If you take an English class, whether in high school or college, while learning how to write an essay, you’ll be encouraged never to write in the first or second person. This means that you should never use words like I, me, us, we, you, or your. Instead, professional writing should be about transmitting pure information only written in the third person.

However, in blogging, the opposite is true. Especially considering the current state of social media, online connections, and overall climate of engagement, speaking from your own voice has never been more useful.

Rather than using a formal, essay-style voice, speak to your audience. Write as though you are speaking directly to your friends.

  1. It allows you to connect with your audience through your content.
  2. It creates a conversational atmosphere which in turn encourages your readers to comment.
  3. It leads your readers to connect and engage with you on social media.
  4. It deepens the level of connection (as outlined in this post) which aids your readers in the learning process.
  5. All of these principles will work together to lead your users to share your content and return to your site bringing their friends with them.

It’s common knowledge that we don’t speak online in the same way that we do offline. Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake made a hilarious skit that clearly illustrates this point. If you’re viewing this in your RSS reader and you can’t see the video below, click through and have a watch. I guarantee that you’ll enjoy it.

So obviously we don’t speak online in the exact way that we would offline. That’s alright. It’s normal.

But we should try. I call this the principle of the face-to-face conversation. Of course, we may add some hashtags or things like that to make appropriate use of whatever medium we’re on. Despite that, we can always use our online voice to be a friend among friends. We can use our voice to connect, to share excitement, to spread information, or to learn from others. Find your voice. Use your voice.

….and use it for something other than 24/7 self-promotion.

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  • This couldn’t be more true. Finding your OWN voice and writing in it, is a lot better than trying to use someone else’s or even trying to speak in the 3rd person. There’s nothing personal about that.

    I want to get to know the person.

    I have seen that skit so many times now and it makes me laugh EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I live with 5 teenagers, interestingly enough, they do speak like that occasionally. #Justsayin’ 😉

    • I’m right with you on that. I want to get to know the people who I’m reading as well. That adds such a different aspect to the writing when you are able to relate to and connect with the author. It’s much different than simply reading random information. We’re not robots, after all. We’re not designed to process raw data. We’re human beings and the more you can connect, the more we can learn.

  • I work in the real estate industry and I can’t begin to tell you how many sites I come across that sound too, corporate-y. So much real estate jargon, that really, I can’t imagine someone new to the buying/selling process would quite understand.

    If agents would just write in a friend, casual, and educating voice, it’d make it so much easier to relate to. Now THAT would be someone I’d want to work with!

    • That makes so much sense to me, and you just provided the best possible example of how this works. Way too many companies set out to be social only to come across sounding and acting like corporate machines. And like you, that is someone that I would rather work with as well.

      What exactly do you do in real estate? Are you a Realtor or something else?

  • Aqib Khan says:

    Great Article ..

    I saw this Post yesterday but due to shortage of time i could not read it. Today i have reat it Clearly !

    In this Post Nicholas Made us understand with 5 easy & Simple Steps which i have liked!

    Thank you Nicholas! I want to keep in touch with your useful updates, So what should i do for this ?

    • To keep up with someone’s blog, I recommend creating a feedly.com account and then click on the add content button and type in the address for whatever website’s you want to follow. It has a super clean layout and it makes it very enjoyable to follow your favorite sites.

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