Each day, I continue to be amazed at the ingenuity of the WordPress community. The plugins that are being developed each day are amazing.

A few months ago, I launched a collection of plugins called The 15 Best Plugins to Use in 2010 and today I’m adding 10 more plugins that deserve to be on that list.  I personally use almost every plugin on this list and the only 1 or 2 that I don’t use come highly recommended from some of my very close friends.

10 More of the Best WordPress Plugins in 2010

  1. W3 Total Cache: This is an amazing improvement over my previously recommended WP Super Cache. This plugin allows minification (combining CSS and JS files), supports content delivery networks, rewrites html to remove line breaks, and much more.
  2. CommentLuv: You’ve probably already noticed that at the bottom of each post here at Site Sketch 101 there is a small piece of text that simply says “My Latest Blog Post:” and is followed up by a link to that reader’s most recent article. This is the plugin that makes that happen.
  3. Fluency Admin: This is the absolute best plugin for transforming the layout of your administrative control panel. Install this plugin and navigating throughout the admin side of your blog becomes a breeze…and it looks better.
  4. Frame Buster: Whenever someone lands on your site using a su.pr or an ow.ly link, you don’t get the credit for the visit. They do and it’s because they show your page inside of a frame. Essentially the visitor is viewing your site through a window on another website. This is the key to stopping that from happening.
  5. Popularity Contest: This plugin allows you to select the most popular articles on your website by using several factors to weigh their popularity: comments, pageviews, trackbacks, and more. And the best part is that you get to choose how much each factor weighs in the process.
  6. Widget Context: Have you ever wanted a sidebar widget to display only on certain pages throughout your blog? Well now you can have it. This plugin allows complete control over where on your site each widget appears.
  7. FD Feedburner Plugin: The cute little plugin allows you to redirect all of your feeds to your feedburner feed. Nobody will be able to subscribe to your WordPress created theme but only to your FeedBurner feed. This is a great way to get every subscriber into the Feedburner count.
  8. All-In-One SEO: Although I personally use and prefer HeadSpace 2 for my search engine optimization, many of my friends use this one as it offers a very simple way to optimize your pages for maximum exposure on Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  9. Revision Control: WordPress automatically creates multiple backups of every article as you are writing them. You can have dozens of copies of the same article sitting in your database bloating its size to 3 or 4 times the size that it should be. This plugin allows you to restrict the number of revisions that are saved to only the most recent few.
  10. YouTube with Style: This plugin creates a new style for your youtube videos and it makes it incredibly easy to add youtube videos to your posts.

Group Discussion

What plugins are you using at your site that I’ve not mentioned here and why should the rest of the WordPress community consider using them?

Are there any plugins on this list that you dislike…why?

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