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Why is Judging By Appearances So Bad?

By | User Interface | 14 Comments

Let’s be honest. We all judge things by what we see and even though we all do it, some people seem to believe that this concept is evil of us. Why is that? Why is it wrong to use our strongest sense to judge the value of what we encounter? Would you pay a ‘new car’ price for a car that appears to be scratched, dented and beaten up? If it still drives, why would…

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A First Impression is a Lasting Impression

By | User Interface | 24 Comments

People have preconceived ideas as to people’s worth and value based on what they see. In some cases, these preconcieved notions are entirely valid and in others they are innapropriate. As people trying to promote products, blogs and other online works, we can’t necessarily change the people that view our site but we can change the look and design of our online property to deliver a powerful and impressive first impression to our visitors. If…

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Is Thesis The Right Theme For You? I Say No.

By | User Interface, WordPress Tips & Tricks | 155 Comments

I recently had a very well intentioned blogger ask me to promote one of his products for him. His product is a skin for Thesis. As many people I know use Thesis, I want to take this time to share with you why I don’t use Thesis and why I don’t recommend it for others to use either. Much of the following is information that I also shared with this Thesis designer that contacted me. I believe…

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The Hottest Template Club on the Planet

By | User Interface | 28 Comments

Elegant Themes has got to be the hottest WordPress template club on the internet. They’ve been pushing out a new template about twice a month for a long time and for only $39.95 per year you can download and use all of them. It’s not $39.95 per template. It’s $39.95 for access to download all of them and for updates and support for all of them. For only $39.95, you get access to download all…

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The Amazing Experience of a Great Design

By | User Interface | 37 Comments

Just three short weeks before I made the plunge into married life, I decided to take a chance on something that was at that time quite unfamiliar to me. I logged onto Priceline and for the first time ever, I named my own price. I placed a ridiculously low bid for a hotel in Chicago where my wife and I could stay during our honeymoon. Back then I was a college student and I didn’t…

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A Recipe to Enhance Your Article Footers

By | User Interface | 32 Comments

If you like the author information at the bottom of this post then you’ll love today’s article.  The following code will provide you with the ability to show off the avatar, the biography and the post count of the author of each article on your site. I’m sure many of you may not be familiar with xhtml, css or php but I assure you that this guide will walk you step by step through the…

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Beautify Your Home Page With Post Excerpts

By | User Interface | 48 Comments

You’ve probably noticed that I don’t show the full text of every article on the home page of Site Sketch 101.  If I did, the ten articles that I list on the front page would probably run down for about ten miles before you reached the end of the first page. Actually, that is what it looks like.  I actually see that all the time on blogs. But this is bad for several reasons. Annoyance…

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5 Great Tips to Spruce Up Your Blog’s Design

By | User Interface | 92 Comments

When a brand new visitor stumbles onto your website they’re going to decide within a matter of seconds whether or not they’re going to stick around. It’s vital to create a powerful first impression if you plan on keeping your visitors at your site. For that matter, if you want your regular visitors to remain regular visitors then you’ve got to maintain a site that’s well organized, easy to navigate and fun to interact with….

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10 Trashy Fonts for Your Grunge Collection

By | User Interface | 52 Comments

Hey all you grunge font lovers, I’ve got another collection here for you to add to your collection. If you looking to design a website or blog that uses textures and fonts like Site Sketch 101 then this collection of fonts is the perfect way to get going on it. Over at Spyre Studios, Jon Phillips posted a great collection of 32 Trashy and Distorted Fonts. In this post you’ll find 10 of these amazing…

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An Url Structure that will Maximize Readers

By | User Interface | 35 Comments

Today’s post is going to be quite a bit different than usual. I’m going to use this post as an opportunity to respond to a recent email I received and to encourage you all to connect with me on a personal level just like the reader in this article has done. Yesterday I received an email from one of the readers here asking me a few questions about the most effective way of setting up…

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