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The Secret Key to Highly Effective Auto DM’s

By | Social Media | 33 Comments

Do you want automated direct messages that really grab people’s attention? Do you want to quickly and effectively connect with masses of people at a time? If you want to transform your online experience and start attracting followers and driving massive traffic to your website starting today then simply follow this one simple, well kept secret about effect automated direct messages on Twitter. A few hours ago, I posted a very short, simple question to…

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A Social Media Lesson I’ll Never Forget

By | Social Media | 99 Comments

Several months ago, I was first introduced to the unbridled rage that some folks are quick to release on those who unfollow them on twitter. It disgusted me. In my mind, Twitter is a beautiful forum that allows us to quickly and conveniently communicate with friends all over the world. It’s fun and incredibly easy to use. But you all already know that. My real-world, offline friends make fun of me for using Twitter. My…

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The Lost Art of Social Networking

By | Social Media | 25 Comments

Social media is plagued with intrusive advertisers spamming their message across their profiles. Fortunately for users of these networks, people can pick and choose who to follow and who to block. This means that those who are constantly assaulting you with a barrage of advertisements and self-promotions can easily be ignored. Behave online the way that you would offline Far too many people dive head first into social media because they read one of the…

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A Brief History of the Social Web

By | Social Media | 29 Comments

In October of 2009, Chris Brogan published a very compelling article simply called “Ways to be Human at a Distance.” At the heart of this eye-opening article was a heart-felt plea to return to the core of our humanity and start interacting online in the same way that we would interact offline. For far too long, the internet had been pushed as an impersonal medium for information and storefronts. As the internet began to grow…

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Sliding Social Media Icons Like on Mashable

By | Social Media, Web Design & Development | 50 Comments

When I first set eyes on the uniquely stacked and sliding social icons located to the left side of each article at Mashable, I immediately wanted them for myself. I was highly impressed and I assumed that others would be as well so I began searching for a way to make it a reality at Site Sketch 101. The solution, though hard to find, was incredibly simple to¬†implement. It’s a plugin called Digg Digg. Digg…

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6 Personalities You Should Follow On Twitter

By | Social Media | 89 Comments

I recently saw an advertisement for the XBox gaming system that essentially promoted this concept, “Life is short. Play XBox.” They kick off their ad with an incredibly profound premise, life is short, and then they follow it up with one of the most useless things that you can do as a result of that fact. I actually own an XBox but I haven’t played a game on it in months. I don’t have time…

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Is the New Digg on the Road to Recovery?

By | Social Media | 17 Comments

For the past week, the online world has been buzzing about the latest installment of the Digg interface. The new Digg, Digg v4, has been hailed by many as the biggest failure that Kevin Rose has yet to create. The public backlash has been horrific for the new Digg. Hordes of Digg users have been migrating to sites like Reddit and Mixx and the top news portion of Digg’s website was being slammed with direct…

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An Introductory Guide to the World of Digg

By | Social Media | 18 Comments

To many bloggers, Digg is a savage beast that can deliver massive traffic to people who are a part of the “in” crowd and can crush and ignore those who aren’t. The reality is that there is a genuine game to be played if you want to become influential on Digg. If you think you’re going to be able to get big and simply promote your own content…you’re mistaken. Don’t get me wrong, most diggers…

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Don’t Trip When You Can StumbleUpon

By | Social Media, Traffic Generation | 30 Comments

StumbleUpon is a fun way to both discover new sites and blogs and it’s a great way to promote you own if you have something that is worth sharing. Success in StumbleUpon really depends on having fun,engaging content, a great network of friends to help promote, and a little bit of luck. Below I’m going to share with you a few of the basic concepts for drastically increasing your reach on the StumbleUpon network. Stimulating…

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Your Introduction to Intense Social Sharing

By | Social Media | 21 Comments

StumbleUpon… Digg… Facebook… Twitter… and more. Each of these are powerful monsters that hold the power to wield amazing traffic to your website or blog. The problem is, however, that too often people give up because they don’t understand the keys to really making these platforms work for them. The Social Bookmarking Success Formula I’m learning that going viral on social media is all about rallying everyone in your network together around a piece of…

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