Influence is the measure of a person’s ability to impact other people. When I’m looking for the people with the most influence, I want to know who is impacting the most people. Someone with 100 people following them is not impacting as many people as someone with 100,000.

I don’t care how much these ladies know on their respective subjects. You can know what you’re doing all day long, but if you sit in your basement and preach it to the wall how much influence are you going to have? You have to get out and build a following. That is influence.

The ladies listed here are people who have done that. They’ve taken their knowledge and their expertise and they’ve used it to develop a following around them. These are ladies of influence.

Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post, a nationally syndicated columnist, and author of twelve books. She is also co-host of “Left, Right & Center,” public radio’s popular political roundtable program.

Ree Drummond: The Pioneer Woman

I can’t describe Ree more effectively than she describes herself, “I’m the wife of a rugged cowboy. I’m the mother of four spirited children. I have horse poop on my porch. I’m Ree Drummond, also known as The Pioneer Woman. You can read more about my adventures, my cooking, and my photography on my crazy website,”

Sonia Simone

Sonia Simone has been making a big splash with her presence on CopyBlogger and Third Tribe. She’s determined to provide online marketing tips for people who hate marketing. Here’s how Sonia describes herself, “My superpower is creating better customer relationships with incredibly effective communication.”

Lorelle VanFossen

There are many sides to Lorelle VanFossen. One is a public speaker, trainer, writer, and consultant on web writing, web design, and blogging, especially working with WordPress. Another is as a transient traveling the world as part of the duo team of VanFossen Productions, professional nature photographers and writers presenting workshops and programs on travel, writing, and nature photography.

Kara Swisher

With Walt Mossberg, she currently co-produces and co-hosts D: All Things Digital, a major high-tech conference with interviewees such as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and many other leading players in the tech and media industries. The gathering is considered one of the leading conferences focused on the convergence of tech and media industries.

Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin is a wife, a blogger, a syndicated columnist and a published author. She has been a guest on MSNBC, Fox News, C-Span and many national radio programs. She is making a big splash online and around America with her conservative political views.

Amber Naslund

Amber Naslund is a social media and marketing practitioner, and the Director of Community for Radian6 social media monitoring. She’s a frequent speaker at conferences and she’s worked with companies of all sizes including Fortune 50 companies. She’s an avid writer at Altitude Branding where she’ll teach you how to elevate your brand through social media.

Group Reflection

This is only a small sampling of some of the most influential females online. If you know of more be sure to drop them in the comments section. But don’t just drop a bunch of names down there. Be sure to take the time to tell us why they are influential. Tell us how they are impacting people on  a large scale.

Nicholas Cardot

About Nicholas Cardot

It's my personal quest to enable every person that I can to unlock that dormant potential concerning their online influence. Also, I'm a geek.


  • These are definitely true, though I think there is many more influential female voices. Though it’s a good collection, though could and should be extended.
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  • Dave Doolin says:

    Once again, I fire up twitter…

    Anyways, I’d have to add Tara Hunt ( to this list. She’s been in the blogging/social media scene since at least 2004, that is, the dinosaur days. She’s also one of the earliest movers and shakers in the exploding coworking community, and helped start one the first coworking spaces anywhere (Hat Factory in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood), before opening Citizen Space in San Fran’s financial district. She has also published on social media, and written extensively on the concept of applying social capital in her book Whuffie Factor.

    I could go on. I’ll stop here.
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  • iJustine and Veronica Belmont are two hot chicks with intense influence that would make great additions to this list!
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  • Horse poop on my porch! -What a cool phrase to show up for in Google. Love that. I’ve heard of ThePioneerWoman before and have looked at her site. I’m happy you brought it back, because over the years I lost track of it. Growing up on a farm, I know all about horse poop. I’ll check out the rest of these influences. Sounds like an interesting bunch to read.

  • Ron Leyba says:

    Subscribe to their blogs just today! Honestly, I don’t know some of them, but I am willing to read and know more about them. Thanks for sharing this Nick!
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  • dhila says:

    woa… you know nick, im very eager to be an amazing wife and mom. hope a smart & gentle man gonna propose me ASAP. 🙂 *blushed*

  • Dennis Edell says:

    I have a small issue. At this point, numbers mean very little. With faked counters and especially twitter; 100,000 means very little to those jaded.

    That said, I’ve heard of 3 from your list and read none. I do however follow quite a few female bloggers.

    Straight from my inbox, we have….. – Husband/Wife team

    Almost 20 out of a little over 50 subscriptions; not a bad ratio if I do say so. There may even be 1 or 2 not currently in my inbox that I don’t currently recall:)

    They’re not all earth shattering, or “most influential” whatever that means. They have their own voices, and I take something away from each and everyone. 😉

    I don’t know individual stats and could care less, as I feel most should.

    Oh, sorry I didn’t leave names, I’m a little pressed for time now. LOL. I do know everyone of them though…very important if someone influences you. 🙂
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  • Dennis Edell says:

    I sent you a contact email also – please check spam.

    I just left a comment with like 20 links of female bloggers I follow, and it didn’t show. 🙂
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  • Ruth Seeley says:

    I’m amazed no one has objected to your use of the term ‘ladies.’ Would you write an article about influential men and refer to them as ‘gents’? I thought not….

    • Ruth Seeley » What do you mean? How should I have referred to them? If I used a term that you dislike then I did it out of ignorance. How would you have titled it?

      • Ruth Seeley says:

        Lady is both a sexist and a classist term.

        Think of ‘ladies who lunch’ and ‘the little lady’ and all the times lady has been used to distinguish between women worthy of male protection and those who aren’t. Then think about the way the term has been used to try to keep women in line: ‘ladies don’t sweat, they glow’ is just a mild example of that sort of usage.

        Female and woman are non-sexist, non-classist terms.

        Sorry for the second-wave feminist rant, but it’s easy to forget that most of the rights women have won in North America have been won in the last 50 years. That includes things like being permitted to wear pants to public elementary and high schools, rather than skirts or dresses. That didn’t happen till the 1970s.
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        • Ruth Seeley »

          Lady is a non-sexist, non-classist term also and anytime that someone reads sexism or racism into where it didn’t exist is hurting their cause. For example, when I was in college I worked as a saleman in the electronics department at Sears. One of my associates was an older black lady who assumed everything we said was based on skin color.

          Being in Lexington, KY, when the Kentucky Wildcats played ball we would turn all the TV’s to the ball game and literally a hundred people who were walking through the mall would gather around and watch the game. The manager one time came over and changed the channel on all the TV’s from Oprah to the WildCat to attract customers toward our TV’s. As the manager walked away, my coworker complained out loud that he was only switching the channel because Oprah was black.

          It had absolutely nothing to do with her being black. It had to do with the fact that Lexingtonians love watching their local sports team. It attracts crowds of people. She often made similar statements which actually drove me to not want to speak to her at all for fear that she would assume I was being racist in my statement though I wasn’t at all. To her, everything was about race.

          I feel like your comment is the same way. I support women’s rights, but when discussions like this arise it drives me away from going to any women’s rights rallies for fear that I might accidentally say some innocent word like “lady” and be branded as a sexist.

          The vast majority of the women’s rights movement was done before my time and I enjoy the fact that I haven’t had to overcome sexism or racism. I was born and raised to see someone for who they are and not for what their skin color or gender was. Who we are is based on our character…not our race or gender.

          As I was typing this comment, I asked my wife “Would you rather be called a woman or a lady” and without any prior knowledge of this post or this conversation, she responded without hesitation that she prefers the term lady. In other words, the “sexism” that is inherent in that term is 100% based on the individual.

          I’m proud of the fact that I used the word lady, and I’m glad that I wasn’t brought up in an age or in an are where we had to worry about offending people with our words because we all just knew that we all looked at each other equally. We didn’t have to walk on eggshells to carry on a conversation with a friend.

          On another note, there is nothing sexist about the chivalrous intent to protect a lady. My wife and I enjoy a beautiful relationship based on that very idea. I’m the provider and she’s an amazing stay-at-home mom. That dynamic might not be for all ladies as some prefer to align themselves differently with their spouses, but for those who do enjoy that…it is not sexist…it is preference.

  • Hi Nicholas, When you get a chance, please add Lisa Irby from 2createawebsite to this list. I’m not sure how you missed her. Thanks!
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  • D'MarieF says:

    @Ruth – your post confuses me. I’m good with being called a lady. 🙂

    @Nicholas – This post made my day! No, seriously. 🙂  I want to be on that list some day! I immediately emailed a link to a couple friends of mine who are also on this journey of building an online business and said something like, “Meet our role models!”. I even got a little silly and put “Women Rule!” in the subject line.  

    I’ve lived a long life and will never tire of hearing about other women, females, ladies, girls, red and purple hat wearers adorned with elaborate plumes (that reminds me – I think I’m finally old enough to join the Red Hat Society!!) who are going for the gusto and building a legacy that will inspire others of us to do the same for years to come. 

    Thank you for this post and for inviting us to add our own picks to the mix. I’ll go through my list of bookmarked sites and pick out at least a couple of influential females online to add.   

    This sassy boomer is signing off now to go find her hubby of 34+ years and ask him what HE’s making for dinner!! 😀

  • Eren Mckay says:

    Hi Nick,
    I’m so happy you blogged about influential women. Due to the fact that women have so much pressure on them and just a bit too much on their plate, it’s very encouraging to see successful women.
    When I see a woman achieve that level of success in this world, I just know that that she had to face so many obstacles to get there. And that certainly is admirable.
    All the best,
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    • Eren Mckay » I’m glad you enjoyed it, Eren. I’m sure that in no time you’ll be on the radar of thousands of people at your blog…assuming that your not already. 😉 Of course, we already know that you won the “Sweetie of the Week Award” over at Congratulations on that!

  • Great list.
    Michelle Melkin should be Michelle Malkin. I love her. She is always on Fox News,
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  • ed says:

    Great stuff…Nothing better than horse poop on the porch…Nice list…gotta love it!
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  • Thanks for posting this list, I feel better already 😉
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  • Thanks for sharing, I even didn’t know who they are.
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  • Shirley says:

    I’ve heard of Ariana, Ree, Sonia, Lorelle, and Michelle and visited their blogs each but the rest, I don’t know about them and haven’t visited their blogs. I will check them out.

    I must say that they are all great bloggers and are all doing a great deal to help the blogosphere and internet as a whole :).
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  • Nicholas –

    Thanks again for including me among such a remarkable group of women. I’m honored to be in their company, and thank you so much for believing that I’ve got something worthwhile to contribute.

    Appreciate the recognition very much, and I don’t mind being called a lady, either. 🙂

    .-= My Latest Blog Post: The Price of Wavemaking =-.

    • Amber Naslund » I sure appreciate that Amber and as I’ve been following your tweets now for a while, I’m becoming more and more impressed with you and with the way that you interact with people online. Keep up the great work and don’t be a stranger around these parts!

  • D'MarieF says:

    @Ruth – Now I better understand your perspective. Thanks for taking the time to help me out on that.

    Woman to woman, I hope you can see my perspective as well. Yes, we’ve come a long way thanks to the strength and courage of women (and some brave men) who have certainly earned our respect and gratitude. In this situation, I choose to base my interpretation of the term ‘ladies’ on the entire message I get from Nicholas and his site as a whole which I believe is one of respect and non-biased desire to help his readers build an online business.

    There is one thing about this post that I did take a bit of issue with, though. The word “influential” is quite subjective and not necessary synonymous with “well known”. That’s causing me some hesitation in choosing women whose websites I’d like to share here. Nick?

    Um, now I’ve strayed from the subject at hand. Help! I started typing & can’t stop! LoL 

    • Dennis Edell says:

      DMarieF – I had similar hesitations before I listed some, which is why I also wrote…..

      They’re not all earth shattering, or “most influential” whatever that means. They have their own voices, and I take something away from each and everyone. 😉

      • Dennis Edell » I’ve already checked out most of the ladies on your list and I’ve enjoyed digging through them. I’ve got a couple more to go and I’m glad that you did share them. I enjoy your perspective and just as I mentioned to DMarrieF, everyone views this concept differently and that’s what makes us all so great. We’re unique. We see things from different points of view. And you are helping me to see it from other perspectives which, I don’t know about you, but I appreciate that. I want to hear as many different opinions about influence and who are influential as I can. I know that I certainly want to be influential.

    • D’MarieF » Influential is a subjective term and that why I find it so enjoyable to read and peruse the sites that everyone offers. None of them are alike. Everyone’s perception of influence is different and so the lists are different. I enjoy that diversity of opinions.

  • D'MarieF says:

    Four ladies I recommend:

    Heshie and Denai for their boundless energy and passion for helping people. I had the pleasure of meeting Denai at a seminar and her positive energy is even more contagious in person!

    Heshie Segal

    Denai Downs-Vaughn

    Michelle Flores for her kind heart, creative talents and amazing networking skills.

    Carrie Wilkerson for her inspiration and passion.
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  • I see women everywhere, from young ladies to mommies to grannies, all doing something unique in this online world 🙂
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  • Nicholas,

    Now that we know “James” from MenWithPens really wears womans underpants… I think it’s safe to say you can consider the woman behind the brilliant avatar quite influential, no?

    I mean it’s debatable, but curious to hear your thoughts on it.
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  • Melody says:

    Hi Nicholas!

    I love the timing of this blog post. It “feels” right. I’m starting to explore #googleplus more and more, and I’ve discovered (as well as has been mentioned on twiter & I think blogged about) that googleplus is currently dominated by about 80% men.

    It seems as though the high tech people first predominately sent out invites to men. It may not have been intentional, but it worked out so that right now googleplus is mostly men.

    So I am enjoying another chance to shine a big spotlight on women! There are so many great influential women!

    This list is the mega bright stars. You could do a second list too – My own suggestions might be @BethHarte and @ConversationAge.

    Thanks again for this. Now I’m off to figure out how to re-post this on googleplus.


  • Stephen C. says:

    Great list, but I gotta give a nod to Brittany Gibbons.

    Huge blogger- Huge social media company owner- Magazine owner-

    Girl is building an empire. A must watch

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