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The Power of Facebook on Your Website

By | Social Media | 52 Comments

As you’ll see in the chart below, Facebook is continuing to see traffic growth. While Myspace is declining and Twitter is leveling off, Facebook continues to see serious growth. As a blogger or webmaster, you are out of your mind if you’re not leveraging this powerful social network to promote yourself and your content. Facebook is one of the few sites that have been able to attract a global audience from amongst every possible demographic….

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Stop Chasing Comments & Build Conversations

By | Online Conversations | 71 Comments

As I surf through the blogosphere, I continually see a trend toward bloggers desiring to see an increase in comments on their blogs. In some sense, these comments seem to provide a sense of validation to the authors. I even had a blog author ask me if they should allow comments to be published even though they know for a fact that they are automated spam comments as long as they sound legitimate. This was their effort…

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15 Reasons People Unsubscribe From Your RSS

By | Traffic Generation | 52 Comments

Site Sketch 101 has slowly been evolving into the beast that you see here today. During its nearly two years of existence, it’s acquired about 4,000 subscribers. That hasn’t happened by accident, but rather, from an intentional effort to provide great content, to engage with the audience as much as possible and much more. Subscribers come and go, but if you want more to come than go then pay attention below to the 15 reasons…

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Play Your Part In The Social Media Revolution

By | Social Media | 29 Comments

Noise. It’s the epidemic that’s been increasingly engulfing our planet over the past 100 years. It’s the media plague that drives men to praise their TiVo’s for their god-like ability to skip commercials and quickly get us back to watching our favorite sports team or evening sitcom. Like the besieged La Roque Castle, our culture is under attack. We are bombarded on every side and at every moment with sales pitches. We face commercials on the…

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Feelings, Relationships & Communication

By | Tribes & Communities | 23 Comments

At the risk of losing all of my readers to this man’s amazing material, I’d like to point your attention to Ryan Critchet’s I Marketing Hacked. His writing is simple, conversational, and incredibly powerful. He approaches online business from a psychological standpoint like in his latest article where he analyses the relationships between new and mid-level bloggers and those who are the veteran online entrepreneurs (How do you feel about Darren Rowse?). Ryan, in my…

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5 Tools for Both Online and Offline Leaders

By | Tribes & Communities | 38 Comments

There’s a growing majority of people who mistake management and leadership as being synonymous. Management is nothing more than the ability to control resources. Managers organize inventory at the Wal-Mart warehouse, and managers control room bookings at hotels. And although leadership often involves managing resources like these, leadership is the ability to influence people and as such it has nothing to do with your official position in a company or organization.  Let me pause for a…

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Create the Feeling that Keep ‘Em Coming Back

By | Tribes & Communities | 38 Comments

Earlier today, I listened to a commercial on the radio encouraging young people to avoid smoking. They created a scenario of two basketball teams, the red team and the blue team. Both teams represented smokers. The red team took possession of the ball and six seconds into the game, they called a time out. Both teams were keeling over gasping for breath. Some of the players were even sitting on the floor trying to catch their…

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Your Business versus Your Community

By | Practical Business Strategies, Tribes & Communities | 33 Comments

In the world of blogging, there are two types of people. There are those who tell you that they despise you to the core if you place a popup on your website, and there are those who put their name and email into the popup and join your email list. There are those who leave comments degrading your existence if you place an advertisement in your content, and there are those who click on those…

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The 15 Deadliest Web Traffic Killers in 2011

By | Traffic Generation | 54 Comments

Hey you. Yes… you! I just finished visiting your website and I’ve got to say it was one of the most painful experiences I’ve gone through in quite some time. Even for an expert in all things, I had a hard time navigating it.  It’s painfully difficult. I was searching for some information there. It was nearly impossible and every minute that I wasted made it more and more painful to continue.  Finally I broke….

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A Powerful Strategy for Growth in 2011

By | Traffic Generation | 31 Comments

As many of you already know, I’m a active duty infantryman in the United States Army and I will be until the last week of March. In just under 2 months, I’m heading into online work full-time. With that in mind, I’ve been reworking my strategies here at Site Sketch 101 in an effort to maximize traffic, profits and impact. The Power of Intense Genuine Engagement At the onset of the new year, I began…

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