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What is your passion driving you to write?

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Be true to who you are and share what your passions truly inspire you to write. If you’re compelled to write on something wildly confrontational, then don’t you dare shy away even if the aggressive hordes of hell itself howl and rage against you. If your passion fuels you to write something calm and passive, then don’t worry if not a single living soul affords it so much as a casual glance. All across the…

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Developing Compelling & Engaging Content

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Regardless of the topic or goals of your blog or website, you need solid content to fill your site. You’re looking for something that has the potential to really go viral. You’re hoping for a subject that will really incite people to leave comments and join the conversation. You don’t just want to add content in an effort to meet an artificially important quota; you want meaningful and substantial content. In the world of blogging…

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How Do You Ignite Your Creative Passions?

By | The Written Word | 19 Comments

Each day I find myself becoming more convinced that bloggers need to be more creative. Too many people are jumping in and following what they see everyone else doing but they’re failing to really take their online experiences to the highest possible levels. They’re…excuse me…you’re failing because you refuse to be creative. I’m constantly asking myself questions like these, “How can I be more creative at Site Sketch 101? How can I do something that…

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7 Keys to Becoming a Prolific Blogger

By | The Written Word | 22 Comments

The word prolific means producing abundant works or results. As bloggers, we want to be able to produce a plethora of useful, meaty articles about topics within our respective niches. I want to be able to produce well written articles on blogging and website design that are so dynamic that people flock from around the web to read them. I want to be able to produce article after article that meets needs, delivers information, teaches…

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Group Discussion: Post Length vs. Post Value

By | The Written Word | 33 Comments

Have we forgotten that blogging is about adding value to the lives of our readers? As authors, we’re not working tirelessly toward hitting that big, shiny publish button simply to say that we’ve put out another article. We’re doing it because we have something to say…and because what we have to say is important. Let that mindset fuel your writing style and let it determine the length of your posts. If you’re continuing to write…

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How to Create Content for Casual Readers

By | The Written Word | 24 Comments

Internet surfers are looking for access to fast, easy-to-find information. They don’t want to spend any extra time searching for information. They want to find what they’re looking for so that they can move on and get back to whatever else they have to do as quickly as possible. When a reader lands on one of our articles, most aren’t going to take the time to read the entire thing. I know that I rarely…

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The 5 Keys to Creating Wildly Popular Content

By | The Written Word | 55 Comments

A few days ago I published an article called The 15 Best WordPress Plugins for 2010. That article quickly became very popular. It received hundreds of retweets. It secured hundreds of delicious bookmarks.  It had over 100 comments on it by the morning after it was published and it’s still receiving new comments each day.  It even spiked my visitor count by the thousands. It brought a lot of attention to Site Sketch 101. In…

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How to Stop Boring Your Readers To Sleep

By | The Written Word | 40 Comments

I’ve seen your site. I clicked a link and came face to face with your home page. As soon as I landed there I searched frantically for something that I could at least pretend was interesting but I just couldn’t find it. My head smashed into my keyboard as my body convulsed into instantaneous sleep. I believe in usability testing. What’s that mean? It means that you find a user who has never seen your…

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Writing for Real People (Part 2)

By | The Written Word | 7 Comments

This week we’re continuing to explore the idea of writing for real people.  Last week in Writing for Real People (Part 1), we looked at what it means to write for real people and why it’s so important.  This week we’re exploring how to get the job done in a way that compels readers to keep reading our material. If you’re reading this article in your email or in your RSS reader then be sure…

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Writing for Real People (Part 1)

By | The Written Word | 43 Comments
If you're viewing this in your RSS reader or email then you should definitely click through to the site and check out this week's video, Writing for Real People (Part 1). In a world where bloggers and webmasters are constantly working to attract search engine traffic with content packed with keywords, it's refreshing to find sites with material designed to entertain and educate me...not Google.  Let's produce that kind of material for our readers. Are...
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