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The 12 Core Elements of a Brilliant Site Design

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Average bloggers tend to fail on this one…a lot. Most people get into blogging because they have a passion to write about something. The majority of bloggers assume that as long as they write about what they love then they will be successful. Instead of ever beautifying their site they just plug away creating articles. According to Technorati, a new blog is created every second. There are literally millions and millions of blogs competing for traffic…

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Visual Communication on the Modern Web

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Visual Communication is the art of transforming your visitor’s experience by combining words, visuals, and colors to convey one common message. This marriage of elements triggers responses from multiple facets of the human psyche. By combining the basic principles of design directly into and around stimulating content, one can connect with an online visitor on multiple levels. Marty Neumeier asserts that there are seven such levels including perception, sensation, emotion, intellect, identification, reverberation, and spirituality [zotpressInText item=”GM6IMVF4″]. Perception is…

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The Value of Your Site’s First Impression

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Throughout the history of this blog, I’ve often emphasized that the design of a blog or website is one of the most important factor in drawing in potential readers. People tend to be drawn in or turned away by their first impressions of a website. Let me share with you a brief quote from a recent article that makes this point: The problem is that every visitor that hits a less-than-amazing blog ends up leaving…

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Animating The Life Into Our Online Experience

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As some of you have hopefully noticed, I’ve been working on adding some animations to Site Sketch 101 when some of the navigation links are clicked to browse the site.  If you haven’t noticed them yet, simply click the home link at the top of this page. I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below. Do you like it, love it, or hate it? What do you think would be a neat animation to…

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Featured Theme: Paradox by Rocket Themes

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A few short days ago, as I was diligently searching for a template to use for a website I was developing, I stumbled across the Paradox Theme from Rocket Themes. I was so impressed that I immediately decided to both purchase it for myself and to spend a few moments sharing it with you here. As you can see, Paradox is a very creatively designed theme. It features 8 preset styles so that it can…

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The Fine Art of Leading Your Readers

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Some people start their blog in order to pursue some dream of becoming rich from the internet. Others write each article as a way of achieving a certain level of recognition. Some do it just to connect with other like-minded people. In a recent article entitled 10 Killer Ways to Boost Your Site’s Usability, I introduced you to the idea of enhancing your readers interactions by simplifying their experience at your website. As you work…

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Are You In Control of Your User Interface?

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User Interface, or UI, refers to the part of a software application that a user sees and interacts with. On a website or blog, the UI includes the various elements of the theme that allow the user to interact with the site. These elements can be the navigation menus, the comments section, the layout of the articles and much more. Every aspect of the site that allows a user to browse the site, leave comments…

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Andrew, How Fast Does My Page Load Now?

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One of the many factors that can attract both people and search engines to your website is the speed at which it loads. If a site takes more than just a few seconds to load on a standard Broadband connection then most people aren’t going to stick around very long and most SEO experts generally agree that Google factors the speed of a page load into it’s ranking of sites. The bottom line is simple…get…

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The Elegant Solution for a WP Theme

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The Elegant Themes theme club by Nick Roach has been one of my favorite theme clubs for a very long time. I’m a member there and I plan to continue my membership far into the future. In fact, I’m actually developing an eCommerce site with a very close friend using WordPress and the eStore theme that you see featured below. If you have a WordPress blog and you’re looking for something sleek right out of…

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The Rise of The Genesis Theme Framework

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I’ve been noticing the ascension of a new, powerful WordPress theme framework. The Genesis Theme Framework is rightfully rising to the top as a leader among WordPress themes. In fact, many people are actually abandoning the ever popular Thesis Theme in favor of this fresh, new framework and the convenience that it brings. As I’ve looked into Genesis, it seems that it presents the ideal solution for bloggers at any level. It provides a simple…

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