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Blogging for Influence

By | Tribes & Communities | 75 Comments

As the blogosphere continues to fill up with people who are working to earn as much as possible from their online efforts, the competition to accomplish that task is becoming more and more fierce. In fact, it can sometimes feel like you’re in a crowded room standing shoulder-to-shoulder and bumping elbows with the folks around you while trying to accomplish something delicate like brain surgery. Often I see people jumping into 1 of 2 camps….

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Share a Story from Your Blogging Journey

By | Tribes & Communities | 51 Comments

Blogging is an exciting journey. It’s fun because there are so many different ways to approach it and there are so many different concepts and principles to learn. It’s truly an art in that you can create something completely different from what I could create and we can both experience great success. Today…let’s just be a community of friends. Join and Share a Story from Your Blogging Journey As you move forward on this journey,…

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Is Sincerity the Key to Successful Blogging?

By | Tribes & Communities | 80 Comments

It’s been said that a good leader can step on your toes without messing up your shine. I’m not sure if that’s exactly what I’ve been accomplishing but in my last article, Your Mindset is but a Drop in the Ocean, and in today’s article my goal is to do exactly that. I want to aggressively get up in your face, challenge you to change yourself and to discover the keys to successful blogging, and try to…

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5 Keys to a More Successful Email Newsletter

By | Traffic Generation, Tribes & Communities | 44 Comments

Email newsletters are touted by many as one of the most profitable ventures online. Internet marketers are constantly bragging about how easy it is to make affiliate sales, to promote products and to drive traffic to websites. Email newsletters can accomplish all those tasks and more but there are a few things you might want to keep in mind as you work to maximize the effectiveness of yours. I use and recommend Aweber. It provides…

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The Top 10 Drop-Dead Ugliest Bloggers in 2010

By | Tribes & Communities | 89 Comments

One of the most beautiful aspects of blogging is that you can be uglier than the south end of a north-bound donkey and you can still find success online. Just browse through the names below and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. The proof is in this post. These guys take ugly to a whole new level and yet they’re blogging quite successfully. So yes, there is hope for you. More importantly, what you…

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The Most Influential Female Voices Online

By | Tribes & Communities | 42 Comments

Influence is the measure of a person’s ability to impact other people. When I’m looking for the people with the most influence, I want to know who is impacting the most people. Someone with 100 people following them is not impacting as many people as someone with 100,000. I don’t care how much these ladies know on their respective subjects. You can know what you’re doing all day long, but if you sit in your…

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Are You Crying About Others’ Success?

By | Tribes & Communities | 44 Comments

I recently read an article that really got me thinking about how often I hear people grumbling and murmuring about the success or the luck of others who are making it big. This article is a public response to Keith Bloemendaal’s article entitled Are You Being A Cry Baby? Just because it’s written to Keith, however, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay attention. In fact, I want you to not only read it but take the time…

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The 15 Most Influential Bloggers in 2010

By | Tribes & Communities | 80 Comments

People have many misconceptions about leadership and influence. Many mistakenly believe that leadership is about a title or a position as if being a manager in a corporate environment means that you must be a good leader. Sometimes that may be true, but not always. True leadership cannot be handed to someone in a title or assigned to someone as a duty. Real leadership is a result of pure, unbridled influence. The greatest influencers and leaders online…

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It’s Time to Start Leading Your Community

By | Tribes & Communities | 20 Comments

Blogs have evolved into so much more than just random thoughts splattered onto the internet. They’re more than just words now. They’ve grown into communities and meeting places. They’ve become sources of information and discussion where people can rally together around things that they’re really passionate about. Blogs are communities now. They’re villages of people banding together to learn and grow with friends. People From Around the World Are Coming Together They’re not villages in…

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The Real Purpose for Building Alliances

By | Tribes & Communities | 37 Comments

Recently I encouraged you to form powerful blogging alliances. Building strong online relationships with other like-minded bloggers is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal. Don’t You Want More than Just A Tweet Exchange? As the comments rolled in on that article, I began to notice a trend. Many people are forming these alliances for only one reason: content promotion. In other words, you tweet, stumble, digg, or comment my material and I’ll return…

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