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Create the Feeling that Keep ‘Em Coming Back

By | Tribes & Communities | 38 Comments

Earlier today, I listened to a commercial on the radio encouraging young people to avoid smoking. They created a scenario of two basketball teams, the red team and the blue team. Both teams represented smokers. The red team took possession of the ball and six seconds into the game, they called a time out. Both teams were keeling over gasping for breath. Some of the players were even sitting on the floor trying to catch their…

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Your Business versus Your Community

By | Practical Business Strategies, Tribes & Communities | 33 Comments

In the world of blogging, there are two types of people. There are those who tell you that they despise you to the core if you place a popup on your website, and there are those who put their name and email into the popup and join your email list. There are those who leave comments degrading your existence if you place an advertisement in your content, and there are those who click on those…

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The Amazing Power of Friendship Marketing

By | Tribes & Communities | 78 Comments

If you look at the sidebar of Site Sketch 101, you’ll see that I don’t ask folks to follow me on Twitter. I ask people to friend me. Of course, that could just be posturing. I’m finding, however,  that there’s a striking a difference between the people who work around the clock to build followers and those who are working to make friends. Some of you spend your time following people with the hopes of…

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How Do You Decide Who You’ll Promote?

By | Tribes & Communities | 28 Comments

Recently Chris Brogan posed a unique question. What if you and nine others worked to promote each others content? It’s a powerful concept. So let me ask you, what do you look for when looking for someone who you would be willing to promote? I posted this to the Blogger’s Lounge on Facebook and was pleased with the overall direction of the responses. The direction this discussion was going is exactly why I proposed the…

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A Brief Introduction to Friendship Marketing

By | Tribes & Communities | 38 Comments

I’ve heard it said that the request of a friend is somewhat like a royal command. When you have a friend, a genuine friend, who asks for something, you do what you can to provide it. When they recommend something, you value their recommendation like gold. Growing up, it was natural for my friends and I to always have each other’s back. In the military, that’s even more true. My friends can pitch an inexpensive…

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When Good Things Happen…But Not To You

By | Tribes & Communities | 48 Comments

A few days ago, I witnessed a very fun random act of kindness. An individual on Twitter had passively expressed that she would love to have a second monitor to extend her workspace but that she wasn’t able to afford it. A few days later I noticed another individual offering to purchase her the monitor and have it shipped to her. As a Christmas present to this seemingly random recipient, he ordered it. This all…

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Christmas And The Value of the Intangible

By | Tribes & Communities | 35 Comments

Value is an incredibly overused and misunderstood buzz word. Remember from few days ago in the article The Great Divide & The Real Value of Free that value is the price that an individual is willing to pay for something. Marketers assign a random price to their products and then claim that it’s actually valued at a much higher price despite the fact that they’ve never sold any at that higher rate. That’s not value;…

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Excuse me, friend, your jealousy is showing

By | Tribes & Communities | 59 Comments

Why are you so upset with those at the top? Are they tainted simply because they’ve reached that level of success? You sound almost like you’re bitter or angry at them. I understand cheering for the up and comers. Lord knows I believe in that, but I also believe firmly in the idea of learning from people who have achieved success. If you’re going to cut out Chris Brogan, you’re missing out on the wisdom…

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