I feel like I’ve been trapped in a dark, unforgiving prison of writer’s block from which I have no hope of escape. I have writer’s block and I’ve had it for so long that it would be more appropriate to call it writer’s hiatus.

I feel like the terrified damsel in a horror flick who flees her house to make a last ditch break for it. Her survival depends on her getting into her car and driving away into the sunset as fast as her Ford Focus, or whatever she happens to be driving, can carry her away.

She pulls out her keys and begins to put them into the car door to unlock her only chance for a life beyond the next few moments. Suddenly she fumbles them to the ground. She quickly drops to her knees, reaches under the car and retrieves them just in time to look up at a large butcher knife being slammed down toward her face. Cue the scream and a pooling puddle of fresh, bright red blood.

I sit down staring at my computer screen. WordPress stares back at me. Taunting. Mocking. I fumble my ideas to the ground and the blade of writer’s block descends on me. I’m at a loss for words. Again.

How did I get to this point? Where did this come from? What happened to the days where I was writing and publishing an article at least every two days?

The World’s Strongest Librarian

On Wednesday, I discovered that my friend Josh Hanagarne had published his first book The World’s Strongest Librarian. When I discovered this, I was filled with pride at the thought that I knew this guy and how amazing it was to see him so accomplished now. With the nearest bookstore being nearly 40 minutes from my home, I decided to purchase the Kindle version of the book from Amazon to read it on my tablet.

From the first words, he had me intrigued. His ability to tell his story is so powerful that it’s a more enjoyable read that many fiction books. The humor he uses as he reminisces over his struggles to grow up with Tourrette’s Syndrome set me at ease as I read about some of the most awkward situations you can possibly imagine. His writing style is superb. If you’re a reader, you shouldn’t go to bed tonight without getting your hands on this book.

As I read, I felt inspired. I wanted to write again as I once did. I wanted to produce enticing stories, lessons, and challenges like before. I missed the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction that I once felt from writing. I wanted back in the game.

Group Discussion

I imagine that I’m not alone. I can’t imagine that I’m the only personĀ amongĀ billions of others that has ever experienced writer’s block. In fact, if you’re a writer, I would venture a guess that you’ve probably experienced it at some point also.

My goal for this article is somewhat backwards compared to my articles of yore. Rather than attempting to share with you how to do something, I’m asking you to share with me how to do something. How do you kick this parasite to the curb? What advice would you give?

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  • Thomas Frank says:


    I definitely know how you feel. For me, the main problem is my huge backlog of ideas and unfinished drafts. They all pull for my attention, and in every moment I feel like I should go work on them all. The result is I never get anything done on any of them.

    My solution was actually to bet a friend money that I would finish one of the big projects by a certain date. He also has a project he’s working on, so he’ll owe me money if he doesn’t finish his.

    So far, my motivation to work has increase because of this setup. Maybe it’ll work for you too!

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