I’ve been noticing the ascension of a new, powerful WordPress theme framework. The Genesis Theme Framework is rightfully rising to the top as a leader among WordPress themes. In fact, many people are actually abandoning the ever popular Thesis Theme in favor of this fresh, new framework and the convenience that it brings.

As I’ve looked into Genesis, it seems that it presents the ideal solution for bloggers at any level. It provides a simple approach to creating a custom environment for you and your blog readers while at the same time providing the perfect framework for even the most advanced developers.

Whether you’re a novice or advanced developer, Genesis provides the foundation to create incredible websites and takes WordPress to places you never thought it would go! — Genesis Developers

A New Level of Search Engine Optimized

Most people assume that as long as they simply use a powerful SEO plugin for WordPress like All In One SEO or HeadSpace that the battle to rank well on Google will take care of itself. And although I’m a strong advocate of both of these plugins, it’s also incredibly important to note that the actual layout and structure of a page can impact Google’s ability to crawl and index its content.

The Genesis Theme Framework seems to provide an ideal solution because it provides code structure that is optimized for Google and although it has amazing SEO features built into the options panel, it also offers you the ability to integrate your favorite SEO plugin into your site without any extra hassle.

A Fluid System of Seemless Upgrades

It seems that the team behind the Genesis Theme Framework is endlessly working to release updates with new features and added functionality.

When upgrading a traditional theme, any of your customizations would be lost upon upgrade but with the Genesis Theme, this is not the case. Genesis is designed to be customized and the upgrade process will bring in all the new features of its latest release while leaving in place all of your customizations.

Features, Features and more Features…

So far, I’ve only highlighted a few of this themes many features. Here’s a few more features that I find intriguing.

  • Custom Widgets: Genesis provides several custom widgets that you can use including my tweets widget, user profile widget, eNews & updates widget, featured posts widget, and featured pages widget. On top of that, the entire framework has been widgetized which means that you can apply widgets to anywhere on the page…not just the sidebar.
  • Unlimited Layout Options: There are no limits to the way that you can present your website while using the Genesis Theme Framework. You can place your sidebar on the left or the right with the simple click of a button. You can choose to have multiple sidebars or to have no sidebar at all. You can also choose any of these layouts for individual posts and pages.
  • Security: The Genesis code has been combed through by one of the developers on the WordPress project and has received stellar reviews for security.

Chris Brogan, on Why He Uses Genesis

I don’t personally use the Genesis Theme Framework but I have no problem recommending it because I’ve looked into it first hand and I’ve read some amazing reviews about it from some people who I respect very strongly. As an example, here’s a quote from Chris Brogan where he expresses why he is so happy that he’s using this theme.

“The Genesis theme framework lets me focus on my business, not on design tweaks and SEO. It’s really easy to edit and adapt, and in the hands of a good designer, it really sings.” — Chris Brogan, President, Human Business Works

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  • Aaron says:

    Hey Nicholas.. It looks very good and will definitely have to consider it over the ever popular Thesis that everybody is raving about now.

  • samuel says:

    Looks interesting Nicholas,
    I’ve visited the the studiopress site and genesis loks fine. I`ll do a little research on Thesis and Genesis.
    The more choices the better for users.

  • I think wordpress is also vouching for Genesis from now on, since they had some issues with Chris Pearson’s thesis regarding license, not really sure, but I’ve read it some where.

    I’m using thesis on my personal blog at the moment, but I’m very interested to see Genesis as well.

    • Tracey in IN says:

      I don’t own Thesis (but do own and use Genesis), but I should clarify: the issue was the parts of Thesis were GPL and parts weren’t. At first Pearson was defending that decision and even hinting he’s going to come up with an alternative to WordPress.

      But after the controversy exploded in the WordPress world, Chris changed it so Thesis is all now GPL. It’s easy to find out about by Googling.

    • That’s exactly right and I think that the conflict that took place has really brought a lot of attention to Genesis which is really good in my opinion. Thesis was really dominating the framework market and I’m not sure if it was because they were better or if it was because they were better at marketing.

      • George says:

        I have install in my blog the Genesis Framework and also for SEO the Headspca2 i really care the SEO this time,i just like to ask if still use the Headspace SEO or to turn to Genesis built in SEO options.

        Thank you for your great blog nichols

        • I’m not familiar with the built in SEO options of Genesis, but from what else I know about the Genesis Theme, I respect their work enough that if they have SEO built into their theme, I would dare to recommend just using theirs.

  • Bill Bennett says:

    It looks good, but I don’t think the marketing material on the Studiopress site does enough to explain Genesis.

    I’d like to know more about what to expect from the theme as a buyer.

  • I too moved to the Genesis framework a couple of weeks ago, and I found it completely mind-blowing.
    The whole concept of child themes that you can use to personalize it even further is very well thought, and allows for virtually endless customizations.
    And, wether not for the rookies, you can customize it even further with their hook system and some knowledge of PHP.
    Money well spent, in my opinion.

  • I was recently considering all the options and Genesis was top of my list. I had previously used a Studiopress theme and was very happy with it.
    However I came across this post: http://dannybrown.me/2010/08/22/headway-thesis-genesis-noncoders-take/
    and decided to go with Headway instead.
    I’m sure Genesis is a great product, but I’m very happy I went with Headway… it’s extremely easy to use and offers great customization.

  • Jasmine says:

    Genesis theme looks really good!

  • Finally this blog’s theme has been fixed, now it’s on the center of my screen!

  • Thanks Nicholas, I was leaning to Thesis, but it looks like Genesis will be a better choice for me.

  • Keith Davis says:

    Hi Nicholas
    I’m seriously thinking of buying the Genesis framework.
    I hear lots of good things about it.

    Bill Bennett in his comment mentions that there is very little on the Studiopress site showing how to use Genesis.
    I’d agree with that.
    Would be good to see a few videos.

  • I really like how In Genesis how you can present snippets of posts on the main page with a read more option. Is this what is called a child theme?
    I was reading about Blog Content, and it advises that this is a much better approach then assuming you know what post your readers want to read.

  • Codeforest says:

    I really like Genesis. But I think WPSumo framework is having even more potential from the developers point of view.

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