As a web developer, I despise Internet Explorer in all of its forms. I hate version 6. I hate version 7. I hate version 8. And I even hate version 9. In fact, if you are reading this article right now using any form of Internet Explorer, you’re missing out on parts of this very website. There are aspects of this site that simply do not work in your browser and as a result, you’re missing them.

And not just on this site but on websites all across the internet you’re missing out on exciting features.

As it stands, Internet Explorer is the only browser out there that still almost universally fails to support modern browsing standards including HTML5, CSS3, OpenGL, and the full range of JavaScript interactions. In short, if you are using any form of Internet Explorer, you’re only seeing a fraction of the amazing online experience into which the web has now evolved.

HTML5 & CSS3 Readiness in 2011

Just click through on the chart below to see how far short Internet Explorer comes on compatibility issues.

I hate Internet Explorer...and You Should Too!

Some of the features may sound like Greek to you, but here is a drop-dead simple approach to seeing what I’m talking about. Install Chrome, Firefox, or Safari and then navigate from page to page here on Site Sketch 101. You’ll see the page automatically scroll to the top, fade the content out and gracefully fade the new page into existence. Then check it out in Internet Explorer…nothing.

Why? Because Internet Explorer is the only browser that doesn’t support these features I’ve built into this site.

I would argue that if Internet Explorer did not come bundled with Windows, nobody would use it because nobody who looks at the available browsers, all of which are completely free, would choose Internet Explorer by default. In fact, I would propose that coming bundled as it does should violate anti-trust laws as it single-handedly gobbles up the majority of the market share even though every person who researches it universally agrees that it is the worst possible browser available.

In fact, this has already been decided in Europe. Now when you boot Windows for the first time and you attempt to launch the web, you are given a choice of which browser you would like to install. Internet Explorer is no longer the default there. For more about that check out this article at CNET.

In my opinion, this next infographic is incredibly generous in their perception of Internet Explorer. They should have chosen a red-headed stepchild with down syndrome to represent this completely out-of-touch and wildly incompatible browser.

I Hate Internet Explorer And You Should Too!

Some say that we should still be focusing on making sure that folks with Internet Explorer can comfortably view our sites, and I certainly do that by simply disabling those features. That argument is the same as telling a car stereo company that produces elite, top-of-the-line stereos with built-in DVD players that they should make their stereos compatible with Ford Pintos if Cadillac were giving away cars for free. Go get a free Cadillac and enjoy the crazy features in those awesome stereos that you want. And enjoy the awesome coolness of that free Cadillac.

As a final parting note, Internet Explorer also scores lowest in independent tests in basically every possible category of speed testing. Check out the chart below for more information.

I Hate Internet Explorer And You Should Too!

While we can all comfortably disagree on which browser is best, I think that any of us who are educated on the issues concerning the web can all agree that Internet Explorer is the worst. I prefer Chrome as my default browser because of its speed and because of the vast array of features that it supports. Which browser do you prefer and why?

And remember…friends don’t let friends use Internet Explorer!

Nicholas Cardot

About Nicholas Cardot

It's my personal quest to enable every person that I can to unlock that dormant potential concerning their online influence. Also, I'm a geek.


  • Suzanne C says:

    Such a timely post! 😉

    • Ha ha. I can only chuckle because you know what prompted me to write this.

      It’s funny too, because I tell folks with writers block to write about something they’re passionate about. I was passionate about this subject yesterday and I cranked this post out in record time.

      Also, it’s wonderful to see that the comment system is working for you today. I sure hope you didn’t get the 500 Error of death again.

      Thanks, Suzanne!

  • Akash Kumar says:

    Good post Nick, I no longer use IE or Firefox now I am more of a fan of Google Chrome.

    Awesome infographics btw.

    • Thanks. I used to be a hardcore Firefox fanatic, but anymore they seem to be a bit glitchy when it comes to supporting jQuery animations, however, in their defense, they’ve created a rapid development model that has been allowing them to roll out major revisions every couple months so they’re doing a good job trying to keep up with the curve which is something that Internet Explorer can’t claim.

  • Scott Dudley says:

    Yes, agreed Internet Explorer is rubbish, but as it was designed by Microsoft you would expect it to be rubbish.

    I use Google Chrome with a Mac, and the difference between that and using IE with Windows is like night and day.

    Firefox is a good second choice, but like you said no one would Internet Explorer if it didn’t come with Windows.

    • Akash Kumar says:

      Well I agree that most of the things that Micrsoft creates for the Internet world is not the best of the things you can find online. But its a very bold statement to say that whatever Microsoft creates is rubbish. Most of the people won’t agree to that, don’t forget the MS Windows, or MS Office these are the most used products on computer all over the world and it beats it’s competition by far.

      So, I won’t say that what Microsoft creates is rubbish it’s still a very valuable company with lots of creative minds working there. Its just that it is not successful with the online business.

      • Scott Dudley says:

        Agreed – good point. Apple is a far better company in general though IN MY OPINION

        • Akash Kumar says:

          Well if you talk in general, then its okay because everyone has his own point of view. Even I like Apple very much most of us like Apple for what it makes. But if you are to compare MS and Apple we can’t because they are two different companies as I mentioned above about MS, Apple is hugely successfuly because of its iPhones, iPad, iPods etc.

          But yes it is the most valuable company in the world of current times.

    • I use Chrome also. It’s definitely my favorite.

      Also be sure to note the Apple was NOT a much better company until about 6 or 7 years ago when they finally rehired Steve Jobs as their CEO and he turned their company around.

      And, Akash, in Scott’s defense, a few versions of Windows have really been duds. Windows ME was beyond worthless. Windows Vista was beyond Worthless. Windows XP was stable and not resource heavy but you just about needed a degree in networking to do any advanced networking with it. In my opinion, Windows 7 was Microsoft finally getting it right, but during the time that it took Microsoft to get to Windows 7, Steve Jobs was giving them a run for their money.

      • Akash Kumar says:

        Absolutely right Nick I have to agree to you last few versions of MS Windows were not the best of the one’s I have to agree to that. Windows 7 has changed the game back again for Microsoft. Even if the Windows Vista and ME failed for Microsoft still MS managed to be the heavy weight and lead the market with XP and then Windows 7.

        Steve Jobs was the savior for Apple, what Apple is just because of Steve Jobs. After he joined back Apple, it has produced some of the most popular gadgets and products as I mentioned.

        • Steve Jobs got forced out from being the CEO years ago and as a result Apple began to decline until they were on the verge of bankruptcy. At that point, they rehired him and he completely turned the company around. Now that he is gone, people are carefully watching to see if the company will meet the same fate as they did last time he left or if he did what it takes to push the company forward beyond his own presence. We shall see.

  • Definitely the doom of all graphic designers! Haha. Geez I’m happy I stuck with graphic design. Saved myself from a lot of ie compatibility headaches 😛

  • Scott Brinson says:

    I do hate IE. I love Chrome because it is shiny and you can see your reflection in it.


  • Leah Baade says:

    Bwaha! Thanks for writing this post. I’m constantly trying to convince people that they ought not to be using IE – I’m going to just send them this from now on.

    • That would be awesome. I was chatting about it on Twitter yesterday and someone was like, “What’s the difference?” So this was my follow up to that question. Now we can unite in our war against the machines…oh wait…just against IE…let’s not get all Terminator up in here.

  • Vidya Sury says:

    I am totally with you, Nick. It is frustrating how some sites are optimized for only IE. My favorites are Chrome and Firefox. Chrome, usually, because it is fast.

    I enjoyed the “if browsers were celebrities” graphic.

    Your site looks even more gorgeously artistic now – love the tassel. I remember the first time I visited here (was when you posted a set of 30 or so beautiful themes) via someone’s tweet.

    Thank you.

    • Thanks, Vidya. I’ve been trying really hard to make the site as beautiful and as interactive as possible but it sure is frustrating working with Internet Explorer.

      The other day I was at the FAFSA website applying for a grant from the government and they refused to let me use Chrome. It was incredibly annoying. The worst part was that their site claimed to support Chrome but not the newest versions so they were ‘browser sniffing’ as we call it and they never updated their standards to allow newer browsers to access their site. How backwards is that?

  • Hey Nick,

    I’d not seen the page fade/transition before … or was braindead! Cool stuff!

    IE’s been relegated to the trash heap.

    I use Firefox, w/ some cool plugins and for testing.

    But Chrome is the all polished and shiny preference at present. Till the next cool thing comes along.

    • Personally I think the trash heap is a bit generous. Maybe the a flush down the toilet and through the sewage system might be more appropriate for this less than worthless piece of technology.

      I don’t sound like I have any animosity towards Internet Explorer, do I?

  • Pastor Wynn says:

    I agree whole-heartedly, Nick. IE’s refusal to comply to web standards is inexcusable. Of course, I believe that it is part of Microsoft’s marketing strategy. They want everyone to use IE and, thus, build for IE.

    While Microsoft has some good products, they unilaterally fail the test of being great products. Microsoft is proof that a product does not have to be “great” to be successful. Just think about the number of jokes that exist about Microsoft software. Everyone readily admits that their software is not the best, but it still dominates the market. It’s success is the result of a superior marketing strategy.

    IE is no except to the above statement. It inferior performance and usability is without dispute. Yet, it continues to to be the installed browser of choice in the PC market.

    Of course, as an Apple convert, I prefer either Safari or Chrome. Both perform extremely well. My default browser is Safari. It just works! 🙂

    • It really is inexcusable. They made a huge deal about IE9 being the best thing since sliced bread but it’s just as worthless as IE6 especially now that the entire web development world is racing to create HTML5 features as quickly as possible…that is the entire world except for Internet Explorer.

      I really do wish that it did not come default on our computer and that like in Europe, users were given a choice and an opportunity to see the differences prior to installing it.

      • ToneDru says:

        I just wish I could get my mom to stop using IE… she uses it because she’s ‘used’ to it… but i keep trying to explain to her that it’s just inferior in every way. I think I’m just gonna hide the link on her computer so that she can’t use it anymore. 😉

        • You should do it or right click on the shortcut for it and repurpose it to open Chrome. 🙂

          • ToneDru says:

            that might work… maybe then she would ‘think’ that she’s using IE. lol

            • Did you know that Chrome actually makes a plugin for Internet Explorer that makes it use the Chrome browser inside of Internet Explorer which allows all the compatibility and speed of Chrome all wrapped inside her familiar IE experience. It’s called Chrome Frame. Maybe that’s worth checking out. She would never notice the difference because it would still be IE, but she would have all the handy, dandy features of Chrome.

  • ToneDru says:

    I generally use Firefox first, then Chrome second. I’ve always like the ability to customize firefox with excellent plugins that make it my own. Though the load times are little slower than chrome, it’s worth it to me to have all of my ‘tools’ there that I have installed. My only gripe has been the occasional bugs that come up every now and then such as download links not working correctly and back buttons, etc. occasionally not working, forcing a program restart.
    I do love chrome though, and use it often, but usually only when I want to have two different browsers open at the same time or if firefox gets buggy.

    • That’s how I used browse also. I was so used to my plugins on Firefox that it took me forever to make the full jump to Chrome. I do also notice some buggy behavior in Firefox as well, but at least with their rapid development schedule they’ve been making a lot of progress to catch back up quickly with Chrome. I hope that keep it up.

  • Diane C says:

    I totally agree with everything you said about Internet Explorer. It has to be the slowest, most useless browser I’ve ever used. I really enjoy using Chrome and before that I used Firefox.
    If you’re using IE and reading this article you have no idea the awesome features you’re missing out on.

  • Amitash says:

    But IE9 is better than its predecessors and it supports HTML 5. Its usage stats are low because it only works on Windows 7.

  • I don’t that that browser will ever be a good one for the newly adopted changed of technology. I love google chrome a lot since I can open a lot of tabs and drag a tab if I accidentally has taken out of the group which is for me very cool. I am not very good at stuff but this one is far better.

  • I resisted the switch mainly because IE was familiar. When it started crashing – almost daily, I blamed my computer. One day out of frustration I downloaded Chrome and never looked back. I’m hooked. I love it!

  • Richard scott sievert says:

    When Microsoft heard the words though shalt not covet they fell of the bridge and it will be a valid saying once all of them are on it to enter the end game!

  • Claudia says:

    Nicolas, I totally agree with you. I’m a Apple user and also Safari but if I’ve to work with a Windows OS with IE I can see the different, especially with the speed and the user friendliness.


  • I’m a fanatic of Google chrome. IE is obsolete.

  • Jonathan says:

    I prefer Firefox because it is the ONLY browser on Windows that properly supports color management and hence allows websites to look as they are intended to look on my high end wide ganmut display.

    It really irks me that MS claims IE9 supports color management even though it doesn’t.

  • Shane says:

    I love Chrome like I used to love Firefox. I only use Firefox to quickly see what my site looks like when I’m not signed in. The only time I used Internet Explorer when I just used Firefox was because I used to have problems logging into Army Knowledge Online, but Chrome handles AKO fine.

    • Yeah, AKO is weird like that. I noticed issues with is when I used to use Firefox also. But at least with Firefox, I was able to install it on my government computers by installing it into the My Documents folder which also allowed me to watch Netflix on the work computers. There’s a little tip for you if you’re working in an office in the Army.

      By the way, where are you stationed and what’s your MOS?

      • Shane says:

        I’m in the reserves, but I’m in western Kansas. I’m a 92A. Basically the computer sie to supply.

        • I did 4 years active duty and now I’m in the reserves also. I’m reclassing into a Psychological Operations unit out of Aurora, IL (37F). It’s pretty awesome so far. The reserves is so laid back compared to active duty, but I really love it. How long have you been in?

  • Noel Addison says:

    I totally agree with everything you have discussed here in this post. Internet Explorer is a junk compared to other web browsers especially chrome, which has the best performance for me.

  • Aanchal says:

    I don’t use internet explorer, initially I was using firefox and then chrome and still chrome. I never open internet explorer because of its tremendous slow speed. 😉

  • Ava Jae says:

    I started using Chrome shortly after it was released and never went back. It loads about a bazillion times faster than IE (which, agreed, is about the worst browser in the history of bad browsers), the applications are useful and I love that I can use the address bar to do Google searches (I actually tend to try to do this in other browsers when I’m not on my home computer–oops).

    So I’m an unashamed Chrome-lover.

  • tushar says:

    ahhh. i like this post. controversial and revealing supported with facts. i love these posts and you should write more of them.

    P.S.- did i mention i hate IE as much as i hate Manchester United?

  • LOL…IE has been the bane of every web developer and graphic designer for the last half decade and beyond. Its given a lot of people headaches for many many hours, and your average consumer isn’t even aware of it.
    Personally I’ve been using Chrome essentially since the first public beta!

  • It just amazes me that after all these years IE hasn’t made any significant changes on their browser, even if they did it wasn’t enough to warrant a praise from me. I can’t even start listing down how many things I’ve had troubles with while using the browser, there’s too many. I switched a long time ago, and I’m glad I did, just can’t imagine myself using it until now.

    So I know where you’re coming from with all this hate on IE. 🙂

    I have it hidden somewhere in my “Unused programs” folder.

  • Jason says:

    Way off topic, but…FYI – my first car was a brown ’78 Pinto.

  • Thomas says:

    Hi Nicholas
    Because I am working with a lot of Microsoft’s other products it is difficult to drop Internet Explorer for good. Some of their own products only work with their own browser. However I am a big fan of Google Chrome. It is really a great browser I think. I wish that was the only browser that was around. That would make web development so much easier. In defend of MS I would say that they have improved a lot with IE9. There is still a long way to go, but if you compare with IE8 they have made a lot of improvement when it comes to compatibility and speed.
    My worst experience with IE was once I was trying to make an online purchase on one of Microsoft’s own sites (TechNet) and needed to find a computer with IE6 in order to complete the task because it did not work with IE8. Unbelievable…!

    • Jonathan says:

      In a time before respected standards it did make some sense to code specifically for IE but now it really does nothing but expose n00b developers, and spoil the internet.

  • Jonathan says:

    Not a fan of IE either, BUT IE9 is actually a big improvement. It’s not as bad as that chart makes it seem – the chart is already a dinosaur with FF3.5 and IE8.
    While IE is not my browser of choice, I see no just reason to not bundle and even default it on Windows – Windows IS a proprietary product. Doesnt Apple bundle Safari as such?

    • zac says:

      agree! I am not an IE fan either but i think they are not that bad either. I like to use IE to ftp my files. Chrome is good (it really increases the speed to access sites!) but it had some downsides too (i don’t like the way you bookmark site and the search engine portion). I guess end of the day it is just a matter of preference

  • Vishu says:

    chrome is also good but i also think opera is awesome and IE is also good and i didnt use firefox much

  • JF Gagnon says:

    LoL! I too hate IE so much… From the guts!

  • ComputerLuvr says:

    Loved reading your blog!
    I hate IE and have for years.
    I used to use Netscape.
    And then started to use Firefox.
    I also use SeaMonkey too.
    Tried out Google Chrome, but, still prefer Firefox and SeaMonkey as my two main browsers. I really enjoy using both. 🙂
    I also think that IE shouldn’t be bundled with new PC’s and people have their choice of what browser they want to use, like they did in Europe (the anti-trust law).
    I also have an Asus eee PC with Ubuntu 11.10 and Firefox as my browser. Not a single trace of IE! 😀
    I don’t even need anti virus software. 🙂
    I don’t care for Windows OS either.
    Never seen any improvements in that OS.
    MAC OS is also a much better OS as well. 😉
    Am very interested in getting a netbook with Chrome OS.

    • ComputerLuvr says:

      Meant to say Chromebook with Google Chrome OS.
      IMHO when a lot of people get a hold of those, Microsoft’s days are numbered! 😉
      And did I mention that I hate Window OS too? 😉 I hate it.
      MAC OS and Linux OS systems are so much better. 🙂

  • Andy says:

    awesome post, i’m about to write my persuasive speech to convince my class to stop using IE because half the class still uses IE. i’ll definitely be referencing this :]

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  • Generic says:

    Internet Explorer offers more problems than solutions. It should therefore be banned and I did just that with my website:

    I decided I had enough of Internet Explorer and simply banned it from displaying any of my websites. I even went one step further and created a nice little webpage that encourages users to download other web browser thereby enabling web developers and designers to do their job without losing their minds.

    If you are interested, check it out: ^^

  • AmateurWebDev says:

    Its now 2014, and I am working on HTML5 and CSS3 styling, and still, IE 11 is a pain in the ass.
    I hate hate hate hate IE.

    Since I don’t have any big business riding on this, I could pretty much exclude IE if I wanted.

    I think standards are what all browsers should strive for, to ease the burden on developers, so that we can spend more time designing and presenting information on a site, instead of coding workarounds to non-standards browsers.

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