I love WordPress in large part because of the large number of plugins that are currently available. It seems that all you have to do is a simple search on the plugins page and you can accomplish nearly anything on your blog.

And yet, somehow, the tremendous community of developers that keep WordPress moving forward never seem to run out of ideas. In fact, just take a look at some of the hottest plugins that are in the works to be released early next year.

The 9 Hottest WordPress Plugins Coming in 2011

Fasten your seat belts and hold onto your boxer shorts because you’re about to discover some of the greatest WordPress plugins ever thought of and they’re all coming soon to a blog near you.

  1. WordPress Twitter Thanks: There’s no better way to express gratitude for someone retweeting one of your articles then to publicly express your appreciation to them in your twitter stream. In 2011, WP Twitter Thanks will take care of this for you. With over 200 predefined thank you messages, this auto engager will respond to every retweet with a seemingly customized and personal thank you.
  2. Auto Comments: Get ready to blow your readers away with the level of engagement taking place. The Auto Comments plugin will instantly generate hundreds or even thousands of comments across your site using the database at BabyNamer.com to provide unique names every time. There are thousands of predefined, universal comments in the database. And just for using the plugin, your domain will be used randomly as the backlink for the comments that are generated on other blogs.
  3. Kanji to English Converter: This plugin is perfect if English is your second language. It will instantaneously take your english language attempts and turn them into something Shakespear would be proud of.
  4. Auto Submit: This plugin is perfect for submitting your content to Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg, Buzz and more all automatically…and all over and over again. Want 100 retweets on one of your articles? Just adjust the slider in the admin panel and your dream will come true.
  5. Keyword Padder: This plugin will automatically target the most searched term throughout your article and then fill the article with that term while still making the article sound like it was written by a human.
  6. The PageRank Interceptor: When a user visits a page on your site with a Google Page Rank checker built into their browser, this plugin will intercept their browser’s attempt to retrieve your page’s rank from the Google server and will feed it a number much higher than the truth. Your visitors will see you as at least 2 levels higher than your actual Page Rank providing you with instant credibility.
  7. Ninja Profits: Big profits – sharper than a throwing star. This plugin automatically creates Adsense clicks while random users are visiting your site never allowing an IP address from the same area to click one twice. This beta version of this plugin has been working with zero banned accounts for over a year and has already made thousands of dollars for its creators.
  8. DiggIn: This plugin creates hundreds of fake Digg accounts which will each randomly vote on different articles across the Digg site and will then also vote on your article guaranteeing you instant front page articles. No need to waste time networking. Go right to the top with a fake audience.
  9. Affiliate Check Creator: Make your own images of you holding your own affiliate check from Google Adsense, Clickbank and many others – Be Like Shoemoney.

If these plugins aren’t enough to get you excited about another year with WordPress then I don’t know what will. WordPress users, we’ve got an exciting year ahead of us. Be sure to download each of these plugins as soon as they’re released or prepare to get crushed by the bloggers that do.

I’ll see you at the top!

Disclaimer: This post is a parody. To my knowledge, none of these plugins are being created. If any of these plugins actually exist or if you actually hope to use any of these on your blog then I feel very sorry for you.

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  • lol nice one Nicholas. You are getting really good at humorous writing. I have not seen a humorous post on any blog that I visit.

    Maybe you should also have a humor blog? lol


    • I don’t know about creating a whole new blog, but I do plan on trying to post something funny every week or two. I’m finding that these posts are ending up being highly popular so I’m going to keep making them. Are there any ideas that you have for future humorous posts?

  • roezer says:

    AutoComments when I read that one I was starting to think again about my subscription :).But what a way to finish the post a classic Nicholas

  • Stephen TBA says:

    Great post Nicholas, very funny. Love the idea of a PageRank Interceptor and an Affiliate Check Creator. I can see high demand for those two!

    • Yeah. I guess there is already an online application that can create a screenshot of Google earnings using any number that you want it to use. This will just take it a step further and really allow you to take it up a notch. LOL 😉

  • Hal Brown says:

    I’m thinking about hiring a person to do everything on my blog. Wait, celebrities already do that.
    Oh well, another idea shot down.

    I really enjoyed reading this.

  • Well, so the next generation plugins help cheat. 😀

  • Abby says:

    What, no plugin that writes your post for you, complete with imitating a blog of your choosing, while still being “original” content? So much for all of those Splogs I was hoping to run with these other plugins!


    Nice one, and hope we don’t see these available anytime soon! I’d not be surprised if some were, but the kind you have to hunt down and pay for. Thank heavens they aren’t easily accessible in that case!

    • I see blogs like that all the time so I just assumed that a plugin like that already existed. I see advertisements all the time for a product called The WordPress Robot. I don’t know if it does exactly what you’re talking about but I have a feeling that it might.

      I hope we don’t see these soon either but I have a feeling that somebody somewhere is going to be trying to create some of these….and they’ll probably make a lot of money doing it.

      P.S. This comment response was auto generated.


      • Hi Nick,

        WordPress robot is really doing a great job and I have used it before;) I was surprised at the quality of the post ans it almost beats my posts.

        The web is funny though 🙂

        PS: This comment is also auto generated.

  • Murlu says:

    Haha, you had me going for a second, each plugin started to infuriate me more and more.

    The messed up thing is that a few of these actually are real. There are plugins which automatically create comments – goes perfect with an autoblog (because you know, what better way to trash the internet than by creating everything automated?).

    • I didn’t know that any of these really existed and now you’ve got me wondering. How many others started reading this post and got upset and left. I’m probably chasing away my audience. I’m glad that you read on far enough to discover that it was just a joke.

  • Really great post Nick!

    I was thinking that how would any serious blogger want to use the above plugins (no 4 is an exception). No 2 and 6 made me laugh…little did I know this is an humor.

    Thanks a lot for the great post,

  • Elisha says:

    Hahaha… OMG… These plugins are too good to be true but yeah, I was wondering why you didn’t put a link to each plugins. So, I thought of googling it after I finish reading the whole post and… there you go… burst of laughter.

    I was Punk’d!

    Nice post Nick. =)

    • LOL. I’m glad that you enjoyed it. I almost missed your comment here somehow. I had scrolled down and already responded to several others. Sorry about that. I’m here now responding.


      • Elisha says:

        Hehehe… No problem Nick. Wow, I learn something from you today – reply to every comments. Cheers mate.

        • I don’t always have the time to reply to every comment but I sure do my best. Why not provide that extra level of friendliness to the blog? Then again, maybe somebody will just invent a plugin to this for us. 😉

  • Toya says:

    This list of plugins is a spammers dream lol. Somebody is in the lab right now trying to develop them. Make sure they credit you lol

  • Geoff Crane says:

    OMG I’m total #fail. I’m reading this article and am all like “geez…are these things really a good idea?” I got to the end and realized I was just totally Punk’d.


    I so need a coffee. LOL

    • Ha ha. To answer your question, these things are not a good idea. On the flip side, you’re the only person on here who has actually commented so far. All the rest are from that auto comments plugin. I hope you feel special. And every tweet in that widget is a result of me retweeting it over and over using the Auto Submit plugin. LOL

  • Sourav says:

    You got me in the beginning. Specially that beta version of Ninja profits because I have heard this name before (not sure what it is).
    Really liked the DiggIn and the Auto Comments. I hope we don’t have to see such plugins in the future.

  • Ha… Affiliate Check Creator, you do a good job with making us laugh. Love your sense of humor. Nice blog. 🙂 I needed that…

    • Great! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m sure that it won’t be long before there is a system that creates checks like that for people. I’ve actually seen the app that will make a fake screenshot of Google earnings. It’s ridiculous. If you have any ideas for future comedy posts, please let me know. I definitely want to make something funny about once every week or two.

  • Amor says:

    Hehehe! I thought it’s real again. Am just wondering why there’s no link on each plugin. After reading Auto Comments, I thought, how could that be possible? I realized this is just a joke. A humorous post we were looking forward to read after your ugliest blogger post. 🙂

    ~ Powered by Auto Comments Plugin. ~

    • Well I guess that explains why I didn’t link to any of them but shame on you for trying to click through and install any of them. LOL.

      Seriously though, I’m glad that you enjoyed it and I’ll definitely be sure to keep a funny one coming out every week or two. Be sure to let me know if you have ideas for future comedy posts.

  • Aww, I was actually really excited by the first one! Auto twitter thanks for retweets would be kind of awesome…

    • But I’d have to ask, how meaningful is a thank you that you didn’t even know was going out to someone? That’s not very personal is it?

      • It’s not as personal, no. But if you’re a person or an organization that gets a lot of retweets, there’s no realistic way you can personally thank them all. In such instances, an auto thank you would be more meaningful to the recipient than nothing at all. At least, in my field (nonprofit) it would be.

        • I just know that I don’t want your web server expressing your gratitude to me. I want you. I would rather have no thank you presented than to have a fake thank you presented that was auto generated. I don’t need gratitude from machines. I’m all about humanizing the web. I want to be human at a distance. This goes in the opposite direction of that.

          • I guess that’s where we differ. I know I’d rather have an auto thank you than nothing, even if I knew it was automated — psychologically, it’s really not that different, no matter what we’d like to tell ourselves. And we are talking about retweets here. Most thank you’s are little more than a “Thanks for the RT.” Not sure why automating a message like that makes it “fake” vs. “real” if the intention is the same?

            I’m for humanizing the web too — I don’t think you can or should automate everything (for example, I hate automating tweets to facebook — both streams end up exactly the same!). But to me, humanizing the web also means making it easier for the humans behind an organization/account to actually be human.

  • Oh man, you are simply a horrible human being. I was so about to rip you several new ones, right up to about #6 when it clicked.


  • Joe says:

    Nick, I’m no stick-in-the-mud, but I’m afraid I have to disagree with the group today. I like to laugh as much as the next guy, but do you realize your method of getting me to read your article today was just as underhanded and insincere as any of the plug-ins you write about? 🙂
    Talk about spammy emails! Where’s the truth in advertising? What about disclosure? I’m all for humor, but my time is limited and if I get a serious email sending me to a supposed serious article, that’s what I expect!

    It’s like the old “bait-and-switch”. The store advertises something at a tremendous price-drop, but when you get to the store they’ve mysteriously ran out and they try to sell you something else! Well, you got me in your store today, Nick 🙂

    • I’m not sure if you’re serious and I should be apologizing or if your joking with me and I should be laughing with you.

    • Keith says:

      No time for laughter and a smile? Must be a tough way to live….

      • Joe says:

        You shouldn’t make presumptions about my life, Keith. I clearly state that I’m no stick-in-the-mud, and there’s plenty of time in my life for laughter, provided something is truly funny. But remember, humor is subjective and with that perhaps I’m an uncommon man.

        For instance, I could never see how people find other people getting hurt caught on video tape amusing, but America’s Funniest Home Videos is still popular!

        Likewise, my favorite joke to tell on Twitter because I can get it under 140 characters: “Did you ever smell mothballs? How did you get their tiny legs apart?”
        Some people don’t think that’s funny and find it offensive. How about you? 🙂

        The biggest irony that I find amusing is I’m not even a blogger and don’t use WordPress so the topic had little to do with me, but I read Nick’s article anyway. Perhaps I should stop reading your blog posts and avoid any further misunderstandings! Don’t you think that’s “funny”? L0L

  • Ed says:

    Great Stuff…Always finding ways to get readers to your blog…Today = Last Comic Standing!

    • I’m glad that you like it. As I mentioned last week, I’m definitely going to be trying to bring something funny out at least every week or two. If you have ideas for topics, please let me know.

  • Susan says:

    Dang it! I starred this in my RSS reader based on the title, planning to come back and read it tonight. It’s so funny! But I really wanted some cool new toys to play with 🙁 Still, Nick, thanks for the laugh!

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  • Nick says:

    I was really starting to question your integrity while reading this post.

    Nice one…you got me good.

  • Tony says:

    The first one was actually believable. Heck, someone should actually make that plugin. It would be awesome.

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  • James Milne says:

    Thank god this was a joke nick! I almost started to hate every blogger in the world including me 🙂

  • msrosyidi says:

    One plugin I’am waiting…that can write a blog with its all posts automatically… so I only install the wordpress, give it the main title and leave the plugin does all next blogger’s jobs…..

  • issty says:

    what an idea man!!!

  • You had me going for a sec there, Nick! The Keyword Padder sounds like something from the WPRobot stable.

  • Amitash says:

    I got to know the real meaning of “parody” today! Great article Nick. Hopefully some coder will get a plugin inspiration after reading this post or is there someone already?

  • Sam says:

    Hi. Thanks for sharing the article. I need information about where could I get the Ninja profits plugin and diggin plugin. Could you please tell me.

  • Thomas Frank says:

    This was pretty funny! I almost thought it was legit until #6. Using these plugins would be basically like playing SimCity, only more annoying.

  • Good list but this is all blackhat. You want to make a whitehat list as well?

  • Som says:

    If someone really creates these plugins , it will be amazing .Friend , now publish a post that will tell us about some real plugins coming in 2011.

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