According to, Charisma is a rare personal quality attributed to leaders who arouse fervent popular devotion and enthusiasm.

Charisma is the quality that drives people to flock to you and to follow you to the ends of the earth.  It’s the essential trait that fuels real influence.

When I was in high school, I spent my summers working at a Christian summer camp.  I’d spend 12 weeks each summer, helping to organize game and events for campers.  Dave Smith, the director of that camp, demonstrated Charisma more than almost any man I have ever met.

You’ll meet a lot of people in life who will have you convinced upon meeting them that they are incredible beyond measure.  Bro. Dave, as we called him, was exactly the opposite.  If you met him, it would only be a matter of seconds before he would have you convinced that you were the most incredible person in the world.

Charisma is most often characterized by care for others and an excitement for life.

Bro. Dave would drive each conversation by asking questions about what interested you.  He always displayed a sincerity and interest that went far beyond what most people demonstrate.  He actually got excited about our interests.  There was no doubt in my mind or in the mind of anyone else that he genuinely cared for us.

Too many people mistakenly believe that Charisma is something that people are either born with or born without. That is simply not true.  Some people may be born with a better start than others, but charisma as a quality can be developed.

You don’t need to hide behind the far-too-popular adage, “Well that’s just the way I was born!”  You can develop Charisma and build a following around your cause.


If you want to build a massive following at your blog, then you’re going to have to develop a high level of charisma.  You have to demonstrate to your readers and followers that you care about their needs.  You have to convince them that they are your number one priority.

People are tired of sales pitches.  They’re fed up with cons.  They’re looking for the real deal.

4 Ways to Build Your Personal Charisma

Here’s four things that you can do to drastically improve your own charisma begin building an army of followers at your blog today!

1.  Change Your Focus

Have you ever been on a date with someone who just kept prattling on about themselves?  If you have then you know what it feels like to wish for a random comet to land on someone.

Most people that you meet in life will waste your time trying to convince you of their value.  They’ll brag to you about their accomplishments and trophies.  They’ll work to convince you that they’re the most cunning person ever to live.

Don’t be that person!

Don’t be the person who is driven by selfishness.  Shift the focus from yourself to others.  Brag on your friends and followers.  Praise their strengths and value their accomplishments.

2.  Believe in People

It’s easy not to trust people.  It’s easy to think that others will fail you and let you down.  We’ve all experienced our share of let-downs and we know that pain that comes from them.  It’s sometimes much easier to keep our distance from people and play it safe.

But the risk is worth the reward.  No matter what others might do to disappoint, we can still keep believing.  We can encourage people.  We can inspire people.  We can let our friends and followers know that we believe in their efforts.

3.  Celebrate Life

Who would you rather spend your time with?  Would you rather spend time with someone who mopes and complains or with someone who lives an excited and happy life?  The answer to that question is easy.

People follow happy people.  Put a smile on your face and choose to be happy.  Whether you realize it or not, writer’s moods often impact their writing.  People can tell at your blog if you are an excited person or if you are a whiner.

4.  Laugh at Yourself

You’re going to make mistakes.  We all do.  The key isn’t to stop making mistakes.  It’s to start responding to them in the best possible way.

When Thomas Edison was working to create the incandescent light bulb, he failed thousands of times before he finally achieved what he was looking for.  When asked about his many failures, he laughed and claimed that each one was not a failure, but rather an opportunity to learn a new way that didn’t work.

Don’t get upset when you mess up.  Smile, learn, and move on.

Group Discussion

Can you give an example of someone you know that demonstrates great Charisma?  Can you think of a blogger who is very exciting and fun to read?

Can you improve your level of Charisma?  Which of these four points do you need to work on the most?

Nicholas Cardot

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  • James says:

    Charisma, personality and trust are essential to building any sort of connection with your readers. It’s important to understand that people are interested in content, and a personable writer.

    • James –> That’s exactly right. I think that too often people write boring, drab content and they never infuse their own personality into.

      • Hmm,
        people that remove their personality from their daily activities always remind me of zombies.

        Your personality is one of the intangible things that make you who you are so why do some of us decide not to flaunt it in a decent manner?


  • Sernan says:

    definitely, the author has the charisma… it keeps me and other readers come back for more… I do hope you dont look like the one on the pic… 🙂

    • Sernan –> Ha ha. I certainly don’t. But I think that a lot of people try to fake charisma and that picture illustrated that very well. People need to genuinely learn to be excite with and for other people.

  • Stefan says:

    Charisma is something most people wish they were born with, together with confidence and experience.

    I saw a great clip (40s long) on Youtube for about a year ago. It’s from a video in some war when one of the actors turn around and says something about “funny thing about confidence, you get it by failing”. Something like that, but I can seem to be able to find it. I will keep looking though.

  • I think John Chow is blogger with high level charisma.

    And we can have high level charisma in blogosphere by expertise. If we known as expert in some field, it may boost our charisma to next level.

    • Dana@Online Knowledge –> Charisma is a different quality than expertise. I know a lot of experts in respective fields who are boring and very unpersonable. Charisma is about demonstrating excitement and care for people. It’s not about being an expert. Being an expert is very important for a successful blog, but it is a separate and unrelated quality.

  • Fiona says:

    I find energy is very charismatic. I love being surrounded by or in the company of people who have “get up and go” and are inherently positive.
    And it doesn’t matter where they sit in the intellectual or business scale – they are attractive people.

  • Josh at WSL has Charisma. His posts draw you in and range from provoking a good laugh to inspring deep thought and introspection.
    Charisma is mor naturally forthcoming for some, especially if that person is an extrovert by nature.
    Liked your writing -I’ll be back!

  • Arisu says:

    I think charisma is about being true to yourself and the things you believe in and not taking life too seriously.

    When you don´t care about what other people thinks, and focus on your goals and doing things your own way, people likes you… and even the ones that don´t like you have a reason to respect you.

  • I must say this is an excellent post. I have learned quite a bit from this post: I must remember these: “PUT a smile on your face and CHOOSE to be happy.” … “Laugh at your mistake, learn from it, and move on.”

    • Isn’t that the hardest thing to do sometimes? Sometimes I get really frustrated making mistakes too..
      Nick, what do you do when you make silly mistakes? Do you have any tactics for re-framing mistakes?

      • Blake @ Props Blog Reviews –> The first thing I do when I make a mistake is to smile. No matter how big it is. I don’t care if the tire blows out on the car. I stop. I take a breath. And I smile.

    • Casey @ –> Thanks. I think that too often allow their emotions to be controlled by their circumstances. If that happens then our success with people will be controlled by whatever happens to be going on around us. I believe with all of my heart that the majority of our success can be controlled by us. We can determine to be happy and to exhibit the qualities necessary to connect with people and make it big.

  • Bruce Teague says:

    I’m far from a charismatic person. I’m the epitome of laid back. The two don’t usually go together.

    • Being laid back doesn’t mean you can’t be charismatic. You can be laid back with a ton of confidence. I have a hard time really getting energetic about things, but I’m all about building others up and finding out about their interest; not only does that make them feel better, but you can learn something too!

    • Bruce Teague –> But they can. Even a laid back person can be positive and happy and display excitement for the things that he believes in.

  • Being excited and fun to read isn’t always easy. I love the blogs like that though. It’s funny because there are some blogs packed with useful information where the content is top notch, but reading their work is like pulling teeth. Site Sketch 101 is a great example! 😉

    Charisma is about making others around you feel excited and important. Talking well of your friends is great social proof. Would you really want to follow someone with a bunch of losers for friends? Me neither.

    Good stuff Nick!

  • Charisma can open many doors in life but i think it is a psychological process that we cannot quite articulate, your charisma must come from within you and must reflect in you as an individual. Though the decisions can be influenced, the qualities of a likeable person can be cultivated and proactively developed.

    Thanks for the tips.

  • InternetHowBlog –> I agree with you. Being unable to smile and learn from our mistakes is a major turn off to people who follow us. People who follow us will see us make mistakes because everyone makes them. How we respond will determine whether it drives them to follow us or whether they become disillusioned and turn away from us. So smile…learn…and drive on.

  • Andrew says:

    Charisma I think is something that is developed over time. Just as confidence is.

    As a parent of a large family, I don’t accept for one second that charisma or confidence is something a person is born with.

    That is a result of self image, and self image is often the result of environment. As a parent I do everything in my power to help my kids to think well of themselves and from that they build self confidence.

    I was not so lucky and did not have such a healthy environment growing up so as a youngster I had to deal with the problems of low self esteem, no self confidence whatsoever, and often, due to that, would find myself surrounded by people who only compounded the problem.

    I learned to rebuild my self image, and along with that came self confidence.

    I believe that the more comfortable you are with yourself, and your belief in your own abilities, the more charismatic people will find you to be.

  • But how does the title related to Edison, He made mistakes but he doesn’t laugh himself for failing. You could have had a better example or a better title for that point.
    .-= My Latest Blog Post: Twitterfeed – Tweets made easy =-.

    • Andrew says:

      Actually Edison, by all accounts was an extremely charismatic person. How else do you think he managed to convince his investors to not bail out on him when he was continually failing?

      He also had a lot of self confidence. I mean really, how many people do you know that would try and try thousands of times, fail miserably, and get back up and try again.

      He had total belief in himself, his abilities and his ideas.

      • Andrew –> I agree with Andrew. I think that Edison is a perfect example of the principle that I’m trying to promote. The point isn’t to humiliating laugh at yourself. It’s to smile, maintain a positive attitude and keep moving forward in good spirits no matter what mistakes or failures we make. Edison definitely did that.

  • Ah, laughing at myself, something I’m doing more of every day. It used to be much more fun to laugh at other people but as a parent of young kids, I’m much easier to pick on these days! I think that humbling experience has led me to be a better blogger.
    .-= My Latest Blog Post: Visits vs. visitors: Who wins? =-.

    Gives me a feeling that this post is about life and self-help too. Hitting two targets with one arrow (don’t wanna kill cute twitter birds) eh Nick?

  • Great post, I love the advice. I think Gary Vaynerchuk, @garyvee has the most charisma of anybody I’ve been following recently. His book “Crush It” just came out which I need to pick up.
    .-= My Latest Blog Post: Updates and Blog Changes =-.

  • David says:

    I have for the most of my life always been surrounded by people with charisma and always seem to attract these people into mylife. They are always fun to be around and never ever know the meaning of failure. Their love for life and others is always contageous and charisma is always flowing from them.
    .-= My Latest Blog Post: Are You Striving For Excellence? =-.

  • Charisma is very important. The only way we can express it online is through our words and style of writing.

    It gets people to like us and follow us. It’s an important characteristic of being a leader, not just online but in the real world too.
    .-= My Latest Blog Post: How To Get More From Life This Instant =-.

  • Charisma will get you to the top not doubt but Character will keep you there.

    Both should be developed but more priority should be given to Character.

  • When talk about charisma, i will only think of Ka Hong Lee, a blogger who guide me so well along my blogging journey. He is a kind person without any selfishness to teach me a lot about blogging. I will always follow him. I love his style of writing too. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing! Frankly, this is the first time i heard about charisma.
    .-= My Latest Blog Post: Cri du Chat Syndrome – Human with Cat-like Cry =-.

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