platform with the option to customize themes, add plugins, and adjust tons of options. As soon as I launched this site, I began changing a lot of settings in the administrative control panel in order to optimize my content for Google. I wanted to make sure that as soon as Google, Yahoo and…

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4 Indispensable Elements of Link Exchanges

By | Search Engine Optimization | 38 Comments

As we continue our efforts in creating exciting, dynamic sites, we as webmasters and bloggers find ourselves looking for ways to enhance our sites and grow our visitor base. In other words, we want to make our sites better and get more people to view our websites. The problem with not having many readers or site visitors isn’t caused by the fact that we don’t want people to read our material. Usually it is simply…

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A Basic Introduction to Search Engines

By | Search Engine Optimization | 80 Comments

One of the most popular means for getting visitors to your website is through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL or others. How is it that we can take advantage of people’s ability to Google for something in order to get them to our site. The answer is simple. We need to get our keywords to rank high in the popular search engines.  Today I’m going to teach you what a keyword is…

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