Have you ever met someone who can talk your ear off? They can prattle on about this or that. They like to tell you about the guy at work who took the last cup of coffee without refilling the pot. They’ll talk about their drive to work and the jerk that pulled in front of them on the freeway. They go on about their digestive issues.

The principle for today’s article is simple: Talking is different than saying something. Some people talk a lot and say very little. Others talk very little but when they do they say things very important.

Folks like to debate about the ideal length of a blog post. Even the SEO plugin by Yoast, which I use on this blog, suggests that you provide at least 300 words of content. Perhaps that’s the ideal length of a post. But I think not.

The ideal length of a blog post is to say what you have to say and then stop. Anything beyond that is unneeded filler. It’s fluff.

Seth Godin (Seth’s Blog) is the master of this principle. His posts are incredibly short, yet he says so much in each one. He nails a principle or life fact to the wall for all to see, and then he walks away.

What’s the ideal length of a blog post?

Write less. Say more.

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