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25 Websites Featuring Stunning Typography

By | Design Inspiration | 17 Comments

Typography is the art of arranging type and type design. Originally, typography was a specialized skill practiced by those who would arrange type glyphs on printing presses but in our current era, it’s now practiced by graphic designers, graffiti artists, comic book artists, and typesetters. The websites in today’s collection are being featured for the way that they use the type to enhance the beauty of their creation. As you browse through these sites, pay…

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Maintaining a Fresh & Professional Website

By | Web Design & Development | 70 Comments

Successful blogging is really a series of cycles that seem to carry us forward in our online journeys. We spend a little while setting everything up by securing a domain name, obtaining hosting, building or installing a template, setting up a brand or site name, developing content and more. We spend time installing plugins, optimizing our sites for search engines and then writing content. Often times, however, as we progress forward in our blogging journey,…

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Sliding Social Media Icons Like on Mashable

By | Social Media, Web Design & Development | 50 Comments

When I first set eyes on the uniquely stacked and sliding social icons located to the left side of each article at Mashable, I immediately wanted them for myself. I was highly impressed and I assumed that others would be as well so I began searching for a way to make it a reality at Site Sketch 101. The solution, though hard to find, was incredibly simple to¬†implement. It’s a plugin called Digg Digg. Digg…

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Amazon S3 and Your Absolute URL Structure

By | Web Design & Development | 11 Comments

Two days ago, I posted on Site Sketch 101 bragging to the world that I had moved the bulk of my files from my local server onto the Amazon Cloudfront servers. Shortly after I hit the publish button, the very person to whom I directed that post began making fun of me (We’re friends so that’s certainly allowed.) for how much of my site was still being hosted on my local server. There was only…

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Andrew, How Fast Does My Page Load Now?

By | User Interface, Web Design & Development | 16 Comments

One of the many factors that can attract both people and search engines to your website is the speed at which it loads. If a site takes more than just a few seconds to load on a standard Broadband connection then most people aren’t going to stick around very long and most SEO experts generally agree that Google factors the speed of a page load into it’s ranking of sites. The bottom line is simple…get…

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Using Custom Profile Fields in WordPress

By | WordPress Tips & Tricks | 14 Comments

Creating and working with custom built fields in a WordPress author’s profile can add whole new worlds of functionality to a blog. For example, today I’m going to show you how to create a field in your profile page that will allow authors to submit their own Adsense code so that they can display their own ads on any articles that they write. It’s as simple as creating the field and then fetching it to…

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The Elegant Solution for a WP Theme

By | User Interface, WordPress Tips & Tricks | 7 Comments

The Elegant Themes theme club by Nick Roach has been one of my favorite theme clubs for a very long time. I’m a member there and I plan to continue my membership far into the future. In fact, I’m actually developing an eCommerce site with a very close friend using WordPress and the eStore theme that you see featured below. If you have a WordPress blog and you’re looking for something sleek right out of…

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Reliable Blog & Website Customizations

By | Web Design & Development

If you have a blog or website and you’re looking to add a new feature, adjust a design element or customize it in any other way then you’ve come to the right place. I can help you make whatever change you might need to enhance the effectiveness of your online presence. My services are the best way to tune-up an existing template or to add brand new functionality. With my services, you can change your…

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6 Sites that Feature the Genesis Framework

By | Design Inspiration | 11 Comments

Yesterday, I shared my review of the Genesis Theme Framework. I focused on its features, its flexibility, its ease of use, its SEO benefits and much more. As I looked back over the review, however, I realized that there was very little visually to help you actually see what this framework can really do for you. Today I’m going to share with you a collection of amazing websites that are built on the Genesis Theme…

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The Rise of The Genesis Theme Framework

By | User Interface | 18 Comments

I’ve been noticing the ascension of a new, powerful WordPress theme framework. The Genesis Theme Framework is rightfully rising to the top as a leader among WordPress themes. In fact, many people are actually abandoning the ever popular Thesis Theme in favor of this fresh, new framework and the convenience that it brings. As I’ve looked into Genesis, it seems that it presents the ideal solution for bloggers at any level. It provides a simple…

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