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My Journey Into the Art of Photography

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For years now, I’ve been a firm believer that vivid imagery drastically improves the readability of blog articles. In the past, I’ve always searched the creative commons galleries on Flickr. These galleries are filled with vivid, exciting photos and the images are free to use with appropriate attribution to the photographer. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been exploring the hobby of photography. Each day, I grab my Canon EOS Rebel, jump in the car,…

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35 Examples of Beautiful HDR Photography

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Color is one of the most basic elements of design. As it is manipulated in different ways, it can help an artist or photographer to tell a story, express emotion, or convey those thousand words in unique ways. The beautiful HDR photography found in this post provides examples of this principle in action. HDR, or high dynamic range, photography is a style of image processing that allows a…

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30 Inspirational Photos for the Fourth of July

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As a soldier in the United States Army, I find that the fourth of July carries an incredibly special meaning. The fourth of July is the celebration of our nation’s freedom and strength. We look back at the document signed 234 years ago and as we do we have to look over the battles that have been fought, the men who’ve stood for truth, the farmers who planted their fields, and the soldiers who went…

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The 35 Most Amazing & Beautiful Websites in 2011

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Today I present you with some amazing looking websites. In the ongoing struggle to build powerful online brands, people are becoming more creative every day. New artistic styles are emerging and web design as we know it is being transformed. The beautiful websites listed in this post are the perfect example of this concept. Take your time as you browse through these websites. Notice the structure, the creativity, and the outside-the-box approach to their designs….

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25 Websites Featuring Stunning Typography

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Typography is the art of arranging type and type design. Originally, typography was a specialized skill practiced by those who would arrange type glyphs on printing presses but in our current era, it’s now practiced by graphic designers, graffiti artists, comic book artists, and typesetters. The websites in today’s collection are being featured for the way that they use the type to enhance the beauty of their creation. As you browse through these sites, pay…

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6 Sites that Feature the Genesis Framework

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Yesterday, I shared my review of the Genesis Theme Framework. I focused on its features, its flexibility, its ease of use, its SEO benefits and much more. As I looked back over the review, however, I realized that there was very little visually to help you actually see what this framework can really do for you. Today I’m going to share with you a collection of amazing websites that are built on the Genesis Theme…

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30 Cool Business Cards with Brilliant Designs

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Today’s article is being written for two reasons. First, if you need a business card with a brilliant design, here’s a few of the best business cards that you can use to inspire your design work. Second, if you own a blog or a website then you should be able to learn from the creativity seen below. You should find inspiration from the typography, the textures, the colors, the layouts, etc. Browse through the cards…

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15 Examples of Beautiful HDR Photography

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One of the most important things that you can do to multiply the effectiveness of your content is to provide a visually impressive experience with it. Of course, you’ll want to use a theme on your blog that makes it fun to view your site and easy to enjoy your content but you’ll also want to illustrate your articles with lively, vivid images that really grab the attention of your visitors. Today I want to…

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25 Stellar Examples of Awesome Typography

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According to Wikipedia, Typography, not to be confused with topography, is defined as “the art and technique of arranging type, type design, and modifying type glyphs.” Proper use of typography can present people with an awesome first impression as they think of you and your brand.  Integrating the right font with the right effect into your graphics can elevate your level of effectiveness when presenting information, branding a website, or just creating graphics for a blog. Below are…

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15 Creative and Free Social Media Icon Packs

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One of the keys to getting people to share your content across social bookmarking websites and to connect with you on social media sites is to make it easy and fun for them to jump in and get involved. I’m a strong advocate of using large, incredibly stunning social media icons to grab people’s attention. Browse through the sets below and if you see something that you like then simply click on the image to…

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