Let’s drastically revolutionize the way we blog in 2011. One of the most difficult challenges that bloggers are facing is how to build high quality blog traffic. Many of the tips below aren’t necessarily tips that are unique to this year. Rather this is a serious challenge for you to determine to use this new year to bring a fresh vitality to your online presence and to build blog traffic in ways that you have never done before.

The following are 30 of the most important weapons that you can use to quickly explode your blog traffic. They’re divided into three categories: amazing content, brilliant design, and commanding influence. Developing yourself and your blog in these three areas is the key to enjoying profound success and building the high quality blog traffic that so many of us are chasing after.

Blog Traffic Section #1
Amazing Content

30 Fastest Ways to Build Blog Traffic in 2011

  • Write Creative Content: Don’t follow the same mold that everyone around you seems to follow. This is the year to break out and be different.
  • Use List Posts: If done right, list posts can pack a tremendous amount of resources into one article. This is the driving power behind this very article.
  • Proofread Your Articles: Misspelled words and glaring grammatical errors will drive people from returning to or sharing your site.
  • Be an Entertainer: Laughter is one of the quickest ways to someone’s heart. “They’ll be standing in line for that old honky-tonk monkey shine!”
  • Have Polls: Providing ways for your readers to interact on your site like polls, questions, or fun surveys is a terrific way to get people coming back for more.
  • Create Exciting Post Titles: Make your headlines so compelling that they seemingly smack your readers in the face with a sudden compulsion to read.
  • Add Power to Your Writing: As you revise your articles be sure to add the descriptive adverbs and adjectives that you learned in English class.
  • Be Bold: Don’t simply try to provide great resources. Try to provide the best resources. And don’t be afraid to mention it’s the best in the headlines.
  • Appeal to Large Audiences: Write material with which millions of people can relate.  Stay in your niche, of course, but reach out as far as you can.
  • Keep it Simple: Don’t be overly complicated with your material. Don’t make your readers work to figure out what you’re trying to convey.

Blog Traffic Section #2
Brilliant Design

30 Fastest Ways to Build Blog Traffic in 2011

  • Have a Beautiful Design: 2011 isn’t the year to have an ugly website. Deliver a powerful first impression and your blog traffic will skyrocket.
  • Use Images in Your Posts: People are attracted to high quality graphics. Make your articles visually appealing and watch the blog traffic flow.
  • Organize Your Sidebar: There are few things that tag your site as unprofessional as quickly as a cluttered sidebar. And that means less traffic.
  • Optimize Your Post Footers: Related articles, subscription options, and social bookmarking icons allow users to browse and share your content.
  • Choose a Nicer Font: Switch to a comfortable font and increase it’s size. Make it easy for readers to get through your articles and they’ll come back for more.
  • Make Your Pages Load Faster: People don’t want to wait around. Install WP Super Cache. Enable Gzip. Accelerate your blog to accelerate your blog traffic.
  • Use Post Excerpts: Using excerpts allow visitors the chance to see the topics of all your articles without a lot of scrolling.
  • Reduce the Number of Ads: Nothing chases visitors away faster than a page loaded with ads. Feature your content and not your advertisements.
  • Optimize for Search Engines: Take time to learn about powerful titles, descriptions, keywords, W3C validation, alt tags, and more.
  • Inter-Link Your Articles: Linking to old articles in your new articles brings new life to those old articles and it helps users dig through your site.

Blog Traffic Section #3
Commanding Influence

30 Fastest Ways to Build Blog Traffic in 2011

  • Guest Blog: Getting your work in front of new audiences is a great way to let people know who you are and to draw them into your blog.
  • Respond to Comments and Emails: When you take the time to answer and engage your audience, people take notice. And then they invite their friends.
  • Build Relationships: Relationships are key. Personally bringing value to people results in tweets, links, diggs and much more.
  • Be Positive and Passionate: People are drawn toward genuinely positive leaders so express sincerity, excitement, and passion.
  • Share Your Personality: Let your blog flow like a conversation between you and your readers. Infuse your personality into every article.
  • Comment on other Blogs: Sometimes the best way to get people yo your site is to reach outside of your own blog and leave your mark on the world.
  • Focus on Building Credibility: Be honest with people. Let your integrity shine throughout your online business. Don’t worry. People will take notice.
  • Join Conversations on Social Media: Use social media for the exact thing it’s named for. Be social. Jump headlong into a conversation and meet new people.
  • Focus on Others: Putting others needs before your own really goes a long way with people. People are attracted the giving people.
  • Use Your Real Name: Don’t go out there branding a blog. Brand yourself and people will flock to whatever sites you operate.

Group Reflection

Quickly building blog traffic can be a difficult task. It can be hard working to build inbound links, thumbs up on Stumble Upon, shares on Twitter, bookmarks at Delicious, and diggs at Digg. We’ve got to work harder and smarter to build rapid, high-quality blog traffic.

So what are you doing to make a difference in the online world? What are you doing to attract some positive attention to you and your site in a way that actually draws in readers and increases blog traffic? What are you doing to set yourself apart?

Nicholas Cardot

About Nicholas Cardot

It's my personal quest to enable every person that I can to unlock that dormant potential concerning their online influence. Also, I'm a geek.


  • Definitely great suggestions, Nick.

    I would stress that it’s not ALL about traffic, it’s about getting clients/customers/subscribers.

    That’s why we need to pay more attention to things like design and certainly content.

    Driving traffic to a crappy blog just doesn’t work too well. 🙂

    Also, your readers might be interested in a post I wrote on 202 ways to increase blog traffic – worth checking out.

    Thanks, Nicholas!

    • Totally agree with you.

      Sometimes it is sad to see people jump into blogging solely to make money out of it and to follow the trend.

      They have no clue that blogging is about content and connection with others.

      In the end, majority of them quit after the first few months.

    • It tells a lot about traffic – SEO and social media usage will bring at least some traffic. Add linkbuilding and you get what you want. And I agree this post is more about having conversions – this is actually the main reason why I blog! Thanks for this post.

    • Philip says:

      Hi Ana, I visited your site and your 202 bite-sized tips are one of the best tips I read.

  • Nicholas

    Some nice shares.

    One thing I’d like to mention is…balance your workload across the different sections.

    Don’t just write amazing content.

    Don’t just design a brilliant blog.

    Don’t just build your influence.

    Do all of them – build a plan so you sepnd time each of them each week.


  • I do agree with majority of your points.

    But for the point of be an entertainer, I am sure that not everybody will fit in.

    Some people can easily make people laugh and some of them are totally terrible at it.

    To make thing worst, we can get backfired as the thing that we thought is funny and can make people laugh, is totally the opposite.

    What do you think?

  • Thomas says:

    Great tips Nicholas. I love lists, really make blog post much easier to read and relate to. Hate to read long blogs without pictures or anything to break up the lines in the post.
    Thanks Nicholas

  • Powerful list my friend! I’m totally aligned with all of this, especially having an organized sidebar; huge thing.

    Definitely agree firmly with SEO. It’s a must now a days! Especially with these new “social factors.”

    Well done, as usual.

  • I would love to be an entertainer and a story teller this year because people love to build their imagination and laugh their hearts out. I am just hoping I can think of a way to relate these with what I write. What are your thoughts about story telling?

  • sarah says:

    Nicolas Z. Cardot I don’t think I’ve ever thought to ask you what the Z stands for.

    Great post, btw. Love how your posts continue to be a positive source of information.

  • anthonynlee says:

    genius as always.
    i think i got all these points down pretty good EXCEPT the design part.
    this whole graphic design thing is really elusive to me. haven’t figured out how to nip that one in the bud yet.
    thanks for the great insights though.

    • John says:

      Your site looks like it is wordpress, there are themes out there for free and for $$ i personally use WPzoom themes. Sitesketch101.com also uses a theme. forgot what it is but paper something

  • John says:

    Great post, I just started a new blog that essentially one big list of posts. I also just redesigned my WP blog took out most of my ads and have a small task @ the end of every post to engage every one.

  • […] However, when you have great connections with high status people, and you have high quality data, they’ll consider linking to you. 1 link from an authority blogger or webmaster goes a long way. Follow the experts, retweet their stuff if you believe it’s quality content and reply to their tweets to get them knowing who you are. They’re just people and they will talk back to you. Inherently, people want to link to good content. Put yourself in front of an expert with quality content and you’ll get retweets, shares, links and if you’re a blogger, blog traffic. […]

  • Gabe says:

    Wow, I’ve loved your plugin for the longest time – you finally convinced me to check your website via your plugin.

    Definitely one of the top out there, quality and content. Excellent work standing out.

  • so far I’ve implemented a few ways that you tuis above. but it’s still a lot that I have not done. I was still very amateur. but never mind because you want to share this info. I will do better than ever. thank you very much.

  • Question:
    When it comes to design, what is the best way to go for a new blog?

    Templates? Get someone to design it?

  • Jennifer says:

    I really liked this article. The ideas are concise, and to the point. It’s all about generating quality traffic, and these are some things that I will definitely try to implement. The design of this page is great, kudos!

  • Chrissy says:

    Hi thanks a lot, these are great, I couldn’t get digg digg to work, but I installed Sharebar instead which is similar..!
    Thanks again

  • Pepper says:

    I’m really glad you mentioned design. I think so many people skip over that point.

    You really only have a few seconds before someone is ready to jump to the next link. That means that it’s the visuals of the blog that is going to catch them, not the words.

    Though I’m a little disappointed that you suggested buying pre made themes.

    I would suggest, if you need to cut the costs on a design, then get go ahead and get a pre made theme but hire a designer to personalize it to you. This is what I usually suggest to clients.

    I hate to throw out a link but I wrote a post about the pros and cons of free themes, premium themes, customized premium themes, and custom designs..

    Hope you don’t mind.

  • Keith says:

    As a blogger myself I am always looking at ways to help increase my website traffic.
    I found this blog post very informative and have added it to my bookmarks for future reference. Thanks for sharing this great info!

  • Great list. I’m focusing in on being personal (without giving too much away). Building solid traffic is certainly a chore.

  • Great post, Nick !

    Especially useful because you have written a short, viral sentence for each sub topic.Bookmarked this page. Agree with all of your points.

    I would definitely want to increase my traffic this year (this is my biggest goal).

    Anyway, thank you for sharing the information,

    Jeevan Jacob John

  • Fred Tracy says:

    This is some great info, I really appreciate it. I took the thing about ads to heart and removed one of my more obtrusive block ads I put in my posts. I think it looks much better without it, and besides, I want traffic – money will come later!

  • Carl says:

    Hi Nicholas

    I just came across your blog today through a retweet and found this post specifically. I’m still learning about operating a successful blog so I’m certainly going to ensure I follow the recommendations you make here.


  • Gibson Goff says:

    That’s a list to bookmark! Great post, Nick. You’ve benefitted a lot of people with it.

  • Tom Durkin says:

    Great post as usual and some really great tips here. Fonts are one of the things that I really need to get to grip with this year, as well as really moving my design skills along.

    One of the reasons I love coming here is the interesting, yet usable design you have.



  • Nick, I don’t have a sidebar! How would that affect readership??

  • Peter@BOR says:

    Great list. One of the downsides to having my blog right now on Blogger is that I can’t do much modification. I think I’m going to migrate to WordPress under my own domain. Then I can really concentrate on this stuff.

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  • Brad Harmon says:

    You really jammed the tips into this post, Nicholas. Great job.

    I appreciated the last two points the most because too many people employ the rest of your suggestions with a me first attitude that generally backfires.

    I think too many people miss the point that although they can generate back links to impress Google, it’s humans that click them to buy their products and interact with their posts. If you’re only commenting for the back links, it’s going to shine through and few people will click on your links.

    Thanks for putting together this list for us.


  • Ben says:

    Great tips. You can also use subscription forms and build list of subscribers.

  • I’m in a dilemma for the design to my blog. I want a simple, clean and quick layout so that Google won’t think my blog is slow (in loading time) and full of small details and stuff.

    Can I have a good looking and a quick design to my blog at the same time?

    If yes; where should I be start looking for these designs? I use wordpress.

  • Murugappan says:

    Brilliant list, Nick!
    But let me tell you; the traffic we get from Digg and delicious are never reliable – however, twitter and Google keeps driving us more and more traffic in the long run.

    Moreover I’d like to add that building quick and rapid traffic ain’t just what we want but we must work hard to start getting loyal readers. 😉

  • Barbara says:

    Great post! I stumbled upon it through a RT, and I’ve already made a list of things to work on! Thank you for organizing it into a list, I must say it is really helpful! Thank you!

  • ah hong says:

    Definitely a great guide on how to build a good blog. Nick, what will you recommend for sidebar plugin? Usually we put in Recent Post or Recent Comment in the sidebar.

  • I agree that we should consider the user experience to boost up the traffic on your sites. I still need to do a lot of things to improve mine based on the points you have listed. Thanks for the list!

  • Kavya Hari says:

    Actually, from here i gained a lot of information on here Nicholas because he given a ellaborate explanation for all things, so i would like to thanks for collective information.And,particularly i want to say a first point because it’s one of the amazing points are listed out. Thanks a lot Nicholas

  • Kavya Hari says:

    Actually, from here i gained a lot of information on here Nicholas because he given a elaborate explanation for all things, so i would like to thanks for collective information.And,particularly i want to say a first point because it’s one of the amazing points are listed out. Thanks a lot Nicholas…

  • Peter Mis says:


    Thanks for sharing your insights on this. I will certainly be looking at my blog through a different paradigm. Good that you acknowledge that building traffic is a lot of work. I see too many shortcuts being promoted as an alternative to working hard.

    Thanks for sharing the gift of you!


  • Kavya Hari says:

    hi Nicholas,i would like to thank you for given a wonderful information on here. From here, i learned the quickest path to build up the traffic and it has the wonderful information to write good content and commanding influence and much more. My suggestion is that most of the blogger like me will get benefit from this article..

  • Renee says:

    Great advice! Thanks!

  • manonthelam says:

    Oh this is good. Very good. I’m gonna bookmark, and then share the bejeezus outta this one. Thanks!

  • Steve Kubien says:

    This is a great list to help me stay on track. A question…

    You suggest using my name vs my “brand”. Does this mean I ought to change the name of my blog to “Steve Kubien, Artist and Woodturner” or something like that instead of “Green Leaf Wood Studio”? Before you answer, I feel I should note that my Etsy shop name is Greenleafwood and I cannot change that without losing all of my history, orders shipped and followers.


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  • Just found out (from mashable) that google is no longer considering the number of links, but the quality of links.. So be careful and don’t just go on building links.. Instead try for quality links (links surrounded by keywords from your niche).

  • Great point dear.I will try to maintain these always.I love this,some point are new to me,which seem interesting.Thanks and keep posting.

  • hd marc says:

    I agree that we should consider the user experience to boost up the traffic on your sites. I still need to do a lot of things to improve mine based on the points you have listed.

  • Thanks for placing your steps into categories. Very organized. I’ve definitely learned from you and will implement some of your advice into my relatively new blog. I never was a fan of tons of ads on a website. Nothing turns me away faster. It’s so much better to have quality content that readers can use.

  • kryddor says:

    This is a very powerful website!
    Thanx for all your insight.


  • emerhana says:

    informative engagement

  • emerhana says:

    blog secret reveal,i just stumble here.i little while

  • Kelly says:


    Great article! My number one concern is that my blog be easy to read, navigate and give folks what they’re looking for. And you gave me an idea about the polls. Now that’ll be real fun to have on my blog.

    Thanks for the great information!

  • Jane Blogs says:

    Hi Nicholas,

    I’ve been trying to work out what font you’re using here.

    Thanks for all the great tips!

    Jane 🙂

  • Brian Lowry says:

    Lots of great tips. I just started a new video blog and my number one goal is subscribers.

    I use my graphics on my social profiles to ask, fans, followers, whatever to visit my site and subscribe by email.

  • I personally think the most important things you covered were being a passionate leader and putting others before yourself.

    When we get caught up in only looking at what’s in it for ourselves, we lose sight of the real goal — creating awesome valuable content for our readers.

    Thanks for listing all of these brilliant ways for driving traffic. It’s good to browse through and get a few ideas for something I can do to improve my blog.

  • It is undoubtly important to respond to readers reponds to your article or blogpost. I see that you’re good at that, which makes me glad. In sweden (where I come from), it is sadly kind of common that big bloggers doesn’t respond – that is just sad.

  • aparna says:

    Thanks for the comments, they are very helpful and informative.

  • Jami says:

    Hey I just found your site through a web search. These are all perfect suggestions! My cousin is just starting up a blog and I wanted to find a helpful article for him on building web traffic – I’ll be sharing your article with him. I like that your approach is first and foremost to produce amazing content. It’s definitely important to use social media to promote it too, but having awesome content (that looks nice) is really the way to keep people coming back for more. I’ve been having some success with my blog specifically because it doesn’t fit the standard mold of so many other mommy blogs (constant giveaways and reviews, wordless Wednesday posts, etc.) One other helpful tip: be social in the real world. My most loyal readers are friends that I’ve made over the years. Thanks for sharing! I’ll be subscribing.

  • Gary Riding says:

    Yet another informative and helpful post. I could not agree more about the need for proofreading. We can all forgive the odd mistake, but consistently poor spelling and shoddy grammar gives the impression that the writer does not care about his subject or his readers.

  • joey says:

    i think using lists posts is by far the most underrated traffic pullers,readers have a tendency to click on posts titlted “20 ways to ***,or 10 ways to ***” for some reason,something to do with our psyche i guess

  • Joe says:

    Thanks for the great info. I continue to look for great ideas for my new blog. I’m new to the blog world and enjoy searching for great ideas. I got a ton from your site. Thanks.

  • I like so many others just love lists.

    Years ago i used to look forward to the lists that would come out the week before New Years. The top ten sporting moments, the 50 best songs of the year, 10 of the best movies.
    These days there’s new lists coming out almost everyday- and i can’t be happier!

  • As I always said, relationship building is the ultimate version of SEO in the future. It all depended upon votes and authority! Use that to your advantage. Proof – I am starting to see some improvements on my blog.

  • Ian says:

    Great article will try and put some of this into practice – 2 years in and 400 posts I’m getting about 400 uniques a day and would like to be 1000 by year end.

    My blog is at http://thebuddhasface.blogspot.com/

  • waqas says:

    It helps me alot!!!Thanks;)

  • It’s true about all that, but what i don’t understand is that, how can you explore your blog for people to know?

  • Hanna Salta says:

    Definitely agree with you here. Good job on rounding these up for everyone to read. 🙂

  • I have read the article which you have shared here for generating traffic on Blog.. I am looking for the same thing for my blog.

  • Gary Riding says:

    Very inspiring post, I am starting to understand the value of engagement and passionate blogging.

  • John says:

    I just must ask. Why the randomness in the do-follow or not in the comment-links. do you know some people or do you just value their comments higher? I do not se a pattern in why some get do-follow and some don’t. I’m just curious.

  • Bergheim says:

    Finding balance is important. Sorting post into categories. I think the headline should be such that it give a good indication of what the article is about. Thanks for many good tips here how to build traffic

  • Anne says:

    Thanks for all of the great tips. I especially found the Gzip tip helpful. I had not heard of that program before.

  • Davy Cielen says:

    I like your list … I do implement already a lot of your guidelines and I did see an increase in traffic.

    I focus on content in the week and I focus on engagement in the weekend. This helps me to divide my efforts.

    Thank you.

    My latest blogpost is: Discover Brasilia: the capital of Brazil

  • Kierra says:

    Your posts are great and very useful for amateurs like me. Please keep sharing your knowledge.

  • Damilola says:

    I’m new to word press though I have been on blogger for a couple of months. I’m so excited to know that I’m doing some things right on my blog and I’ve definitely learnt some new tricks from this post. Please look up my blog on http://www.damilolaamele.com and let me know what you think.

  • Cheri Sicard says:

    Thank you for the useful tips. Most I’ve already been doing but picked up some new ones as well. And always nice to have confirmation I was on the right track.

  • Very useful information. I also found your blog through a search on how to optimize search engines and keyword searches. I am in the beginning stages of a company blog, and trying to keep it conversational and low key, as opposed to the corporate website. I want to be able to connect 1:1 with readers, to let them know there is a face behind the virtual page. Anywho- great advice. Love the blog. Keep it coming!

  • Anne says:

    Wonderful post. It’s so nice to be reading timely information.

  • Matt says:

    speaking of fonts… what font do you use for your posts?

  • Scott says:

    This is an great list. 30 things is a lot to focus on for a newbie however. The overall list is great, now I just need a separate post about each step explaining how to do each of these 30 steps. Great info for someone starting out like myself. Thanks

  • Ava Jae says:

    This is a fantastic post. I especially agree with the importance of a good blog design and infusing your personality into your posts. How can you set yourself apart from other blogs if you sound the same as everyone else?

  • Mark says:

    Thank you Mr. Cardot for these wonderful blog tips!

  • Very good post, this is what we really want, thanks 🙂

  • Brandi says:

    This was very helpful!

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  • Jonathan says:

    Love the post. Easy to read but I think it takes pure hard work to implement. The most obvious flaw in my blog is no list posts like this. I know what I’ll be doing today.

    • You’re welcome. I honestly haven’t been posting a lot of list posts lately either and it’s a shame because the list posts that I posted up at the beginning of the year (like this one) are still driving the most traffic to this blog from both search engines and social media sharing. It just goes to show the power of a good, well-planned list post.

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  • Harry says:

    I will be working on Design in 2011 and also looking for some huge guest posting. Thanks for sharing the post.

  • Akash Kumar says:

    Again a very useful post Nick. Blogging is all about building relationships so to make your blog successful its necessary to get involved with your readers.

  • kurukshetran says:

    Thats well explained about blog traffic…i want to know about keyword research and how to do it for my blog?

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  • ubaidsamyga says:

    hello this blog is newly launched so please you open this blog and see and engoy

  • Jeff says:

    Thanks for the ideas. I’ll try the List Posts. Never thought of the benefits before this.


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  • impressive. i got you there, but i need to no more.

  • nidhi says:

    thanks for sharing these tips it’s really best tips for me ever.

  • Rahul Singh says:

    Thanks for this wonderful post. Such posts are of great help for new bloggers like me.

    Its good to see that you have focused more on creating a great, respectable blog rather than just earning money.

    Also your design is beautiful yet simple. Great work.

  • Jarett Gross says:

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  • Andy says:

    Good post.. I agree with what you are saying for sure. I would add also linking to other blogs as well (not sure if I read this one!).

  • aria says:

    Absolutely agree with you nicholas,

    thanks for the share..

    I think we have to focus in two things;
    – high quality content
    – actively in a group or forum and in tje same time promote our blog.

    All the best.

  • Great share nicholas,

    I’ve been looking for ways to build links and this list really helps with some ideas.

    I guess the best thing to do is all of the above for best results not just one thing.

  • Thanks for sharing valuable information about master

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    I an aspiring blogger, your tips will help me a lot. thanks for sharing. God bless!

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    Some Great points to increase traffic
    Thanks for sharing

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    pls help me to make my blog popular//

  • Franco says:

    Hi Nick, very nice list of things to do. I am inclined to try the guest blogging, as it may very well be the most effective form for getting new and interested people to a blog. 🙂 Thanks!

  • Jono landon says:

    Great article, for one that is a little more in depth you should check out http://jonolandon.com/?p=205

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    Great post. I’m gonna try these to get more traffic. Thank you

  • Sandipan says:

    One of the most important challenges before a blogger is figuring out how to enrich and add value to the audience and in so doing to stand out from the pack in a meaningful way.

  • Mike Gioia says:

    The thing about using your real name . . . is that definitely a necessary? I am using my real name here but I blog under a brand name. (and you better answer this question, lest you break your ‘respond to comments and emails’ rule! #ExploitLoophole)

  • John says:

    I like the mention of adding humor to posts. There is definitely something about a change of pace in a blog post that is chock full of dry information. You can make most anything interesting with a bit of laughter. Also, though images are not indexed on search engines (with the exception of ones tagged properly), they are essential to keep the readers engaged. I really enjoyed this post, and will be a repeat visitor here! Please let me know if you would like me to link to you on my blogroll over at Bloggerlisted.

  • I really liked your article and will be using your advice. Thanks for the helpful ideas.

  • Satish Kumar says:

    Thank you for sharing such a valuable article. Your article is timeless and gives good insights to young bloggers. I will definitely use some of your tips in my upcoming blog.

  • Surminga says:

    Spend your time equally working on all areas of web traffic – i.e don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Work for a while on backlinking and another while on your social profiles

  • JF Garsula says:

    Very Informative.. i will definitely apply it on my Blog. http://www.jfgarsula.com

    thank you

  • Jamie says:

    hey everyone im a fairly green blogger and i have found that there are tonnes of traffic sources out there but where should majority of the traffic come from. I am currently using start my traffic just to get that constant flow. What sources would you recomend.

  • Kelechi says:

    Great post, Despite the fact that I have a well structured blog. I really don’t know why I can’t get that much traffic

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  • J says:

    Great tips on building traffic. However, I don’t entirely agree with the “blog under your real name” point.

    I’m writing a personal blog about my search for financial freedom. I’m sharing my experiences and hoping others will find it informative, and want to contribute their experience to the conversation. However, since the topic is money, including real estate, I am not going to share my financial details under my real name. I’m looking to build a community and a resource, not a personal brand.

    Moreover, with the internet being forever, I am very particular about what I share. Blogging is my hobby, not my profession, and I don’t want to mix the two, at least not yet.

  • Philip says:

    maybe you should rewrite the title to “30 Fastest Ways to Build Blog Traffic in 2013” because your tips are still applicable until now. anyway, i’ll surely follow each one of them. wish me luck! thank you! 🙂

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