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Analyze Your Site with Website Grader

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In a recent post, Keyword Ranking for Dummies, I explained how keyword rank works in search engines like Google and Yahoo and why it is important to try to rank high in their listings. I also referenced a great tool that can instantly check your keyword ranking across several major search engine platforms. For information about that be sure to check out that article, Keyword Ranking for Dummies. In the comments section of that article…

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A Simple Fix to Improve Your Google Rank

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This one piece of advice is extremely important for every blogger and every website developer alike. Every website should take care of this one item as soon as they launch the site yet very few actually do. So what is it that every site needs but most don’t have? The answer to that is simple: a redirect that adds www to any address on your site that doesn’t already have it. I know. I know….

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