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10 Commenting Rules to Accelerate Your Site

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Two days ago I published an article here entitled, “6 Vital Reasons to Comment on Other Blogs.” In that post I listed several incredibly important ways that commenting at other blogs can actually benefit your own blog. Although comments can greatly benefit you and your blog, there are many things that most bloggers fail to get right when interacting on other blogs. Failing to follow these rules will basically result in your comments being nothing…

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6 Vital Reasons to Comment on Other Blogs

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Comments are the life-blood of a successful blog. The comment section of a blog reveals the level of communication between an author and his readers. It’s also one of the fundamental features that seems to make a blog stand out from regular websites. As much as I love receiving comments at Site Sketch 101, I also find great joy from leaving comments at other blogs. I find that not only am I able to connect…

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How to Get More Comments on Your Blog

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One of the things that I’m passionate about at Site Sketch 101 is being able to connect with real people. You’ll often here me refer to the blog here as an ongoing conversation. I like to think of it as a dialogue between myself and my readers. I don’t write articles here simply to gain recognition or just to make money. I don’t mind enjoying a little bit of either but that’s not the main…

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