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2 Simple Tips to Increase Comments on Your Blog Posts

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Recently I made two subtle changes over on the Warfare Plugins blog that I hope will increase the comments. I made these two changes several years ago on another blog and tested it on a very high traffic article and saw comments on that article go from 1 or 2 per day to around 5 or more per day overnight! First, move the comment form up above the list of comments. The vast, vast majority…

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8 Tips to Sharing Highly Effective Comments

By | Online Conversations | 5 Comments

Comments are the lifeblood of a successful blog. They are the evidence of a thriving, robust online community. Comments are great for you and your website, but there are several principles that many bloggers fail to understand when sharing comments on other sites. If you forget about these concepts then your comments will diminish from your online reputation. On the flip side, if you pay attention to these concepts, others will appreciate your participation in…

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Stop Chasing Comments & Build Conversations

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As I surf through the blogosphere, I continually see a trend toward bloggers desiring to see an increase in comments on their blogs. In some sense, these comments seem to provide a sense of validation to the authors. I even had a blog author ask me if they should allow comments to be published even though they know for a fact that they are automated spam comments as long as they sound legitimate. This was their effort…

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Harnessing the Power of the Real-Time Web

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Welcome to the new world order. Internet at the speed of now. Global communication at epic speeds. You tweet, thousands listen…immediately. You update your facebook and hundreds begin commenting on your status. This is the real-time web. Right here, right now, what I am doing. — Farnoosh Brock The real-time web is the internet at the speed of now. What once took a team of horses days and months to traverse now requires nothing more…

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Are You Chasing Comments or Conversations?

By | Online Conversations | 43 Comments

The internet is flooded with articles discussing the key principles for getting people to leave comments on blogs. There are plugin recommendations, debates over whether comment links should be dofollow and design principles for making the commenting process as simple as possible. Some recommend third party commenting platforms like Disqus, Intense Debate, or LiveFyre. All of this because bloggers want comments. In fact, many bloggers measure the success of their blogs on the number of…

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Communicating With Real People

By | Online Conversations | 42 Comments

Note: This is a video post so if you’re seeing this in your email or feed reader be sure to stop by the site and watch this short video clip. I’ve noticed a dangerous trend among new bloggers. Inexperienced, novice bloggers are willing to do anything for a little boost in traffic. They scurry from one “How to get traffic” tip to another swallowing up everything they can think of to build links and pump their…

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Your Name, Please. It’s Asking For Your Name.

By | Online Conversations | 53 Comments

I understand language barriers. I understand misunderstandings. What I don’t understand is ignoring something that is very clearly labeled: the name field in the comment form. If you want to join a discussion, use a real name or even an alias if your worried about privacy issues. Be as real and as transparent as you can be. If not then you’re going to be mistaken for a spammer both on this site and on many…

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An Untraditional Look at Blog Commenting

By | Online Conversations | 159 Comments

Why do you leave comments on a blog post? Why should you leave comments? Do you leave them simply because you owe the author a debt of gratitude for putting together their content and sharing it with you? Some would promote this reason…but not I. In fact, I recently heard a blog author compare leaving comments to tipping at a restaurant. Essentially, in their minds, it is our societal responsibility to leave comments. Is Commenting…

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Comments with Real Names Build Credibility

By | Online Conversations | 91 Comments

One of my personal blogging pet peeves is the act of people leaving comments but refusing to put any semblance of a real name in the name field. By replacing your name with a phrase like how to make money online, it tells blog authors that you are a spammer even if you’re not.  Your comment can be 100% custom and completely relevant to the conversation but you will make your self look like either…

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9 Ways to Increase Comments on Your Blog

By | Online Conversations | 165 Comments

Are you trying to figure out ways to increase comments on your blog? This is your authoritative guide for growing your blog’s conversation. We all understand that after a while it gets boring just talking to yourself.  If you don’t believe me, just ask Chuck Nolan, Tom Hanks’ character from castaway.  If he’s not talking to his friend Wilson, the volleyball, he might have the time to answer you. Comments are the life-blood of a…

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