A few weeks ago, my wife was watching the Bachelorette … ouch … okay … fine … we were both watching the Bachelorette. As a soldier in the United States Army, it’s very difficult for me to admit that I watched that. I’m sure that you can understand that. But I digress.

For some reason whenever people are dating on these Reality TV shows like the Bachelorette, they seem to take each other to exotic locations around the world. They don’t seem to find the Palace of Golden Arches as fancy as the rest of us do.

On that particular episode that my wife and I were viewing, the couple were exploring the beautiful shores of Tahiti…and I mean beautiful. The water was so crystal clear that you could see every detail of the sand at the bottom. The huts, the beaches and everything else about it was absolutely a paradise.

So although I didn’t tell my wife this, I decided in my heart that someday I’m going to take her to the shores of Tahiti. I’m going to give her the paradise vacation that neither of us have ever known. She’s going to experience the wet sand between her toes as the tropical sun smiles down on her.

As of today, my wife and I have been away from each other for two weeks and other than a few days around holidays like Christmas, we aren’t going to be back together until April of next year. This is typical for families in the military.

But to get down to the point, I said all that to simply provide an honest disclaimer for the affiliate link that I plan on promoting today. Of course, I believe in this product whole-heartedly and want you to purchase it solely because it will be helpful to you. I actually have no motivation at all to visit Tahiti but since the FTC requires me to provide disclaimers I figured I should spend a sentence or two letting you know that this is where my commissions will be going.

My beautiful wife and my precious daughter need your help. But that’s not why I want you to purchase anything that I’m promoting today. I want you to pull out your wallet and make an investment in yourself. I promise that you’ll be glad that you did.

I only have a few products that I’d like you to be aware of today: Elegant Themes, WooThemes, BlueHost, Blogging to the Third Power, Theme Forest, 31 Days to Build a Better Blog, Mind Meister, Sponsored Tweets, Problogger the Book, Aweber, Trust Agents, Men With Pens: Write for the Web, Robb Sutton’s Ramped Reviews and Popup Domination.

So is this post really about sending me to Tahiti?

In case, you hadn’t already figured it out, this post is somewhat of a joke. Do I plan on taking my wife to Tahiti? Perhaps. But that’s not really the point of today’s article.

A lot of people got very upset when the FTC mandated that bloggers and website owners make it clear that they get paid for endorsing a product. As a blogger who promotes affiliate products, sells advertising and works to create income online, I do hope to enjoy some terrific things in life…and you should also.

The key is that you need to be honest with your readers. It shouldn’t require the strong-armed bullying of a federal institution to persuade us to blog with integrity… to let our readers know that we make money from their affiliate purchases.

I make money from some of the stuff on this blog and I might use that money to go to Tahiti, to buy a BMW, or to buy an entire Hostess truck filled with Twinkies…or if I don’t make enough to do those things, I can walk down to the local convenience store and buy a cool refreshing bottle of Coca-Cola.

Nicholas Cardot

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  • Ron Leyba says:

    Wow, I admire your goal Nick. I wish you good luck on this dream! And go get that BMW!

    Will tweet this post and hope I can help in my own little ways.

  • Lye Kuek Hin says:

    Hi Nicholas,

    I truly believe that you promote these products because you had used them and they are so good. I tend to believe those who bought through you understand that this is an affiliate link and they purchased it because you had their trust.

    I hope you can realize your wish soon and feel the sand of Tahiti. Good luck.

  • Dave Doolin says:

    Or simply pay the rent. Landlord doesn’t care where the money comes from.

  • I like to think of myself as a kinda smart person, I am not going to buy a truck of manure just ’cause you recommend it, so if I choose to invest into an affiliate partner it means I want to, not that someone decides I should.
    I saw the Genesis theme framework in a famous blog, I liked it, I bought it, not because the blog told me to, but because I wanted to invest (NOT waste) money in something valuable.

    Disclosure is always very important, I remember reading a Chris Brogan’s post about it as well ( http://bit.ly/bCU76I ).

    Just one question: how much $$$ did Coca Cola give you?

  • Wow! Really great post Nick,

    I love how you made a joke in the first place 🙂

    You are absolutely right about being honest with your readers (I think this is the main point of this post?) because it will not only help you make more money but it will also help you gain more trust.

    Thanks so much for the great post,

  • Derek Jensen says:

    Very unique approach. Reel people in with a personal story and push the true meaning of us wanting to make an investment.

    We all need to make an investment on something. This is when a SWOT analysis of what you’re striving to do online would be beneficial to see where and what you need to invest on.

  • Jason Acidre says:

    As long as you believe that the product you are promoting will really benefit your readers, then there’s no problem with that, I believe so. You don’t really need to buy or have used the product to believe in it, since I don’t usually do that, but what I mostly do is I try to use their free trial programs, just to know a bit about it 🙂 Well, integrity is being honest in promoting it.

    Hmm, I watched the bacholerette the other night, hmm, ok, change topic! haha!.


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