Search engine optimization, or SEO, doesn’t have to be scary. It can be fun and exciting to put these WordPress SEO tips to use and to watch your blog begin receiving targeted visitors from people who are actively searching for exactly what you have to offer.

What are the keys to building a successful presence on the search engine results pages? What are the most important SEO factors for getting your site discovered by Google’s search bot and how can we get in on the action?

So you’re looking for the best SEO tips for WordPress necessary to get your website noticed by Google? Look no further. Take your time. Exam the ideas below and then transform the effectiveness of your WordPress website.

The 15 Best SEO Tips for WordPress in 2011

The 15 Best SEO Tips for WordPress in 2011

So without further ado, I’m very pleased to share with you 15 of the best SEO tips for WordPress in 2011. Let’s make this year our best year ever.

  1. Create Amazing Content: You’ll probably want to viciously punch my hansom face for leading this list with such a clichéd topic, but it’s undeniably true and far too many of you are still failing to produce material that truly appeals to your viewers. If you were producing something amazing, the world would be beating down your door trying to get to it.
  2. Link to Amazing Content: It’s always a good idea to point your users toward resources on other websites that will be helpful for them. It shows security as a thought leader in your niche when you’re willing to suggest to your readers that they leave your site, and search engines favor sites that link to other websites that it views as both generally authoritative and relevant to your articles.
    Special Note: Don’t link to other sites with the hope of getting something in return. Find resources that are genuinely helpful and share them with your readers. People will respect you for it.
  3. Sprinkle Your Keywords Throughout Your Articles: The term keyword refers to the word or phrase that you hope to be listed for on Google search. Once you’ve identified a term that you’d like to be listed for, be sure to use that term a few times throughout your article. Do this is small portions, because if you do this too much you’re a spammer using a tactic that we refer to as keyword stuffing.
  4. Use Your Keyword in the Title: This is one of the strongest ways to get listed for a search term. However, it is again incredibly important to remember that you must not practice keyword stuffing. Only put your keyword in the title if you’re able to make it sound fun, exciting and engaging to your readers. You don’t have to sacrifice your quality to implement this or any of these 15 SEO tips for WordPress.
  5. Enable Trackbacks: Trackbacks are a neat system that allow links to be created in your comments section to anyone who links to your articles. With them enabled, it’s a great way to encourage people to link to you which in turn will help to build your site’s authority.
  6. Optimize Your URL Structure (Pretty Permalinks): We call these pretty permalinks and they provide much more information about your page to search engines. You should change your website URL’s so that they do not display like this: but instead let’s make them look like this:  Here’s how we do that. Under the settings panel click on permalinks. Select custom structure and input the following code (just put in what comes after the equals sign into the fields):
    Custom Structure = /%postname%/
    Category Base = category
    Tag Base = tag
  7. Optimize Images In Your Posts: When you can illustrate your topics and articles with attention grabbing artwork or photography people are more likely to view your content. I personally use Flickr’s Creative Commons Search to find excellent photography. As you work to do that, be sure to use image titles and alt text that adequately describe both the image and the content of the article.
  8. Provide a Google Sitemap: Google likes it when you provide them with an easy-to-read overview of all the pages on your site. The easiest and most effective way to deliver this much needed SEO tool is to simply install the WordPress plugin called Google XML Sitemaps. This plugin will do all the hard work for you and automatically update every time you add new posts to your site.
  9. Customize Each Post’s Slug: When you are writing your article, the ’slug’ field that is located just below the title of the article will determine the website address of the article. So if I enter ‘5-crucial-tips-for-wordpress-users‘ for the slug then the website address of this article will be Search engines that see that your website URL’s have the same keywords as your meta description, title, keywords and your content will be seen as being even more consistent.
  10. Interlink Keywords Between Articles: Internal links are a powerful way to let Google know what your articles are about, and they’re a terrific way to increase page views across your site as they invite your readers to click through to read other articles. Do you interlink your articles?  You should.
  11. Provide Valid XHTML Code: There are, in fact, several reasons that you should take the time to validate your website to the standards of the World Wide Web Consortium. If you know anything about the basics of html then getting started won’t be difficult. Simply click through to the W3C Validator, type in the name of your website, and then follow the instructions that it provides you for resolving each issue.
    Advanced: Although Google clearly states that they will not dock a website for invalid code, you won’t ever have to worry about them missing anything if your site is semantically accurate.
  12. Cache Your Blog’s Content: WordPress is a php based system that generates pages on the fly. In other words, your home page doesn’t actually exist. It is created fresh every time someone tries to load it. WordPress looks at a database full of variables which include the articles, the post titles, the sidebar widgets and everything else and compiles them into a page and then delivers it based on the settings and options that you’ve chosen in the control panel. WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache are WordPress plugins that allow that generated page to be stored as a real static page so that the next person to view it doesn’t have to wait for it to be created. This drastically reduces the time it takes a viewer to see your pages and increases the possibility of keeping more readers. This means that your content will always be lightning fast.
  13. Install a WordPress SEO Plugin: In your plugin manager click on “Add New.” Do a search for “Headspace SEO” and install that plugin. Activate the plugin and then go back to your article manager. If you create or edit an article you will now see several fields at the very bottom of the page that include title, keywords, and description. On each article, you will want to fill out the last two at least. Check out the following three articles for more information about setting up your Headspace SEO installation:
    SEO Tips & Tricks for Your WordPress Blog
    Supercharged SEO: A Guide to Headspace 2
    WordPress SEO Made Simple With Headspace
  14. Recycle Old Posts and Revive Old Permalinks: The art of recycling an old post simply means that you take an article that was previously published, let’s say five or six months ago, and add new life and excitement to it and republishing it. If you want to keep growing the ranking authority of your most powerful articles from last year then be sure to leave the permalink alone. This allows you to bring in a fresh wave of links to a page that already ranks in Google.
    Note: For more information on implementing this principle successfully, check out How to Effectively Recycle Old Blog Posts.
  15. Link to Related Posts: My final piece of advice is to install WordPress Related Posts Plugin and begin linking to 4 or 5 similar articles at the bottom of each article. This is both a terrific way to guide your readers to more of your articles on similar topics and it’s a terrific way to guide search engines around your site.

Scribe – SEO Made Simple: If you’re looking for an easy way to optimize your posts and pages on WordPress, Scribe is your answer.

The 15 Best SEO Tips for WordPress in 2011

Bloggers and webmasters are constantly wondering why Google is such a bully to some websites and why they are so positive toward others. Begin putting these SEO tips for WordPress into practice and you’ll be able to stop wondering.

Special Note: Within 12 hours of publishing this article, it ranked on the first page for the phrase SEO Tips for WordPress. I won’t pretend to be an expert at search engine optimization, but it’s always a great feeling to see my work validated that quickly.

Nicholas Cardot

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It's my personal quest to enable every person that I can to unlock that dormant potential concerning their online influence. Also, I'm a geek.


  • Vivek Parmar says:

    that’s huge list, i didn’t think that you have missed out any of it.
    One thing like to ask about trackback, if i want to send a trackback to other site like you and someone other.
    then what should be the format
    trackback1, trackback2 and so on
    or like this
    (trackback1), (trackback2) and so on

    which one is better way to send multiple trackback, above one or later one??

  • Brankica says:

    I would just add to put keywords in the description of the page.
    I believe everyone know what that is if they are using All in one SEO plugin. If not, I guess the simplest way for me describe is that it is the text that will show below your title in Google search results.

    I have one question though (cause I don’t know how it is done), number 14, how do you republish a post? Thanks

  • This is certainly a great list. Although I am still to try Headspace, I would really want to know what is the advantage of Headspace over All in One SEO (Which I currently Use). Also I did not know about the Flickr C.C. Search. Will be using it for getting images for my new posts. Thanks a lot

    • I posted links to three articles here on the site that explain much more about the plugin. Some people love All in One and some love HeadSpace. Do your research and decide what works for you. That’s why I’m so adamant that this is all an art form.

  • Rhys says:

    Great tips 🙂

    Just to add something, I use the Photodropper WordPress Plugin to search for photos on Flickr. Don’t have to go to WordPress then 😀

  • Amitash says:

    Hmmm.. “Sprinkling keywords throughout your articles” is the best for SEO among the lot. This is what Darren Rowse (ProBlogger) and Chris Garret ( say in their e-book.

  • Wow I didn’t really thought much about point 14, but it’s rather awesome. The concept of updating a post, reviving it and keeping the blog “alive”, like a breathing organism, fed with more information and content.
    I am definitely going to have to think more throughly about this, thanks for the great idea Nicholas.

    • Especially if you have an article that already ranks well on Google and has attracted a lot of tweets and inbound links, then it’s a great way to bring it back to the lime light and attract new tweets, links and you can optimize it even more effectively for any keywords that it may have ranked for the last time around.

  • mark says:

    I generally do everything you described here, though I use different plugins for a few things (All in one seo, etc.).

    Your note under #2 is, in my opinion, really important. The thing about blogging is that, if you don’t provide value in your posts, then your readers won’t find value in them and won’t return. Give more than someone can expect, and you will acquire readers, not just poeople looking for a link.

    Regarding #7, I use Photodropper (which Rhys also mentioned). I do manipulate the html a bit, though, to make it look a little nicer.

    These are great tips Nick. Thank you.

    Have a good day!

    • Thanks, Mark. I think the #1 key to solid search listings is to build a massive network of organic inbound links and you can only effectively do that in 2 ways.

      First, you can pay for it which is illegal in the eyes of Google and if caught you will be banned from their index.

      Second, you can create content that’s so useful that people want to link to it.

      Hence why I believe the most important thing on the list is to build amazing content and to provide great resources to your readers. When you do it, people will admire your work and respect what you provide and in turn will link and share your material.

      I like the idea of that plugin, but I take all of my images into Photoshop before uploading them onto my blog so that I can manually adjust the zoom, crop, brightness, contrast, etc.

      Otherwise that would be ideal for me and it probably is ideal for most users.

  • Emily says:

    I never knew Flickr had a creative commons search! I usually look at Flickr and ask for permission. It can take a while! Thank you for this! On your other tips, I’ve got some configuring to do! Great post!

    • There are some days that I sit around on Flickr exploring and saving images to use later. That site is full of terrific resources.

      • You can also do a search on, which has options other than just flickr – handy when you can’t find the right photo on flickr. It also allows you to specify “commercially-OK” content without going to the advanced search screen, which takes a few extra clicks with flickr.

  • Dean Saliba says:

    Thi may come over as controversial but I am not going to worry about SEO this year. I’ve deleted my SEO plugins and am just going to concentrate on writing good content. 🙂

    • Keith says:

      That is probably the best tip of all!

    • Seth W says:

      Agree with Keith!

      Nothing will pay you back like focusing on what matters most.. content.

    • Lisa says:


      now that is the way to go!!


    • Dino Dogan says:

      Hey Dean. Over the weekend I was helping a client make sure his tweets/stumbles look “right” when clicked by his visitors.

      When stumbled for example, it would show the big ugly URL as opposed to a friendly title hyperlinked to the URL.

      The way we fixed it was to install All In One SEO plugin.

      So the reason I say all this is so that you test the way your tweets/stumbles look like after the uninstall.

      You may consider keeping something like All In One SEO just for that reason.

      hope that helps 🙂

    • I’ll take the bait on this way and make the case.

      Do you think that optimizing your site to find readers who are specifically searching for the topic that you’re writing about will degrade the quality of your material?

      I seem to find that some of the best material on websites also comes from some incredibly well optimized websites. I don’t find that they are mutually exclusive and I do find that it’s one of the best ways to draw in readers who are specifically searching for what you have to offer.

      If you’re writing about under water basket weaving, why wouldn’t you want someone to find your site who is actively going out of their way looking for sites about under water basket weaving?

  • Keith says:

    Obviously there are a ton more tips and things people can be doing (like you told me you have been working for a year to get your site optimized), but I think these are a great place to start.

    #1 could have been the whole article though, start there and you are guaranteed to do well!

    • Seth W says:


      If you don’t have awesome content its worth investing in that first before even touching anything else.

      Spend time and money (if necessary) on producing great content and the rest will happen with ease when you get to that point.

    • I absolutely agree with that which is why I placed it right on the top of the article. I think that’s the key to building a variety of organic inbound links and those inbound links are the key to building domain authority and getting indexed and listed quickly.

  • Steve Roy says:

    We can never seem to learn enough about SEO, so thanks for the ideas. I’ve seen most of these tips before, but it’s nice to have them all in one place.

  • Seth W says:

    Search Engine Optimization is pretty big but luckily WordPress makes it even easier.

    I’m using WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast and it’s phenomenal. I would recommend it as being the top notch seo plugin for WP.

    After all is said and done: #1 still is the most important. I’ve never seen an awesome website not find popularity. Never.

  • 15 seems to be your magic number, Nicholas.

    All in all, I agree with the tips – I am sure you are relieved. 🙂

    I do want to make a note on trackbacks though – with trackback spam on the rise, displaying them might mean linking to a bunch of spam sites or autoblogs.

    I recently wrote a post on that; let me know what you think.


    • Actually, Ana, I agree with you, however, I delete them without hesitation and Akistmet is my friend. For all the legitimate bloggers out there, I want to make it rewarding for them to link to me and I honestly think that it helps.

  • Edward says:

    Thanks for all the great information…Personally I’m using WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast and I believe it’s the best plugin out there…Thanks Nic!

  • Lisa says:


    Great content and KUDOS on grabbing first page in 12 hours. I do have a question…what is the difference between slug and perma link? URG!

    Have a great night,

  • Jason Acidre says:

    Excellent tips Nicholas, and I particularly liked the tip about W3C Validator, I haven’t done that yet, but will do later today (after work) whew.

    And thanks for the additional resource for images, I mostly get my posts’ images at deviantart. By the way, is it necessary to give attribution or credits to the creator of the image on flickr?

  • Kevin says:

    What a great list of tips to kick off the new year! I’m not a fan of SEO anything on my blog. But that’s stupid thing to say since I’m missing out on FREE search engine traffic. I can’t say much about the quality of traffic coming from the search engines but we ALL love traffic. Thanks for the great list! I’ll be needing them…

  • You have done the impossible, and I am grateful….an SEO list I can follow without the incredible urge to slug the writer.

    All kidding aside, awesome man and I actually do most already!

  • Emily says:

    After reading all of these other comments I have one to add. I do believe I write great content, but I am a niche blogger. I am a disabled mom who writes about the challenges of raising a child while being chronically ill. I hope to attract healthy moms and people to raise awareness of what chronically ill parents go through, but let’s face it, I’m not going to be as popular as The Bloggess. I guess SEO is my only hope.

    • Respectfully, that’s naivety, Emily. If you’re writing amazing content then people will beat your door down trying to get to it. They will stampede through wilderness and across deserts to find you. I absolutely believe it.

      Here at Site Sketch 101, my content isn’t there yet. I haven’t arrived. I have a great audience and my page views and visitors are growing, but if my stuff was as good as it could be, I’d have even more. More people would share it and want to be a part.

      It’s been said that what’s most important is what you learn after you know it all.

      Join me in not thinking it’s great. Mine’s not great. We have to keep growing.

      • Emily says:

        Yes, I do believe in getting better every day, but not everyone will come to my blog if they don’t care about what was it? Underwater basket weaving.

        I will not say my content is great, no one can really judge that, I guess.

        I wish I could some how promote my blog more to get them to come though. I do have loyal followers.

        With mom bloggers, sometimes I think it’s those who were the first with something either good or unfortunately very bad that draws people in and then the readers feel that the blogger is a friend and want to keep coming.

        Am I the only mom blogger here?

        • No, you’re not the only one. Let me ask this. What are you learning every day? Give me some examples of some of the stuff that you’ve learned in the past few days about content promotion.

          I only ask, because I hear it a lot but I don’t always see people actually learning measurable, identifiable tools to be used in their trade.

  • Andy says:

    I prefer All In One SEO to Headspace, but other than that I agree entirely!

    • Thomas says:

      I think there’s no need to use a plugin for HeadSpace since it consumes a lot of server’s resource, reducing the site’s performance 🙂
      Just install All in one SEO, WordPress Super cache and everything will work seamlessly!

  • As a visual designer, I like to spend a bit of time thinking about how I can optimise my images for google image search. I tend to get a reasonable amount of traffic to my website by considering the alt tags, titles and links I place on the images.

  • Garen says:

    Along with having clean code you want to keep an eye on your Webmaster tools. I recently, had 100 404 errors on my hosting review site.

    My 301 redirects were not working correctly, but I lost all my rankings in Google because I neglected to check my Webmasters tools.

    404 errors will kill your rankings in Google! Learn from my mistake, it pays to pay attention.

    • Seth W says:

      404 do kill your website! It works best to follow your counsel and get to your webmaster tools and get those fixed immediately.

      Glad you pointed that out.

      • Garen says:

        Unfortunately, I just got all my errors fixed today in my .htaccess file and my 301 redirect jut up and quit working after 1 year.

        I have heard that it takes 7-10 days to get your rankings back after you have fixed the problem. Google even seems to give you brownie points and ranks you a little better.

        Will probably miss out on a couple thousand, as I was making 2k a month off that site 🙁


        • There are two plugins I use to help with that.

          Smart 404 is one – it cut my 404’s down incredibly. (I get them from spam bots looking for a security breach in my blog. Fun stuff.)

          What it does is guide the visitor to another URL that semantically seems related, if possible.

          Another I use is Platinum SEO Pack, which is an all-in-one SEO plugin but beats most on the market.

          One of the features is that it sets up 301 redirects when you change permalinks – sometimes if you use link cloakers like I do for various reasons (not nefarious), your permalinks will change…

          Or you’ll realize you should have used the category for site-siloing and want to include the category in your permalink.

          Uh oh! Better have these two plugins for that.


          • Garen says:

            Hey Thanks James,

            I will have to keep those plugins in mind. Have been using Webmaster Tools to make sure their are no more errors and they have been fixed with 301 redirects. In which, I tested every error to make sure it redirects properly.

            Have you even been duped in Google for a bit for 404 errors? I have heard that it takes 7-10 days to get your rankings back once you resolve the situation. Getting almost zero search engine traffic right now 🙁


            • I just went through a week of hardly any traffic – after a monumental finish in 2010 on one particular site.

              I didn’t have any 404’s – no explanation, either – I suspect it was a PageRank / Algo update which reminds me of May 2010 on the heels of the last PR update and major algo change.

              I have had a ton of errors on my MMO site, The Average Genius – but all stem from hackers trying really hard to penetrate my security measures.

              I got rid of them installing Smart 404 and I have (on that blog) SEO Ultimate, another free WP plugin but an entire set of SEO features.

              One of which is an internal 404 monitor – I haven’t had any since Smart 404 (nor in Google Webmaster Tools).

              Waiting a week sounds about right – did you submit for reconsideration?

              • Garen says:

                Yeah, me too. Was competing with the big boys (in web hosting) and making good money. I also, believe it might have been a algo change too, because I have talked to a lot of people over the last week, who are experiencing the same thing.

                I don’t have any messages from Google or anything and haven’t done anything that could be considered Blackhat so I guess I will play the waiting game, and just chug away at adding more content.

                The ups and downs of Google 🙂

  • I always always always forget to change the slugs! I’ve pinned this up and highlighted point 9 to remind me!

  • Again, another nice list of helpful resources! I am bookmarking this so I will be able to comeback and digest fully all the techniques. Many thanks!

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  • Solid tips, Nicholas. I wanted to ask you what you thought of using Technorati tags.

    I haven’t once tried, but just recently came across a post suggesting it drives solid traffic.

    Your thoughts?

  • Gibson Goff says:

    Thank you Nick! BWP (before WordPress) I did a lot of this stuff manually, kinda hit-and-miss. But I didn’t have to write, or talk, or anything. It was all manual.

    AWP (after WordPress) there’s all the plug-in’s and they do this stuff for you. Problem is, that means I have to write it out on a form, and it has to be basically 100% correct. ACK! Now I have to go back and reread the stuff I glanced over BWP. I have to get it right.

    Along comes this nifty, easy to understand instruction sheet in the form of a blog post. Excellent! You just saved me alotta pain and suffering.

    Yew ‘da man!

  • ah hong says:

    What a well written and comprehensive SEO guide. I am glad to have most of the tips implemented on my blog 🙂

  • Ron Leyba says:

    An awesome kick ass list Nick! Way to start the 2011.

    I googled “SEO Tips for WordPress” and this post is at the top spot! Congats!

  • Is it possible to find and revive the trackbacks using a plugin or something similar? If so, will it be worth doing it?

    Thanks for the great post.

    Rahman Mehraby
    Site Booster Blog

  • Andy says:

    Awesome! I didn’t even know about either of the 2 cache plugins. I’m going to check them out now. Thanks!

  • Hi Nicholas,

    So you really believe in Tip 2?

    “Link to Amazing Content: It’s always a good idea to point your users toward resources on other websites that will be helpful for them. It shows security as a thought leader in your niche when you’re willing to suggest to your readers that they leave your site………..”.

    Strange that you complain to my ISP about copywrite infringment when I do exactly the strategy you suggest on my Website. I provide worthy links I believe about Blogging that originate from your RSS feed thats you offer on this site for syndication.

    This is exactly one of the reasons that you would rank well for SEO Tips for WordPress. People linking back to the original post because they think its worthy. Google love that. You get visits from other sites and in turn possibly sell some affiliate products. Isnt this how it works?

    If you have a problem with syndicating and other sites linking to you, why dont you contact them directly instead of complaining to the ISP?

    You have a lot to say for yourself, ideas and inspirations but your silence in my attempts to get a response from you is deafening. Bit of an oxymoron there but isnt that better than contradiction Nicholas?

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  • Shane says:

    great idea man specially the recycle post will apply it on my wordpress blogs. i guess this is also applicable with blogspot blogs?

  • Rakesh Kumar says:

    I didn’t aware from the importance of “Recycle Old Blog Posts”. Old is Gold is True. Thanks Nicholas

  • If you do the first tip all day long, you should ranked wel without doing the rest of 14.

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  • Aidan Rogers says:

    Everything here is pretty much spot on – except for point 11 “Provide Valid XHTML Code” which does not help with SEO. Many SEO tests have proven this true. Sure if a sites code is super horrible then yes it may effect crawling but thats about it (hmmm well I guess it kind of is a SEO factor…)

    One reason you might want to have correct markup however is if you are building links via sites like CSS design galleries. This improves your chances of getting accepted (obviously you have to have an amazing design too) thus more generating more backlinks to your blog!

    Hmmm – ok then it is a factor 🙂

    • The only reason I ever mention that point is because if you have something semantically broken really badly then it may cause Google to miss something. And by using all the available semantic markup that’s available, you can actually add extra information. You might not be able to tell it, but I have the date of the article posted on these sites, but I use a tag that Google reads and not a tag that people see. It’s cool. Using the markup available is a great way to effectively communicate with search engines.

  • Bruce Michael says:

    Nice and very informative post Nicholas Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Shree says:

    These are some awesome tips out here. Its been just a few months I am blogging. I didn’t have idea about many of the points mentioned here, specially 13 and 14. Thanks for the post.

  • David says:

    I use the google sitemap plugin on every one of my wordpress sites, I get indexed within a couple of days….

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  • Dizzle says:

    I just setup a podcast site at is there a good way to promote a podcast? Its mainly found through itunes. My main goal is to get listeners to the show. The site is mainly a companion to the show where people can read show note etc right now. I would like to make the site also send new listeners to the itune subscription

  • Aiden Maden says:

    Hmm.. Good post. I knew the fundamentals of most of it but to be honest I never knew what trackbacks were all about.

    I’ll have to look into this. Have I just been missing something awesome all this time 🙂

  • deecoup says:

    nice tips . I was looking like this tips. We Should submit sitemap on Google. To get index faster. So thanks for sharing keep updating…..

  • These are all excellent tips and should be the standard for anyone trying to optimize posts for SEO

  • Rick Grimes says:

    Awesome post! I didn’t even think about doing images alt tags. I’m sure it would help with Google Images searches.

    By the way, your blog looks amazing. Great design. I will definitely keep coming back for more tips.

  • Rimi says:

    We specialize delivering expert search engine marketing and customized social media solution. SEO Greeks are able to setup a tailored social media strategy that can help you engage with your customers on a personal level while increasing your site traffic and sales revenue through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more. Read more:

  • What a great list. You really earned my respect at your second point, where you encouraged your readers to link to the content of the others where it provided value. I’ve always believed that to be a sensible approach – I don’t know all there is to know – and I applaud you for encouraging others to do likewise.

  • Mifta says:

    one more, it is blogwalking…

  • It all comes down to those links..and one way links i may say..Google holds little;e wait on two way links these days..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  • Contus says:

    Fantastic SEO tips, i like your blog! Useful share……….

  • Asuradech says:


    I will optimize on my blog and monitor before and after to do that.

  • tom says:


    these are some great tips on wordpress seo. what do you think about using the “Best Post Summary” plugin to add additional content to new sites since google hates thin sites.

    tom from used textbooks

  • Avenir says:

    WordPress is without a doubt one of the most popular open source platforms available for blogging. Thanks for nice sharing..

  • chandan says:

    nice information. i will try this ….

  • Steven says:

    I appreciate your tips. However I am having trouble with your tip #15. The plugin seems to be broken. I recieve a message much similar to this one.

  • Manish Singh says:

    These methods are no doubt advanced in the sense that they are new and progressive, sometimes more difficult than basic SEO or require special tools and expertise. Some of the tactics are no short term tactics, they’re probably strategies.

  • Robert POUND says:

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    i been told to read blogs and i am but the keywords bit does seem a little sad if i am honest

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    I think it’s definitely down to the individual and the site in question. As always, SEO is about testing, testing and retesting, and what we can learn from that

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