Some time ago, I created a stream on Tweetdeck that displays my primary Twitter feed minus any tweets that contain links. This was done so that I could see those who were engaging, talking and actually being social.

It wasn’t long before I realized that the majority of tweets being posted to my stream contained links. There have been times when the linkless stream goes 10 – 15 minutes without an update while the unedited stream updates every few seconds. I’ve noticed the same trend on Google plus.

The folks that I follow are terrific folks. I’ve taken the time to hand select each person, and the number one criteria that I’ve looked for is engagement. Folks who are chatting it up are a joy to see in my stream.

But even with excellent people in your stream, social media is still SCREAMING to bring attention to content: “Oh my gosh! Check out my soon-to-be-viral youTube cat video, get rich quick blog post, instagram pic of my half-eaten lunch, pinterest pin of the cutest yarn EVER, facebook page where I’ll swarm your feed with an undead parade of self-promotion!!!!!!” Yes, that’s six exclamation points. I think that makes people want to click or something.

I used to make it my goal to check as many items as possible to see if they held any value for me. After a while though, I just couldn’t keep up. It all just became pots and pans banging together, and it kept getting louder. I’d get off of Twitter and I’d feel tired and worn out simply from trying to follow my stream. I felt like an old man.

I'm an old man

There are three words that I use to describe the tweets that I see: noise, communication, and music. Noise refers to spammy links, excessive self-promotion, #followback, and sundry types of other junk that I’m sure you can think of. Communication refers to those tweets that belong to one twitter user who is engaging with another (sometimes with me, hopefully). Music refers to the tweets of folks with whom I’ve truly connected, who I respect, admire and appreciate. When I see their tweets it’s like music to my ears.

After creating the linkless stream, I feel like Twitter makes so much more sense. I can still see the links flowing through the original stream, but now I can chat, laugh, engage and get to know those that I would like to call friends. It makes it easier to connect. The talking is no longer being drowned out by the jackhammers going off in the surrounding tweets. It makes me feel young, fresh, and rejuvenated.

I'm young again.

So what’s the point of all this? Simple: STOP SCREAMING TO BE HEARD! Stop making noise and start connecting.

Let’s make some music, shall we?

Nicholas Cardot

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It's my personal quest to enable every person that I can to unlock that dormant potential concerning their online influence. Also, I'm a geek.


  • Nick, we don’t want you to turn into an old man, and I know what you mean – the twitter spam is at an all time high with the self promotion and such.

    My favorite thing about twitter is the engagement and so often it is lost.

    I am just learning G+ so I am hoping to find better communication and engagement over there.

    Great article, once again.

    • Thanks, Nicole. Like you, I’m just beginning to really get into Google Plus. I’ve found over there that the format, the content, the engagement is all at an incredible level and pace. People are talking to each other, sharing ideas, and much more. I’m loving it so far.

    • I guess! Google plus too grown into a spam base. 🙁 . Once published an article which tried to establish that the Google Plus +1’s boost traffic ranks. Thereafter, Google plus is another hell.

      Google Plus is getting on its path, I would say. But, it is cruel fact that wherever crowd gathers, There should be some exploiters. I would say that add people to your circles wisely.

  • John Taylor says:

    I couldn’t agree more Nicholas. Great reading in this and I for one will be following your words moving forward. By the way that list 2013 Plugins…yeah AWESOME! Thank you.

  • Nick, You have changed alot.
    From my past expereience, I have excessively shared links and all those on every social media sites I had joined. It was when i added those spammers around in my profile, I realized that I was SPAMMING. Lately, I quit self promotion link sharing etc and I could see a rapid growth in my legimate soial contacts.

    Nick, I personally loves not to sit alot of hours looking into my twitter stream rather I loves connecting with peoples on facebook. But, Facebook is strict in their terms and all. Thence we are almost not able to add unknown peoples etc.

    In my past experience, I have a few people like you ad my online friends. It was nice connecting and getting helped by you etc..

    • Changed alot in a sense of appearence, Not in terms your of online personality.

    • To be honest, I don’t use Facebook very much for any promotion whatsoever. Primarily that’s my place for friends and family that I know in real life. I used to not add anyone at all unless I had met them in real life, but now I will add some folks on there if I’ve already connected with them on Twitter or Google Plus and I know that they are decent, friendly folks.

      • I got that even before you have said it here. Your facebook profile was Simple, Had only a bunch of friends which testify what you have said here.
        A self promoting profile need no further research to find out, Just digg into their last update and if you found something they said about themselves then they are a facebook spammer(I would say). I had alot guys as friend(Who were friends in real life) who shared excessively useless things about them with bloated my feeds, I unfriended them for real(:D).
        I just consider adding social contacts is equal to increasing your friends and if not they might be some useless crap to spam the feeds.

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