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25 Mind-Blowing Ads from Around the World

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Sometimes it’s difficult to get our creative juices flowing. As we work to write articles, style our websites, and engage with people, it’s necessary to be creative. We have to learn to step outside the usual concepts that we’re used to and to truly start thinking outside the box. The advertisements shown below are some of the most creative. As you look through them, take away some lessons about the creativity that these companies have…

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The 35 Most Beautiful Hand-Drawn Websites

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Most of you already know that I’m very fond of hand-sketched styles in online digital art. I’m a huge fan of wallpapers, websites, logos and design in all forms that can take an organic, textured feel and present it in an impressive, eye-catching way. Today I’m pleased to present you with 35 websites that are perfect examples of this. Each of the sites listed below make clever use of textures and hand-sketched lines creating the…

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17 Inspirational Photos for Father’s Day

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Happy father’s day, everyone. Today marks the second father’s day since my beautiful little girl was born and although I’m incredibly happy to be celebrity it with family, I’m also excited for the opportunity to express my gratitude toward my father. I hope that you’ll be doing the same. Below you’ll find 17 inspiration photos to warm your heart this Father’s day. The first is a picture of my little girl, Emma Leigh, and I…

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The 57 Most Creative 404 Pages in 2010

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It’s so annoying when you click on a link and you’re met with those annoying words, “404 – Page Not Found.” 404 is the error that you receive when you try to visit a url that doesn’t actually exist.  For example, the address is not areal page so it will kick back an error letting you know that there is no such page on the server. When most people hit a 404 page, they…

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The 25 Most Beautiful Blogs in 2010

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The design of a blog is perhaps the most undervalued concept in the entire blogging process. Most bloggers fail to realize how important it is to design something that delivers a powerful first impression to the people visiting their blogs for the first time. This is a collection of beautiful blogs that show unusually great creativity in the design of their blogs. I understand that some of the design concepts are not for everyone. But…

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21 Mind-Buzzing Photo Manipulations

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I love seeing the works of art that people are able to create in Photoshop. This post is a collection of just that type of artwork. The photos that you see below are stunning works of absolute creativity. Notice the water pouring out of the painting or the spilled coffee shaped like the continents. I’m confident that you’ll find something in this collection that will inspire you and motivate you. Be sure to let me…

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Valp: Interview with a Creative Mastermind

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If you visit the about page of Valp’s website, Valp Now, you’ll find it opens with the following line: “Valp is Maciej Hajnrich. Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Art Director.” Valp is a self-taught freelance artist who has been working in the design industry for five years. He has created a style of art that is both unique and amazing. Valp has the ability to make color explode across an image like fireworks in the night…

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Abduzeedo: Wisdom from an Artistic Genius

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For those of you who are not already familiar with Fabio Sasso, you are missing out. Fabio Sasso is an amazing graphic design artist. His site, Abduzeedo, is filled with highlights of his work and tutorials so that you can replicate some of his designs in Adobe photoshop. His work is definitely top-notch and I’m really excited that he agreed to do this interview with us. So without further ado, here is Fabio Sasso. Tell…

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9 Amazing Hand-Sketched Websites

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Here is a collection of amazing hand drawn websites. The art displayed in these websites is absolutely terrific. I’m a huge fan of making a strong use of texture based artwork. The textures and colors in these websites are great. Bold colors. Original designs. Excellent work here. I hope that each of you will take a moment to check these sites out and leave some feedback of your observations in the comments section of this…

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5 Websites That Look Divinely Inspirational

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I’ve said this before and if you spend much time around this blog then you will undoubtedly hear me reiterate this very important aspect to web design. That very important aspect is that we must always be looking at the work of those around us in order that we can learn from them and draw inspiration from their work. Every day I look for new sites to draw inspiration from. I can learn something from…

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