A Journey Through An Online Partnership

By | Awesome Content | 12 Comments

A few weeks ago, one of my best friends approached me with an idea for a new website. As you might imagine, I get a lot of proposals from people for partnerships in new ideas, but I decided to hear him out. His idea was to create a new website to compete with retailmenot.com. He explained how the combination of coupon codes and affiliate links and very carefully executed search engine optimization could lead us…

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The Elegance of the Snowball Effect

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Earlier today, I jokingly sent out a tweet that said, “You want to know something fun about passive income? The later I sleep in in the morning, the more money I make in my sleep.” Although I was somewhat joking, it’s very true. I make a lot of money through passive affiliate commissions. In fact, I’ve now gone for over a year without working a job and I make far more money today than I…

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HTML Tutorial #1: What are HTML Tags?

By | Web Design & Development | 7 Comments

Welcome to your first class on understanding the HyperText Markup Language (HTML). HTML is the language used to build websites. When a web page is delivered from a server to you, your browser doesn’t see what you see. Instead, it sees a series HTML tags, interprets them according to specific standards, and then displays a graphical representation of that code on your screen. In this HTML tutorial, I’m going to focus on answering one simple question…

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A Gentle Reminder to Return to our Core Values

By | Tribes & Communities | 3 Comments

About a year or so ago, I wrote an article called The Golden Nuggets of Negative Feedback. It was in that article that I stated, “When those people who dislike our sites are willing to tell us why they won’t be back, it is then that we can take that negative feedback to find out what elements we’ve been overlooking.” Recently I received a very tactful email complaining about something I had sent out on…

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Revolutionizing Your Blog’s RSS Feed

By | Awesome Content | 3 Comments

Last week I got the opportunity to peek through MaxBlogPress Bring My Blog Visitors Back and as I did, I learned how it changes our customary approach to an RSS Feed. Your RSS feed, although a very useful tool for allowing subscribers to stay connected to your blog content, has its own drawbacks. The subscribers stop visiting your blog because they get everything from the RSS Feed that they want from the blog. This leads to…

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Army Lesson #1: Slow is Smooth. Smooth is Fast.

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Life in the military is exciting…and very insightful. I once read a book called, “Growing up in Vietnam.” The point of the title wasn’t that this young soldier literally grew up in Vietnam. He didn’t. He grew up in America. But rather the book described lesson after lesson that he was forced to learn quickly in order to survive and overcome the obstacles faced in the jungles of Vietnam. As a young 19-to-20-year-old man, he…

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The 15 Best WordPress Plugins to Use in 2012

By | Web Design & Development, WordPress Tips & Tricks | 827 Comments

Updated for 2012: One of the reasons that I’m so madly in love with WordPress is the thousands of plugins available. It doesn’t matter what you want to accomplish on your blog, there is probably a WordPress plugin that will allow you to do it. This list will provide you with 15 of the best WordPress plugins available today. Only the 15 best WordPress plugins have made it while anything less than amazing has been…

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A Look at How Facebook is Worth 100 Billion Dollars

By | Social Media | 28 Comments

It’s just after one o’ clock on a cold, rainy Tuesday afternoon in north central Illinois, and in the other room I can hear the sound of Thumbellina entertaining my three-year-old daughter. In front of me, I have my web browser opened to Facebook as I chat with a friend using Facebook’s built-in instant messaging feature. According to their company information page more than 450 million people world-wide will log on to this social media…

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A New Type of Community at Site Sketch 101

By | Awesome Content | 16 Comments

I’m pleased to announce the launch of The Forums at Site Sketch 101. This should provide us with an easy way to discuss a lot of important issues that we face as bloggers. How often have you been working on your blog and wished you had someone to ask a question about adjusting your WordPress template? Or how often have you had a question about growing blog traffic, growing subscribers, or optimizing your site for…

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5 Steps to Boost Your Online Productivity

By | Practical Business Strategies | 44 Comments

Most bloggers, or rather, most people are plagued with a seeming lack of adequate time to accomplish all the tasks with which they are bombarded.  Of course, the ideal and most practical solution would be that we all stop eating and sleeping. The time saved from these activities alone would add something like 6 to 10 hours per day giving us all more than enough time to get everything done. It would be something like…

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