Commanding Influence

How to Get More Comments on Your Blog

By | Online Conversations | 76 Comments

One of the things that I’m passionate about at Site Sketch 101 is being able to connect with real people. You’ll often here me refer to the blog here as an ongoing conversation. I like to think of it as a dialogue between myself and my readers. I don’t write articles here simply to gain recognition or just to make money. I don’t mind enjoying a little bit of either but that’s not the main…

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Checking the Stats that Really Count

By | Traffic Generation | 27 Comments

Let me start this post off with a warning. Far too many bloggers spend way too much time looking at their website’s statistics. Although it’s great to know where your site is at in terms of visitors, subscribers and comments, checking these too often can take away from other important aspects of your website like creating awesome content or promoting your site to the rest of the internet. As you study through this post I…

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Feedburner Emails Just Got Better

By | Traffic Generation | 12 Comments

About a week ago Darren Rowse from wrote a public letter to Feedburner where he asked them to step it up a notch. In that letter he asked them to allow us more customization options for our emails that get sent out through their service. His number one complaint was that the subject line of every single email that is sent to our subscribers is always the name of your site…nothing more and nothing…

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