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8 Awesome & Creative Free WordPress Themes

By | WordPress Tips & Tricks | 42 Comments

If you want to stand out in the world of blogging then you’ve really got to have a site that looks amazing.  We live in a world that ignores amazing content if it doesn’t look amazing. Even if you consistently write award winning content that won’t guarantee that people will read it. If someone lands on your page and it’s difficult to find the first headline, or the page is covered with ads, or the…

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Sketch Bookmarks WordPress Plugin

By | WordPress Tips & Tricks | 54 Comments

I’m very pleased to announce the immediate release of my very first WordPress plugin. This plugin contains amazing looking, sketched icons for only the top social bookmarking sites. Quit confusing your readers with dozens of bookmarking options and start to really go after those bookmarking sites that are actually getting used with these amazing looking sketch icons.

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Fix the WordPress ‘Missed Schedule’ Error

By | WordPress Tips & Tricks | 27 Comments

Many people have noticed that with some of the newer versions of WordPress the scheduled posts feature has not been working.  Rather than publishing the scheduled post on time it simply displays the post in the backend with the message “Missed Schedule.”  If this is happening to you then I’ve got a very simple solution for you. WordPress 2.9 has more features and as such it carries a heavier load on servers.  As a heavier…

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Introducing WordPress 2.9 “Carmen”

By | WordPress Tips & Tricks | 27 Comments

I love using WordPress to power Site Sketch 101.  In the past, I’ve used Blogspot, Joomla and other platforms to develop websites and blogs but none of them have compared to the experience I’m now enjoying with WordPress. One of the most exciting things about the WordPress package is that it’s constantly being upgraded.  Every few weeks the WordPress team is rolling out a new upgrade packed with security updates, user requested features, bug fixes…

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15 Awesome WordPress Templates Under $25

By | WordPress Tips & Tricks | 48 Comments

Several times each week people contact me and ask me where they can find an awesome template for their blog without paying a lot for it. Having an amazing design for your blog is incredibly important. In fact, if you don’t have a nice looking, easy-to-navigate website, most users won’t even take the time to look at your content regardless of how stellar it might be.  So take a few seconds and browse through these…

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Display Your Feedburner Counter as Text

By | WordPress Tips & Tricks | 70 Comments

Are you getting tired of all those boring, run-of-the-mill Feedburner chicklets?  I know that I am. I love visiting professional blogs that have taken the time to integrate their number of Feedburner subscribers into their template in a way that is both unique and visually appealing… like this site. A couple of weeks ago, I took the time to explain how to Display Your Twitter Followers as Text.  As a result of that article I…

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How to Display Twitter Followers as Text

By | WordPress Tips & Tricks | 74 Comments

If you ask me, those little rectangular chicklets that people use to display twitter followers and Feedburner subscribers are getting old. Just look around. Every blog in the universe seems to have one. Every blog…except this one. If you check out the top right corner of each page you’ll see my twitter followers displayed as text updated every hour. It actually took me a while to find a good explanation as to how to get…

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How To Super Charge Your WordPress Blog

By | WordPress Tips & Tricks | 29 Comments

Yesterday I added a plugin to Site Sketch 101 (which is powered by WordPress) that seemed to take this site from being able to load pages fast to being able to enter hyper time. Hyper Time is a term used in a Nickelodeon movie called Clockstoppers which meant that you were going so fast that everything else seemed as if it were standing still. As soon as I installed it I instant messaged a friend…

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