Using Social Media As A Friend Among Friends

By | Social Media | 2 Comments

I’d like to think that when Myspace and Facebook were first launched that the majority of users were there for nothing more than the simplistic approach to staying connected with friends. Whether they lived next door or around the world, family members, close friends and even folks we haven’t spoken to since the first grade were reunited with us. I have two half-sisters who I have yet to meet in real life. They found me on…

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My Journey Into the Art of Photography

By | Design Inspiration | 5 Comments

For years now, I’ve been a firm believer that vivid imagery drastically improves the readability of blog articles. In the past, I’ve always searched the creative commons galleries on Flickr. These galleries are filled with vivid, exciting photos and the images are free to use with appropriate attribution to the photographer. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been exploring the hobby of photography. Each day, I grab my Canon EOS Rebel, jump in the car,…

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What’s the Ideal Length of a Blog Post?

By | The Written Word | 4 Comments

Have you ever met someone who can talk your ear off? They can prattle on about this or that. They like to tell you about the guy at work who took the last cup of coffee without refilling the pot. They’ll talk about their drive to work and the jerk that pulled in front of them on the freeway. They go on about their digestive issues. The principle for today’s article is simple: Talking is…

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Let’s make some music, shall we?

By | Social Media | 10 Comments

Some time ago, I created a stream on Tweetdeck that displays my primary Twitter feed minus any tweets that contain links. This was done so that I could see those who were engaging, talking and actually being social. It wasn’t long before I realized that the majority of tweets being posted to my stream contained links. There have been times when the linkless stream goes 10 – 15 minutes without an update while the unedited…

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The 15 Best WordPress Plugins to Use in 2019

By | WordPress Tips & Tricks | 28 Comments

One of the reasons that I fell in love with WordPress over a decade ago is the thousands of plugins available. It doesn’t matter what you want to accomplish with your website or blog, there is probably a WordPress plugin that will allow you to do it. This list will provide you with 15 of the best WordPress plugins available today. Only the 15 best WordPress plugins have made it while anything less than amazing…

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5 Reasons to Find and Speak in Your Own Voice

By | The Written Word | 6 Comments

If you take an English class, whether in high school or college, while learning how to write an essay, you’ll be encouraged never to write in the first or second person. This means that you should never use words like I, me, us, we, you, or your. Instead, professional writing should be about transmitting pure information only written in the third person. However, in blogging, the opposite is true. Especially considering the current state of…

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Visual Communication on the Modern Web

By | User Interface | 3 Comments

Visual Communication is the art of transforming your visitor’s experience by combining words, visuals, and colors to convey one common message. This marriage of elements triggers responses from multiple facets of the human psyche. By combining the basic principles of design directly into and around stimulating content, one can connect with an online visitor on multiple levels. Marty Neumeier asserts that there are seven such levels including perception, sensation, emotion, intellect, identification, reverberation, and spirituality [zotpressInText item=”GM6IMVF4″]. Perception is…

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An Introductory History of the World Wide Web

By | Web Design & Development | 2 Comments

In the beginning, mankind wasn’t graced with computers. Instead, people used soup cans and string to communicate on a global scale. If you were wealthy, you’d buy a Campbell’s brand soup can and be the envy of your neighborhood. If not, it was nice if your can had a label on it at all. The shiny unlabeled silver was a common staple of those early years of mass communication. It wasn’t until the end of…

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Burn their House Down with Combustible Lemons

By | Awesome Content | 4 Comments

Recently, I’ve noticed that lots of pop stars have unique names for their followers. Lady Gaga has her little monsters, Katy Perry has her KatyCats, and even Justin Bieber has his Beliebers (I had to Google that last one, honest.). Following on with that train of thought, I’ve decided to give the readers and fans of Site Sketch 101 a cool nickname. My first thought was to call you Sketchers, but I’m pretty sure that…

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Giveaway Alert! The ABC’s of Growing Online

By | Practical Business Strategies | 11 Comments

Today we’re going to do a group exercise and I’m going to give away some cash.  I’m inviting each of you to post a comment identifying and explaining one principle that can help to grow our blog or our online presence in general. The first principle must begin with the letter A and be presented by the first person to leave a comment.  The second principle must begin with the letter B and be given by…

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