Are you working to explode your blog’s bounce rate? No? Then why are you doing the things on this list?

The term ‘bounce rate’ simply refers to the number of people who immediately click away from your site as soon as they discover it. For example, if 6 out of every 10 people leave your site within the first few seconds of their visit then your bounce rate would be considered to be 60%.

Lower Bounce Rates Means Higher Results!

The goal is to get our bounce rates as low as possible. If people are immediately leaving as soon as they arrive that means that we’re failing in our attempt to get people involved with our content. They’re not going to leave comments. They’re not going to read our material. They’re not going to click our ads. They’re not going to purchase our products or services.

So are you ready to send your bounce rate through the roof? Here’s how to do it:

  1. Have an ugly site. You’ve probably been spoon-fed the old adage that content is king and although that is true you still need to have a nice presentation for your content. If you have an ugly website then first time visitors aren’t going to discover your amazing content.
  2. Plaster your site with ads. If you want to drive first time visitors away from your site and ensure that they never return then simply plaster so many ads on your site that your visitors have to fight with them in a battle to the death over a pit of fire breathing lizards just to get to the content. And don’t forget to add a few pop up advertisements while you’re at it.
  3. Have music that automatically plays. This one sends me running from your site and I’m sure that many others are the same way. In fact, when I hear someone trying to force me to listen to their music then I can guarantee that I will never be back.
  4. Use a hard to read font. For this I recommend that you write everything in a size 8 font using Wingdings. Don’t use a font that’s large and easy to read. That might attract the users into your site and not away from it which would actually lower your bounce rate.
  5. Hide your content below the fold. The harder you make it for your readers to find your content the better the chances that they will leave quickly without finding it. So hide it as low as possible and send your visitors running.
  6. Use pop up advertising or announcements. I know that I already mentioned this concept in another point but it’s so important that I feel it’s necessary to have his own point.  Use popup advertising.  Use it a lot.  The more the merrier.  The more you use the more visitors you lose.
  7. Have tons of categories. This one is great for confusing your readers.  Dont make it obvious that you’re site is about a particular topic.  Use dozens of categories to ensure that new visitors will view you as a jack of all trades and master of none.
  8. Be obnoxious or vulgar. This one is perfect for chasing away your family friendly audience.  Send them running for the hills by using lots of off color humor to by swearing like a sailor.
  9. Broadcast deceptive headlines. One of the best strategies to disappoint your readers is to draw them in with an exciting headline like “The 10 Best Ways to Explode Your Bounce Rate” and then only deliver nine ways.

So now you have the perfect formula to drive people from your site as quickly as possible. If you run from these characteristics as though they were a raging virus then you too can experience a greater level of success and engagement at your blog.  Put these tips to practice and you’ll see people flocking to your competitors sites.

The choice is yours.

Nicholas Cardot

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