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3 Powerful Laws of Getting & Keeping Visitors

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There are few things in life as relaxing and as enjoyable as Christmas leave for me.  My two brothers, my sister and our families moved back into our parents house for a week and half of holiday celebrations. We laughed like hyenas. We broke the buzzer on the Taboo game. We gorged ourselves with turkey, ham, stuffing and biscuits.  And then we gorged ourselves with leftover turkey, ham, stuffing and biscuits. I even made it…

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Time Management #1: Traffic vs. Influence

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I’m convinced that the number one issue bloggers seem to be facing today is the simple challenge of driving traffic to their websites. We’re driven to believe that more traffic equals more comments.  More traffic equates to more money.  More traffic translates to more everything. This philosophy is driven into our heads and we’re left with little else to focus on while growing our websites. But more traffic isn’t always the answer.  More traffic isn’t…

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Get Traffic to Your Blog Today with CMF Ads

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CMF Ads is a unique advertising network designed specifically for smaller bloggers.  Although they provide great assets for larger blogger, I find that their network is one of the most small-blogger friendly ad networks available online. I was recently paying as much as $.45 per click through Google’s Adwords in order to promote Site Sketch 101.  Depending on what keywords you might be targeting, it can even be much higher than this…but not with CMF…

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1 User to 1,000,000 Users with Kevin Rose

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Kevin Rose is the founder of Digg, the popular social bookmarking site.  He’s developed Digg into an incredibly popular online service and he’s created a tremendous fortune by doing it.  When it comes to site development, usability, and marketing, this man knows what he is talking about because he has done it. Although this video is focused on developers building online applications and attracting millions of users, the advice is so incredibly practical to bloggers…

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A Classic Example of Noteworthy Branding

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Growing up in Northern Illinois during the 1990’s, I vividly remember how huge Michael Jordan was. He was the basketball idol of every kid in the Chicago area. My friends and I collected hundreds of his basketball cards and we valued them to be more precious than gold. I remember as if it were yesterday the day he led the Bulls to win their third championship in a row. Those of us who were locals…

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Checking the Stats that Really Count

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Let me start this post off with a warning. Far too many bloggers spend way too much time looking at their website’s statistics. Although it’s great to know where your site is at in terms of visitors, subscribers and comments, checking these too often can take away from other important aspects of your website like creating awesome content or promoting your site to the rest of the internet. As you study through this post I…

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Feedburner Emails Just Got Better

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About a week ago Darren Rowse from wrote a public letter to Feedburner where he asked them to step it up a notch. In that letter he asked them to allow us more customization options for our emails that get sent out through their service. His number one complaint was that the subject line of every single email that is sent to our subscribers is always the name of your site…nothing more and nothing…

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