A few short days ago, as I was diligently searching for a template to use for a website I was developing, I stumbled across the Paradox Theme from Rocket Themes. I was so impressed that I immediately decided to both purchase it for myself and to spend a few moments sharing it with you here.

Paradox by Rocket Theme

As you can see, Paradox is a very creatively designed theme. It features 8 preset styles so that it can appeal to any user. I love the soft colors used on this style ( style 8 ) and the clean, easy to browse interface.

It’s not my intention to present you with a long, thorough review, rather simply to point you toward what may be a new theme and a new theme club for you.

I hope you enjoy it.

Nicholas Cardot

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It's my personal quest to enable every person that I can to unlock that dormant potential concerning their online influence. Also, I'm a geek.


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